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JoeInTX Legend 1,767 posts since
Dec 14, 2007
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Oct 12, 2008 5:17 AM

1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

End of last weeks thread


Happy Sunday Peeps!   Mid October already!!


  • JC - Thanks!!  Perhaps you can join in next year!


  • Reeb - Thanks for you kind words, good luck in your run and upcoming half!


Good luck to all racing today!









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  • chilidogbeagle Rookie 64 posts since
    May 17, 2008
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    1. Oct 12, 2008 5:28 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    Morning everyone:



    I love being a innkeeper but the walls were really closing in on me yesterday by the time I got out finally for my 5.39m run yesterday - picture perfect weather here on Cape Cod.  Lots of tourist driver dodging but fun nonetheless.  Don't they have runners where they are from?  8.20 pace with some hills thrown in - so I was pretty happy.  No hills in my neighborhood so this is always a challenge for me.   When there is more car traffic around me on holiday weekends & during tourist season I'm that much more conscious of how tired I must appear on hills (or heat)  to drivers.  Why do I care?  I don't know - I just hate the idea that I look tortured or that I'm really struggling.



    This is taper week for me before my hm next weekend.  Any suggestions on what I should run this week?  I was thinking of maybe a longish run of 7 or 8m today and then 3 or 4m each day (maybe skip Wednesday) til Friday - skip Saturday and race Sunday.  Is this right?  Usually I just do 6m x 4 days + long run on weekend or 30mpw average.



    Any insights would be great.



    Great race reports everyone.  Hope it's sunny where you are.






    I'm sure you are all holding your breath at this point  waiting to hear the drama filled story re: my DS but I'll wait til it hits the paper tomorrow and attach the link.  Really scary stuff.  I'm going to have to go to a court arraignment on Tuesday to make sure this awful human doesn't make bond.  Thankfully, it's a holiday weekend and he's stuck behind bars til then at least.






  • Reeb29 Amateur 62 posts since
    Nov 13, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    2. Oct 12, 2008 6:32 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

    I know I've asked this before, but can't find the thread. I really want to improve my speed. I have the distance down for the most part and need to incorporate some kind of speed workout atleast once a week maybe? Anybody have any suggestions. I'm tired of seeing people with 6 or 7 minute miles on races and mine is no where near that. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know I probably won't be able to do my normal workout per week till all of my events are over but something I can look forward to and use in next years races. Thanks.

  • misswendy! Legend 1,056 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    3. Oct 12, 2008 9:53 AM (in response to Reeb29)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    hey yall



    5.75 miles this morning.  think i'm getting back to feeling better on my runs. i think being sick affected me more than i had thought.



    runjr....good luck on 20-22 miles! so glad you have entered a full! cant wait to see the results.



    chamblin...great job on the hm and the 14 miles! i think halfway through is always a tough spot.



    reeb...worldwide half check out joes links. its online registration and then you run your own race and report results.



    chili....i want to live in dariville! hope ds is ok. you manage an inn how nice. sounds cool, but i bet its not as romantic a life as one might think!



    macd...cant wait to make an apple pie! good job on the pudding, i dont have your willpower.



    jc. totally awesome running with your parents! wow. hills can really wreck your race. dont worry if you keep trying maybe you can go faster but thats a great pace anyway! woo hoo!



    joe...awesome 10k! you are soooo gonna have a great hm.



    reeb....trail running sounds so cool, i would love to try it!



    chili...your taper sounds good to me, take it easy is the way to go. hope things are looking up with ds. sounds really tough.


  has lots of great running advice. pfitzingers' road racing for serious runners is also a great book, look for it on



    love to all



  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
    Jan 14, 2007
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    4. Oct 12, 2008 11:17 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

    I`ll be back later ( read after I have showered ) for shout outs but just wanted to let you all know I set a new personal best today 2:15:25 - 3 mins faster than Chicago and I felt better at the end too - woohoo !!

    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

    NYC Half Marathon   Aug 16 2009   -   1:55:38 ( 8:49 mm )

    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

    4 mile - 31:35 ( 7:53 mm)          8K      - 42:28 ( 8:32 mm)

    15K -     1:22:02 ( 8:49 mm)

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  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
    Jan 14, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    5. Oct 12, 2008 1:12 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

    So it was on the warm side today in NY and the course was pretty much unshaded start to finish. I printed out a pace band for a 2:20 and a 2:30 finish after hearing about some hills at mile 8 and 11. I went out a litle fast the first mile I ran in 10 mins - I kept trying to slow myself down but I kept running faster than the 2:20 pace. I passed the 10K mark 1:02 and started to worry - that was way too fast for a 2:20 pace - and ahead of  a 2:18 pace - knowing how I felt with a 2:18 finish at Chicago I was worried I`d die in the last few miles. at mile 7 before the hill I had over 3 mins in the bank at mile 10 after the hills I was 4 mins ahead of pace for a 2:20 finish and accidentally knocked my watch off ! I restarted my watch and even with the hill at mile 11 I was still running faster than a 2:20 finish - I bounced over the line with an official finish of 2:15:25 - I had a kick at the end and felt GREAT ! I really enjoyed the race - and that officially puts me in the NYC Marathon next year !!



