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Are you looking for safe supplements for Teens & Adults?


Greetings, I am a father of a college football player who needed to gain some strength & size in order to play college football. I found Advocare to be the products that I had complete confidence in the safety & effectiveness of the products. Please Google any one on our Scientific Medical Advisory Board members to learn why these products are without peer. My kid deserves the best & so does yours!  []



Also ,Please review my site to discover why we have more unpaid pro endorsers than all of the nutritional companies combined!





You can contact me off my site!



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    Dec 14, 2007


    Advocare vitamins certainly are a cut above your average grocery store or drug store variety. In the Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements, the Advocare Gold product got a rating of 35.7 (out of 100). To put that in perspective, Centrum and One-A-Day got around a rating of 4 or 5.






    The authors of this independent vitamin study suggested that your search for a quality vitamin should begin and end with finding a vitamin that has a five star rating or a score above 80. There were over 30 vitamins that got a five star rating. TheAdvocare CorePlex product was not among them as it only got two stars. To see what the top four vitamins were, go to the Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements



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    Dec 14, 2007


    If you are concerned about the safety of your supplements, you should make sure that they have been tested by a reputable lab like NSF Certified For Sport, HFL and Informed Sport/Informed Choice.



    Athlete endorsements of your products and letters from your company  that talk about how wonderful and clean your product is does not mean anything without an independent analysis by a third party lab. Why should we take your word for it?



    HFL is the world's largest sports regulatory and research lab, and the

    world's most experienced provider of commercial supplement testing

    services. Informed-Choice is working with HFL, a WADA-experienced lab in

    the UK that is committed to the long term provision of testing services

    to the supplement industry. Informed-Choice is now the only supplement testing

    program that uses a WADA-experienced lab and ISO 17025 accredited

    analytical methods to analyse for banned substances within top level




    NSF International has developed an athletic banned substances certification program. NSF tests and certifies that these products contain the identity and

    quantity of dietary ingredients declared on the product label, but do

    not contain unacceptable quantities of unwanted contaminants for the

    recommended serving size listed on the product label.



    The key issue is that  all tests must be accredited to the

    ISO17025 standard for all substances, in all supplement types (powders,

    liquids, capsules, tablets and bars). Without this, tests to prove the absence of contamination cannot be trusted.



    Look for supplements that have the "NSF Certified For Sport" or the "Informed Choice" logo on the label to be sure that your supplements are really safe.



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    Dec 14, 2007

    Hey Scott,


    Everybody Claims To Be The Best


    I grew up in a neighborhood where the kids were proud of their fathers. We all claimed that our father was stronger or could beat up every one else's father. If your father could lift the car up in the air, my father could do it with one hand. This would escalate into lifting up the “whole universe.” How could you  compete with that?


    You claim that Advocare is “without peer” and that it is “the best.” That is interesting. If you click on the following link, you will discover the same claims were made by “[The Greatest Vitamin In The World|].” If that is what they claim, it must be true, right?






    Vibe Liquid vitamins

    claim to be the “best” and the “world's most advanced.” This is getting confusing. You can't all be right!


    As in sports, sometimes we need a third party referee who is impartial and emotionally uninvolved. Consumer Labs is an independent company that investigates claims of vitamin manufacturers. In a recent study, they found that the “Greatest Vitamin In The World” could not be approved because it contained levels of magnesium that were above the upper limits for safety and contained only 85% of the claimed amount of folate (a B vitamin)  per capsule. Enviva Vibe vitamins had to discontinue one of its products because it  contained only 54.2% of claimed 5000 IU of vitamin A . It was a pharmaceutical-grade product too.





    Of the  twenty-one products for adults and children that independently selected and tested, only ten met their claims and other quality standards. The Vitamin Shoppe® Multivitamins Especially for Women was contaminated with 15.3 micrograms of lead per daily serving. This is more than ten times the amount of lead permitted without a warning label in California — the only state to regulate lead in supplements — and several times the normal daily exposure to lead. This is the kind of thing that leads many people to mistrust supplement companies that toot their own horn. Where are the independent test results? What are companies afraid of?




