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Jun 9, 2008 2:44 PM

Is Running worth it?

This is perhaps the worst place to ask an unbiased opinion when it comes to running but what the ****, i need some advice outside my friends and family.


we all know that if we want to be runners, we have sacrifice, it can be time, money, or the pain ( the good kind) of running, but i wondering if I am sacrifising too much. Ok so I am from florida and I have been running for a long time. I know that i wasn't "born" to be a great runner, I improved very little thru middle and high school, but I was too stuborn to stop and kept on going. Beside that I really like Florida, more importantly I have a great bunch of friends especiall all of my teammates ( you could consider them part of the family). So over the years I ran and hang out.




I was then offered a scholarship to run in a small college in NC, and I was excited to be offered to run in college and all that. And running in NC is amazing especially since I am literally 5 minutes away from the Pisgah Natl Forest, so I have a boundless trails and challenges. Not only that but the Coach is really good, that I saw a vast improvement in my 5k and 8k time, and I think if I stay there I could get a lot better. HOWEVER, no matter what I am always homesick ( many of my friends stayed in florida and either went to the college that it town, or just 2 hours away.) I can't come home visit too often and whenever I too friends and sometimes family tell me I should stay. Apparently I am what keeps some people together and even brighten everything. I




I will admit that I went to the college b/c of running and I know i will be a good student no matter which school i go to and I guess I can run anywhere, but we all know how much better running is with a team. But a mentor at a running cam once told the camp "I know that running is very important to everyone and that we all enjoy it, but don't forget at the end of the day were just running, simple as that and not too take it seriously. SO Running vs Home. Ultimately it up to me, but any advice is good.

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    1. Jul 24, 2008 11:47 AM (in response to speedrun096)
    Re: Is Running worth it?

    I can't believe this post has been here so long and no one has replied.  I think you need to take a larger look at the picture here.  You got a scholarship to run?  Is it a full or partial?  The answer isn't terriblty important but I have thousands of dollars in student loans I'm paying back and it's a struggle.  Its not forever so I deal.  Its just hard when I graduated and then got married.  You have an opportunity to get a start in life without this type of burden and its all because of running.  Not only that but its 4 years? 5 tops?  Then come home, you friends will be done with school too and let life resume.  I used to live in Florida and I loved it there.  My heart is still there and hope to move back before too long.  Friends, Family and Florida will be there, scholarships and school wont be there forever.  Stick with it, enjoy it for all the good it has and the people you'll meet in NC and when its over you'll probably miss it.  Don't wake up someday and wish you had stayed.

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    2. Aug 8, 2008 3:34 PM (in response to speedrun096)
    Re: Is Running worth it?


    putting the running aside for a moment .. how long do you think your friends are going to stick around ? whe they are done with school they`ll be moving away for jobs



    some will get married.






    If you are treuly unhappy then move back - but if you are just moving back for your friends I think that may be mistake



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