    Joe I registered my results on the WWFOR site ! well done on your 10K


    runjr It`s going to be sometime until this market turns - at least another 12 months - more like 2 years I think  - I`m trying not to worry too much about work - I`ll drive myself crazy !! Good running !! Congrats on registering for the full - I`m so proud of you !


    JC new offices suck - they are threatening to relocate my job to New Jersey - I`m panicing - I couldn`t be without my gym visits !! Well done on the race - running with your Mom and Dad must have been go great ! NEVEr apologize for your pace - you are running and training and having fun - you have nothing to be sorry for !!! you are doing great


    misswendy - nice wwfor run !!


    Cara - Nice 14 miles !! good job !! The current market is making everyone jumpy - I support the computer systems so we are having a lot of problems with trade volumes and systems struggling - we done so many emergency system installs - and a lot of planned worked is getting cancelled to keep systems stable so we have a lot of planned maintenance just piling up - it`s just impossible to plan anything I don`t know if have my weekend off until 5pm on Friday !


    Reeb well done !! that result is great !! take it easy this week !! Speed work - usually 1/4 mile fast pace 2 mins slow job or walk rest - 6 - 10 repeats - the fast pace so should be pretty much a sprint for you. Also hill repeats help your speed - run up again about 1/4 mile at your 5k race pace .. job down - repeat 3 or 4 times


    Dari I think I`m going to have to come visit your inn + go running with you ! Feel free to complain about your job - no one has the right to claim more stress than someone else - we all have bills and responsibilities - it`s bad for everyone !! I do have 2 more concerts coming up - The Who and AC/DC - both with my EC and my boxing trainer ! - how`s that for stress relief !! I would do a couple of short runs early in the week - easy easy pace - 2 miles Friday rest Sat run like banshee Sunday !!



    macd enjoy the taper !!

    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

    NYC Half Marathon   Aug 16 2009   -   1:55:38 ( 8:49 mm )

    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

    4 mile - 31:35 ( 7:53 mm)          8K      - 42:28 ( 8:32 mm)

    15K -     1:22:02 ( 8:49 mm)

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  • Reeb29 Amateur 62 posts since
    Nov 13, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    6. Oct 12, 2008 1:24 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    chilidogbeagle - I'm sure you don't look tortured while running but I've often thought the same thing, lol. I'm not sure, but just my personal opinion (doesn't mean jack) I would only run 1 time this week and not a long run. Just me though. Good luck you'll do great.



    misswendy - good job on run today. okay cool will do on the worldwide half, thanks for info. Trail running is very fun, but expect to fall unfortunately and you can't run your normal gait because your half stepping or side stepping roots, rocks, stumps, jumping fallen trees, lol it's different. Alot of fun though. Okay thanks for the runnersworld and the pfitzingers book. I'll look into that this week, thanks.



    spikegeek - nice time and 3 mins faster is a great thing! congrats. WOW officially puts you in NYC marathon next year VERY IMPESSIVE, I'm jealous. Thanks for speed help I'm printing this and will try at the beginning of the year. I'm ready for some time to knock off my runs, woohoo. AC/DC rocks, that'll be a great show, have fun. I agree lets all go visit her inn and have a running weekend, lol. Well drinking at nights of course for me, haha.



    Everyone have a great day, my team SUCKED today, WTH! We played terrible. Oh well next weekend. Have fun all.






  • chuck43 Expert 1,054 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    7. Oct 12, 2008 7:03 PM (in response to Reeb29)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    Hey everyone, 10 miles tonight in 1:44 and 25 for the week total so a very good week for me. Still no Pictures. I'm going to have to go up and take some myself!






    Spicey, way to go on your race! Great job.



    Joe good job on the 10k. You'll do great on your Half.



    Misswendy, I entered the Great poot cross country ultra today. Starts november 1st and you race 2500 miles in 1 week! LOL



    Runjr, sorry about you Badgers, I was really pulling for them. My Gators looked great and so did Texas. hope your run went well.



