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Jul 26, 2008 9:22 PM

walk breaks while running shorter distances?


Hi again,



In my previous post I mentioned that I ran my very first 5k in June.  I would like to do a 10k as my next goal, though I probably won't run that race until the Spring, depending on how things go - I'm still just doing a little over three miles each time I go out.



I was surfing the 'Net one day and came across this concept of  'walk breaks' - the idea is that you run for a specificed period (suggestion was 10 minutes, then walk a minute).  It seemed to be geared to folk who were trying to run longer distances - like marathons - and I wondered whether anyone here used them for shorter distances like 3 to 5 miles?



I started running with the C25K program and I know we took what would/could be considered walk breaks during that program.  I am wondering if this is something that I should look into incorporating.



In case it matters, I did my 5k in 37:08, but I have recently been running between 10:30 and 11:00 per mile.






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    1. Jul 27, 2008 4:17 AM (in response to pangirl)
    Re: walk breaks while running shorter distances?

    Are you interested in using walk breaks during your training or during races (or both)?  Either way, it's a matter of personal preference based on how your body responds to training and your own self-imposed goals.  If it's something you want to try to help you extend the length of your runs then you should go for it and see how effective it seems to be.

    Good luck and happy running!


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    2. Jul 27, 2008 11:30 AM (in response to Jay Silvio)
    Re: walk breaks while running shorter distances?


    Congratulations on doing your first 5K.



    You can do a 10k quite easily.



    I think that taking a "forced" walk break is kinda silly.



    You lose your momentum, you feel restrained, you're following some dogma instead of listening to your body.



    The legions on a marathon doing this crack me up.



    "OKAY. Beep. Walk."



    "Beep. OKAY RUN!"



    Over and over and over again.



    Think about it...where does your car get more or country? Why? because you you're not stopping?



    Not to say I don't stop...I did a 33 miler last year and walked a bunch...Why? Because I was tired and needed a break.



    I say listen to your body. But try to run the whole thing.



    You'll get a ton of satisfaction from running your whole race.



    Coach Gary Smith





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