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May 21, 2008
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Jun 6, 2008 4:31 AM

Can't figure out why the tingly feeling on hard runs

While running longer distances (10-20 miles) I've periodically had a tingly feeling in my finger tips, sometimes my toes and in bad cases, in my entire face. Once this lead to mild muscle cramping in my arms. During this particular run (a marathon) I drank a fair amount of water (a little at each station) and I used 6 Gu gel packs (each containing 55mg of sodium and 40 mg of potassium).


What can cause this? Could I have been dehydrated?  If I drink more, I frequently have to visit the bathroom... I'm very concerned about the effects of this.



Thanks for any help






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    Jun 4, 2008


    With symptoms like this it could be a multitude of things- poor circulation, low blood sugar, low iron, indication of heart problems, etc...



    You should go see a doctor...






  • reefball Rookie 8 posts since
    Aug 2, 2008


    Hey Mark,



    This does not really apply to the start of this thread which might be more serious but a reason many people feel tingly (a more accurate description is how you can feel when you stand up to fast especially from being in the bed.) a sudden drop in blood pressure.  When we run, our blood pressure gets higher than normal...this is a good thing as the body is adjusting to the increased need for circulation....but when we suddenly stop....especally after long runs...the blood pressure can drop very low quickly.  This is compounded by the fact that long exercise will also lower blood pressure (for several hours) after the exercise.  This is why races almost always encourage people to keep moving after finishing a race.   A really good technique if you start to feel the tingly low blood pressure feeling is to raise both arms above your head which causes the heart to compensate by raising blood pressure back up a bit.  Perhaps this is where sports people got into the habit of raising their arms in victory!



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