    I looked all over your web site and could not find a connection to USP standards for Advocare products or it's facility except for the claim that the tablets or capsules adhered to USP standards concerning the  full disintegration rate. That's it.  Nutritional supplements should be manufactured to pharmaceutical-model

    GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice), rather than to the food-model GMP that most U.S. supplement manufacturers use. Can you show me a web site (anything) that will tell me how Advocare manufactures it's products according  to pharmaceutical-grade standards as opposed to regular food-grade standards?The FDA does not have the money, manpower or legal right to audit Advocares facility or test their products unless there is an “adverse event” that is reported and someones health is threatened from taking an Advocare product. When President Clinton signed the DIETARY SUPPLEMENT HEALTH AND EDUCATION ACT OF 1994 (DSHEA), he made it the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that its products are safe and properly labeled prior to marketing. The FDA does not get involved unless several people get sick and/or die from taking the particular supplement.


    Vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, so there is no way you can know if there are contaminants (lead, steroid, pharmaceuticals) in the product without having it certified by an independent lab like the NSF, Consumer Lab, NSF Certified For Sport ,[HFL|], Informed Sport / Informed Choice, Natural Products Association (NPA), True-Label Program, USP Dietary Supplements Verification ProgramNHPD(Canada's version of FDA), Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA - Australia's version of the FDA) and

    Independent ISO 17025 verification.


    Certification is voluntary and usually a company will pay an independent lab for this certification. Look at the label on your Advocare products. Do you see any "[NSF Certified For Sport|]" or the "[Informed Choice|]" logo on the label? Does it have a “ USP Verified” logo on any of Advocares labels? Does it state anywhere in it's literature or web pages that it has subjected any of its products to a third party, independent lab for verification? Why not? What have they got to lose? I hope they do this soon.


    We live in a world where medals are lost and championships are denied because of banned substances in our supplements. A study by the International Olympic Committee conducted from 2000 to 2002 showed 18.8% of the 240 supplements purchased in the USA contained steroids. Until Advocare is willing to step up to the plate and have their supplements tested by a reputable third party lab, I don't understand why athletes should trust that they are clean. They might very well BE clean and the company may have some wonderful people working there. Rather than taking their word for it, I would rather take the word of a company that has voluntarily subjected their products to an impartial judge from an independent and reputable lab. Many companies have.This is the kind of step that Advocare needs to make in order to engender the confidence of athletes in the sports nutritional industry.


    As far as being the best and “without peer”,  we need an impartial judge there too. The best one I can find is the Nutrisearch Lab who has published an independent review of over 1500 multivitamins. The Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements  gave Advocare a rating of two out of five stars. It is certainly not the worst but is definitely below average. Advocare does not like this rating and seeks to discredit the research as biased and "just the opinion of the author." Before you believe company hype, you should pick it up and read it in order to find out why Advocare got a rating of two (out of five) stars. The author uses the opinions of 13 other nationally known nutrition experts. He also uses 18 different scientific criterion to judge each product. You might want to find out what these are before you write off this study so easily.


    I was looking at your “Rehydrate” electrolyte replacement drink and found two disturbing substances. The first was pure crystalline fructose which is a nutritive sweetener that is made by isolating the fructose from high-fructose corn syrup through hydrolysis. The source of crystalline fructose is cornstarch, not fruit. Go look up the chemical composition of crystalline fructose and you will find that it contains arsenic as well as heavy metals, lead, and chloride. Regular glucose is metabolized in every cell of the body but fructose is only metabolized in the liver. Too much of this in our diet can lead to a fatty liver. The liver also develops cirrhosis, a disease that is normally seen in alcoholics. A person who has not had a alcoholic beverage in their life, but who eats a diet high in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) ends up having a liver that is similar to that of an alcoholic.


    Another ingredient of “Rehydrate” is sucralose. One of the brand names for this is “Splenda.” It was discovered by accident in a chemistry lab by a grad student who was trying to create a new insecticide (he thought his advisor told him to taste the solution he created instead of test it and he found it tasted sweet) it reminded me of how anti-freeze is said to taste sweet. Sucralose is an organochlorine, a chemical that is a carbon and hydrogen molecule with attached chlorine atoms. Splenda is the only organochlorine ever used for human consumption. Other organochlorines you may be familiar with are: DDT, Mustard Gas, Chloroform, PCBs, as well as other insecticides, pesticides, and solvents. The only human testing done on sucralose was done by the manufacturer (objectivity??) and it only lasted three months. No testing was done on women, children, pregnant women, the elderly, no one else except for a control group of healthy males. Organochlorines are fat-soluble and their solubility can vary but these substances tend to accumulate in organ tissues that are high in fat (i.e.: your brain), and are believed to be permanently stored there. Until there are more long-term studies on the health hazards of this substance that are done by an independent lab (not the manufacturer), I would stay away from it.