    Reeb, I love trail races also. It's a nice change of pace to , only 1 a year for me. A 4 mile race around a lake.



    Well good night all.



  • Cara_26.2 Pro 711 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    9. Oct 13, 2008 6:18 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    Hi everyone,



    I ran an easy 6 this morning. My legs are a little tired after my 14 on Sat but I guess that's to be expected as I also ran a 35 mile week and my fastest ever tempo miles so I didn't exactly taper and rest I think i'll cut back a little on the speedwork this week but will go for my intervals tomorrow - even if they aren't that great.



    Reeb - fab job on that trail run. I don't think i'd be much good at those as i always try to talk round mud and hate nettles / brambles on my route i'm a complete wuss I know! Regarding speedwork - I do some hills, tempos and intervals, but it doesn't magically make you faster i'm afraid. I'm never going to be one of those 6 / 7mm racers. Fartleks are a good way to start - just add bursts of speed into your usual runs...



    Dari - I do like the sound of managing an inn, but I guess you get all the hassle with the pleasure! Looking forward to hearing the DS story - it's sounds like it's going to be an interesting one! Crumpets... I don't really like them. I'd prefer a scone with cream and strawberry jam Amazing pace on that 5.39! I would go with 2 or 3 short runs and two days full rest before your HM



    Macd - good job on completing that final long run... Enjoy that taper - I think you are going to do great! I ordered the Nimbus 9's in the end so am looking forward to them arriving. I almost got the 10's but found a good deal on the 9's so went for them. My next half is mostly off road through trails but hopefully nothing as severe as Reeb does Not sure it'll be a fast course though but we'll see.



    JC - Congrats on your race with both your parents. That must have felt great! That's a fab time and you should be really proud of what you have achieved!



    Joe - Great job on your 10k - nice certificate! Looks like your pace is coming back nicely. How far do you think you will have ran before your half?



    Misswendy - glad the runs are feeling better again. It's a relief when that happens isn't it! I think I just need to tell myself that i'm only running 8 miles and then just keep going... maybe then i'd feel better on my long runs



    Spicegeek - you did amazing on that half! You rock! I hope I can do that well on mine in a couple of weeks. Congrats on your marathon entry too... do you start training now Hope you are taking it easy.



    Chuck - Go get that picture for us Great job on that 10 miler! It looks like you are really coming back to form on those distance runs. Cool week total too.



    Best get back to work as i've got loads to do and don't want to be here late today. Lunch time over



    Happy running

    Cara x




    18/04/2010 Brighton Marathon: 4:23:45

    21/02/2010 Sussex Beacon Half Marathon: 1:51:30

  • macd019 Pro 709 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
    Currently Being Moderated
    10. Oct 13, 2008 6:19 AM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th


    Hey all, Monday again, isn't it? They come around so fast. 3 for me this morning, 2-2.5 tomorrow and Thursday, otherwise resting up for Sat. It was pretty warm for 5am today (59) but they're now predicting a morning low of 38 on Sat. Sounds like racin' weather to me




    Speaking of racing, you all did awesome this weekend! Spicegeek, congrats on setting a new PR!! Did #1 EC come watch? I hope your office doesn't move--you might have to quit your job and go to work for the gym lol. But seriously, I do hope things stabilize a little on wall st this week.



    JC, great race, and so cool that both your parents did it! Don't worry about your pace--it is already improving and you'll keep getting faster as you run more. Hope you have a calmer workweek this week too.



    Joe, awesome pace for your 10k! I don't think I've been that fast on anything over 3 miles. And you did it even with logistical problems How did your knee do? Sorry about the Cowboys--they almost came back. We were glad to see the Colts looking more like their old selves.



    Dari, nice run Saturday. If you think you look like you're struggling at an 8:20 pace, imagine what I look like at 12-something... I don't care (too much)--it's certainly better than I looked a year ago. I'm only planning 7-8ish miles for the whole week before the race on Sat. (but what do I know about tapering?). Hope DS is doing okay.



    Reeb, I don't know how you keep that kind of a pace on trails--sounds like fun running but I'd probably be at a 15 min mile!



    misswendy, glad you are feeling better on your runs. The apple pie is pretty good if I do say so myself.



    Chuck, good luck on the Great poot cross country ultra! lol



    It was another warm one in Chicago yesterday. Both DDs had good friends racing who were hoping to BQ, but neither made it. Seems it was just not meant to be this year.



    Have a good one, all!



