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Jul 29, 2008 3:13 PM

Brick workouts (yikes)


I have been busy with work and off of intensive training. My race is in a week and a few days so I figured I better get in at least a brick or two. Today was my first brick ever and wow. I did a flat sprint ride on my bike around 15 miles average 20 mph and 70rpm roughly. Then I setup a mock T2 on my porch. Got off my bike and my body was amping (I think I rode a little hard toward the end of my ride) I found it slightly hard to get on my running shoes in that state. Once my shoes were on I was off. My first mile was brutal, my legs literally were like noodles, I heard people refering to legs being heavy but I had the opposite feeling of being weightless. My breathing was also I little on edge for the first mile. I slowly settled in to my groove and my legs felt fine, I finished up my run a little slower than normal at around 24 minutes for 3.5miles. What can I work on for a better smoother bike to run, I stretched out my legs comming in from my ride and had no cramps on the run, but are there any other magical tips? Did I simply not have a smart ride? On race day do I want to ride until I drop or think about overall race pace? Thanks.






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    1. Jul 30, 2008 2:27 PM (in response to YeahJohn)
    Re: Brick workouts (yikes)


    Great run for your first brick, just under a 7 minute pace, no worries there, you'll definitely be ranked among the top for running.  The only thing to do to speed up your T time is practice.  Speed laces help, as well as race number belts.  Don't sit down during T2.  Remember too that in the race you will be  going harder than you have in training, regardless of the effort you think you are putting out in training.  Don't forget you will have just swam and biked, so don't be upset if your run times are a little slower.  I do race pace bricks weekly through out my training regimen.  Pretty close to the times you mentioned, 6:45 pace for a hilly run(3 miles) after averaging 20-22 on a hilly route.  What happened in the race that I ran over an 8 minute mile?  Race intensity, I thought I was simulating race pace, but was nowhere close, so be weary of that.  If you are averaging more than expected on the bike leg, slow it down a bit, you will get a better run and most likely be able to make up for and then some, the time you will save running as opposed to getting a fast bike split.  Good luck!









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    2. Jul 31, 2008 6:58 AM (in response to YeahJohn)
    Re: Brick workouts (yikes)

    you do have to leave something in the tank for the run but sounds like you did that. the noodle legs is because of the sudden change in blood flow from cycling to running muscles.  it'll get easier w/ more brick training but you can try going into a higer RPM the last 1/4 mile or so and getting out of the saddle (kinda like running on the bike for the last 1/4 mile) to get your body ready to transition better. good luck and have fun

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