    Why use substances like this when there are much safer alternatives like organic cane sugar or Stevia?


    Athletes Endorsing Supplements

    You say that, “we have more unpaid Pro athletes than the rest of the other nutrition companies paid endorsers.” How do you know that, Scott? How many paid endorsers do they all have? Who are these “other” nutrition companies? How can I verify what you say is true? Should I just take your word for it? Claims like, "[Liquid Vitamin Supplement Used by Over 10,000 NCAA Athletes As Safe Product To Promote Peak Performance|]," are a dime a dozen. Where is the proof? Where is the verification? Is your father stronger than my father?

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    Dec 14, 2007

    Hey Scott,


    I noticed that AdvoCare had another product called Arginine Extreme. Like Viagra, L-Arginine increases the amounts of Nitric Oxide in the body,  opens blood vessels and improves the uptake of oxygen. This would seem to be a good thing for athletes and I'm sure it works very well. On the other hand, it is not really something you want to do if you want to preserve your brain. Click here to read how excessive Nitric Oxide can cause brain disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, stroke and even epilepsy.


    One of the most notorious free radicals implicated in Alzheimer's disease is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is formed by the activation of an enzyme, nitric oxide synthase. I wonder if the athletes who are taking this are aware of what could happen to their brain in the long run? Click hereto read how inhibiting Nitric Oxide in mice slows down Alzheimer's disease.

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    Dec 14, 2007

    Scott, you have a right to be proud of your association with a great company like AdvoCare. If anyone takes the time to look at some of the links you have provided and looks at some of the credentials of AdvoCare's medical and sports advisory boards, they cannot help but be impressed. William Kraemer and Dr. Stanley Dudrick are oozing with credibility. The sports advisory board have some pretty impressive people as members too. Having a huge list of professional and amateur athletes backing the company and products only adds to that credibility. I wish you well and much success as you seem to be a person who truly wants to help people. Your companies "[Guiding Principles|]" are something you should be very proud of too.


    That is not the problem. Here is what I am trying to get at:



    During the 2002 winter olympics, the International Olympic Commitee did a study  that sampled 240 supplements purchased in America and found 18.8 percent of them contained steroids. These Games are also dominated by doping scandals. Several athletes lost their medals. I remember when they sent a notice to all the athletes encouraging them to stop taking any nutritional supplements. What a shame. The nutritional industry got a black eye that day. Only one company (Usana Health Sciences) stepped up to the plate and offered up to one million dollars as a guarantee to their athletes that their products would not cause them to test positive for banned substances. This is called putting your money where your mouth is.





    Informed-Choice and the HFL recently did a study of the most popular brands of supplements in the United States and found that one quarter of them contained traces of steroids and 11.5 percent had banned stimulants. Of the 52 supplements that could be analyzed for steroids, 13 showed up with steroid contamination.





    If you are part of a team, it can be even more devastating. If one member of your team does not pass the banned substance drug test, the whole team loses it's medal or trophy. That is why the NSF has developed a product certification program for the NFL and NFLPA. It is certainly not the only testing program to look at the safety of supplements.





    Look at the latest debacle with[ Hammer Nutrition|]. Like AdvoCare, they are a very popular and well respected company. They  produce some of the[ best nutritional products|] out there for endurance athletes. Tens of thousands of athletes have "trusted" them with their health. They are now being sued by three athletes from three different countries who tested positive for 19-norandrosterone, a metabolite of the  banned steroid norandrostenedione found in urine. The trial is still pending and they have not been found innocent or guilty yet. Like AdvoCare, they never had their manufacturing process or products independently tested or certified. Imagine if AdvoCare was found to have banned substances in them like Hammer Nutrition. Athlete endorsements would probably drop off and AdvoCare associates would see a serious "dent" in their income. It would also reflect on the rest of the nutritional companies as well. Everybody loses.