  • runjr Legend 912 posts since
    Dec 16, 2007
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    11. Oct 13, 2008 6:32 AM (in response to macd019)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

    hi all got my 22 in yesterday.  I had to stop at 5 for a bathroom break.  My DW helped by putting out water bottles in two spots so I could stop and refuel.  It was tough and I was slower than usual.  My goals for this first full marathon are less.  The first one is going to be survival.   Recovery run today.


    cara - great race/run.  Good luck with the shoes.  The 9's are wider in the forefoot so you will like them.  I like the 9's better than the 10's but I'm still breaking in the 10's.


    reeb - great race. You are getting faster.  Panthers didn't play too well. Reeb follow a race plan from somewhere and it will help you with speed work.  Last year at this time I was 9-9:40 mm.  Today I can run low 8's and on shorter runs can run mid 7's and I am old. Be patient.


    dari - sorry about all the work issues. That weather sounds wonderful.  As for the taper I followed Ryan Hall's taper on Runners World.  Mostly light runs during the week and off the day before.


    macd - You will do fantastic on Saturday.  Taper well this week.  Looks like great racing weather.


    jc - great race and report.  Your parents will remember it forever. You have a goal set to run as fast as your dad.  He must have been so proud. I always say my favorite runs are with DD.


    joe - great race and quick.


    misswendy - great running. You are feeling better which helps. 


    spicegeek - great race and quick.  Congrats on NYC.  I hope to be there with you.  You are really doing well.  All your hard work and dedication is paying off. 


    chuck - great running. Are you planning that trip out west?


    take care.

    Susan Komen Race For The cure 5k......... 21:11
    Striders Milwaukee HM ....................... .1:37
    Indy Monumental Marathon ...................3:30 BQ

  • cscmartin Expert 144 posts since
    Jan 15, 2008
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    12. Oct 13, 2008 10:51 AM (in response to runjr)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th




    ALOHA everyone!  I made it back from goregous Hawaii.  It was a great week to start tapering as I only managed to get in about 15 miles while I was on vacation.  It felt so good to be away with no worries and the sunshine just made it that more pleasant. 



    It looks like everyone is doing well with running.  I am starting to become a little nervous as my event is finally here on Sunday.  I hope my trip didn't set me back.  I am wondering how many people take the two days rest before or how many just do one day rest before the event.  I am really torn on whether to do my cycle class on Friday or to just take that day off as well.  Any suggestion anyone?



    I will be back to catch soon,









    Carmen new2running08

    2008 finished races

    1st half on 5/4/08 2:11:50
    2nd half on 10/19/08 2:01:01

    2009 finished races 

    3rd half on 5/3/09 2:05:48



  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
    Jan 14, 2007
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    14. Oct 13, 2008 5:28 PM (in response to JoeInTX)
    Re: 1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of October 12th

    Biked for 45 mins today to try and loosen up a little + work out some of the stiffness - it worked to some extent but I`m not sure you recover as fast when you are in your 40s !!


    Got a lot of encouragement from my guys at the gym - they are all really behind me training for the marathon next year.


    Chuck - good 10 miles and good weekly total


    Cara great job on a 35 mile week !! I`m tired just thinking about it ! You`ll smoke your half ! The NYC Marathon is not until Nov 2009 - I have over a year - my plans are to to keep rattling around the 10 - 12 mile long run distance with the occasional "fast" 6 miles and add some speed work - I have 4 half marathons I can do in the first 4 months of next year - I want to see how my pace improves between now and then - I`m wondering if I can get under 2 hours for a Half. There is a half marathon and a 10 mile race usually held in May which I may use as my test races - Either way I`m taking it easy this week - not running - maybe a slow 6 on Sunday if I feel like it


    macd - No the EC had to work - I got a nice e-mail from him tho - and I`ll see him tomorrow I think - one of my backup EC`s did give me a kiss on my cheek while I was on the bike today - sweat and all - gotto love that !! Good luck with the rest of the week and run like the wind on Sat !!


    runjr - wow 22 miles .. you are awesome ! I hope you get into to NY too - you can always run for a charity and get in that way



    Carmen welcome back - I took 3 days before my race - mostly because I just don`t seem to be able to do a light work out !! I think no more than a 2 mile easy run 2 days before - better yet .. rest !

    NYC Marathon          Nov 1 2009     -   4:03:13 ( 9:17 mm )

    NYC Half Marathon   Aug 16 2009   -   1:55:38 ( 8:49 mm )

    1 mile -  7:07                             10K     - 52:58 ( 8:32 mm)

    4 mile - 31:35 ( 7:53 mm)          8K      - 42:28 ( 8:32 mm)

    15K -     1:22:02 ( 8:49 mm)

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