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Dec 14, 2007
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Mar 29, 2008 10:32 AM

Running strollers ~ Reviews & Rants

I am desperate to start running again following the birth of my son.
Problem ~ trying to find the right running stroller. (I'll be running primarily on road.)
Please share any recommendations on brands to use and avoid. Also, are 20" tires better?


Thanks so much!


  • RunninginTX08 Rookie 1 posts since
    Mar 30, 2008
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    1. Mar 30, 2008 10:36 AM (in response to jejedorn)
    Re: Running strollers ~ Reviews & Rants


    I waited the six months after my daughter was born.  Then I used the BOB stroller.  (The one without the rotating wheel.)  I love it.  My daughter and I ran in several races in Utah with it.  We did up to a half marathon in the Bob.  We did add the accessories.  I liked the handle bar one which allows me to carry two water bottles and my keys and wallet.  We also purchased the weather shield for cold weather. 



    We use a plain old mesh netting for bug season in Texas.  Our BOB has already worn out one set of tires. 



    You can find out more information at  Most stores do not have the owners manual available when they sell the stroller.



    I did not like the strollers you could use on both a bike and running.  They sit really low to the ground. 



    You may want to go to a running race to get some opinions from people in your area.



    Congratulations on your new addition and getting back into running.



  • Noah1975 Amateur 13 posts since
    Jan 6, 2008
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    2. May 9, 2008 4:15 PM (in response to RunninginTX08)
    Re: Running strollers ~ Reviews & Rants

    Did you use your BOB on roads exclusively?  I will be taking our soon to be son on crushed shail rails-to-trails and am looking for a comfortable and sturdy jogging stoller in the $350-600 dollar range.  Thank you and good luck!

  • Runningwith3kids Amateur 13 posts since
    Feb 19, 2009
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    3. Mar 7, 2009 9:01 PM (in response to Noah1975)
    Re: Running strollers ~ Reviews & Rants

    It's been a long time since this thread was active, but there aren't any other jogger stroller threads...surely there are a lot of us jogging mums out there?! I have run with 4 different strollers:


    The LoveNCare single jogger with the swivel front wheel that can lock into place was a great, versatile stroller. Worked well on pavement and on relatively even crushed gravel. Got a little bogged down in chip trails. Also ran with that one with the toddler seat attachment - BIG mistake! The excess weight of the toddler over the front wheel is okay for walks, but with running causes excess wear on the front wheel and the bearings wear out, causing the wheel to seize - which is what happened to me at 8.5K of a 10K race. I ran the last 1.5K pushing down on the handle bar so that the front wheel was raised!:0 Not optimal!



    I then briefly used our Little Tikes bike trailer/jogger while running, but it really is not suitable as a jogging stroller at all. Badly pulls to one side. Has great storage though, and lots of it. Kids were comfy and warm because the style is more like a pod with wheels, since it is a bike trailer. (works great as a bike trailer BTW -easy to hitch up and disconnect but probably a little heavy if you are a serious cyclist)



    So after a few months I bought a used Running Room double jogger. It is a bench seat - so no independant recline for each kid - and the seat doesn't recline fully. I like the hand brake feature, and the pocket for wallet is useful. There are bottle holders for the kids in the mesh between their calves, which the boys really liked. The rain shield worked well. The stroller did have a slight pull to the side though - not sure if that is an artifact of all 3-wheeled joggers, or if the frame is slightly bent/warped (being a used model, who knows what happened to it before I owned it)



    After being blessed with out little girl, I bought a used Mountain Buggy Triple Terrain stroller which I love love love running with!:D It is pricey when new, but having run with the others I can see/feel why it is so expensive. It is a 3-abreast stroller (42" wide) with independant fully reclining seats. It has 4 fixed wheels (the Urban model has the swivel wheels that lock) and runs straight as arrow - no pulling to the side with this baby! Its just as easy if not easier to run with 3 in this triple than it was to run with 2 in the Running Room double. We usually run on asphalt paved trails, but I have had it out on gravel with no problems. Too weighty (36lb stroller + 75lb of kids + snacks, drinks etc) for chip trails and running, but walking is fine. The fold -down is easy and convenient for transporting. If this stroller is representative of all Mountain Buggy products, I highly recommend them.



    Also: my friend entered many events with me, bringing her girls in the Bob Revolution Duallie, and she loved it.



    Hope that is helpful to any new mums looking to get back into running/jogging!

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