    This is the kind of news that makes athletes scared to take anything. Who can they trust? It is no wonder the nutritional industry has a black eye. I talk with doctors and athletes who are extremely skeptical of any nutritional products. Nutritional product salesmen are a dime a dozen. Many of them don't know what they are doing and they are doing it as fast as they can. They join a company, get highly enthused and start saying things and making claims for their product that misrepresent the truth and exaggerate reality. There is a huge army of salesmen out there right now that have been ill prepared to know how to sell and even understand the product that they are selling. I blame the nutritional companies. I blame their greed most of all. In an effort to make a buck, they cut corners on their product formulation and invest too little in the education of their associates. This is why the general public sees these associates as less than professional.They run when they see them coming. Again, the trust level is less than it could be.





    A company may have the best intentions and have medical credentials a mile long. If they do not have complete control over their own manufacturing process and are not willing to have their products independently tested by credible certified labs, it won't matter how good their credentials are.  Many companies do not have the money or desire to manufacture their own products. Drug companies have the best equipped production plants to process pills, capsules and powders. Nutritional companies most often contract out that part of their manufacturing process and lose control of how their product is made at that point. If the drug company has  just finished a production run of a certain drug and do not clean their equipment properly, that nutritional product can be tainted with that drug. This is how it can happen to a well meaning and conscientious company. If they don't test every batch before it leaves the warehouse, they could end up like Hammer Nutrition. That is why it is important for companies to have their own manufacturing plant. You control what goes in and what comes out. I hope AdvoCare has their own production plant and does not contract out that part of their business.





    I'm not attacking you or AdvoCare. I am challenging you to raise your game. You claim that your products are clean. They very well might be! Why not separate yourself from the crowd and encourage your company to have their products independently tested and certified. If all nutritional companies claim to be "clean" and claim to be "the best", somebody is not telling the truth. The nutritional industry suffers from a lack of trust and a lack of professionalism. When 25% of the nutritional products sold in America are tainted with banned substances and steroids, people tend to lump us all in the same category. They hear everyone saying how superior and "clean" we are and they don't believe us. Can you understand why? I am an AdvoCare advocate! I want them to raise their game and join with other companies that will pay the price to get the trust back in our industry.





    How long do you think the NFL would last if they did not have standards, rules and impartial referee's? Fans would be discouraged and stadiums would start emptying all over the country.  Having your products independently tested will add even more credibility to your already wonderful medical advisory board. It will be like having a professional referee step in to confirm to the world what you already believe about AdvoCare. It will add even more confidence to the athletes that endorse the AdvoCare product. It will move us closer to solving our credibility problem with athletes and the general public.






    In my old neighborhood, the debate about who's father was the strongest could have been settled by a simple weight lifting contest. All of the words and boasting would have been over in a few minutes. We would not have completely lost our pride in our fathers but we would have known where they stood compared to others. All the "talk" would have been over.




    Get your company to certify it's products with one of the organizations listed above and then come back here and tell us how "safe" they are. Remember, it is not bragging if you can objectively prove it. Until then . . . . . . .

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    The alternative to supplements is real food. Yes, believe it or not, kids can bulk up and gain mass the old fashioned way, with hard training and a good sports diet. I see too many high school kids reach for supplements before they do their homework -- eating breakfast, lunch, and wholesome meals and snacks at the right times.


    Rather than spend your money on supplements, I recommend you spend you money on a consultation with a sports dietitian. To find your local expert, so to and use the referral network to find a local expert who can teach your son how to eat a high performance sports diet.


    You can also read the chapter on how to gain weight healthfully in my Sports Nutrition Guidebook. In the long run, learning how to fuel properly is the better bet than reaching for a supplement. No amount of any supplement will compensate for a lousy diet.


    Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

    Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

    Sports nutrition counselor and food/weight coach

    Author, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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    I  realize  your input on this & I  understand  that there are  many  of good  goods  out there. I am  pleased  to be a part of such a  large   business  that I  believe   places  a  value   merchandise  on the table. I stand behind our Doctors & all of the study that they do..


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    Dec 30, 2010

    I am a health food researcher as I try to carry the latest and best products on my websites,and I have recently come across some of the best nutrition that I have ever researched.the multvitam is great, but the anti aging and the vitality are absolutely phenominal!! Its called Alive Max . Check it out. Also Cellfood is another wonderful product.

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    For All of our endorsers select Advocare because the goods work! We manage not yield them anything! We manage give them some free merchandise but not sufficient to actually make a differnce.By the way -we have more unpaid Pro athletes than remainder of the other nutritiion businesses paid endorsers.


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    Maybe you just need some vitamin D? Go outside and let the sun shine!   Check out Vitamin D and Your Healthy Life.


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