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  • teri dacto Pro 177 posts since
    May 18, 2008





    I agree that it would be beneficial to meet wth a nutritionist and an endocrinologist to help with what these gals perceive as a weight issue.  The mini meals, etc works in that it keeps your body consistently fueled and prevents swings in your blood sugar/insulin.  This causes an increase in your metabolic rate.  When there is a decline in caloric intake, the body tries to hold onto it's fat stores as a protective measure.  Lifting weights increases your metabolism and if you read any of the weight training mags, etc. they too tout eating small meals throughout the day. 



    Now, not to offend anyone in these posts I have several concerns....if you are taking in only 1200 calories a day and burning 300-500 calories a day you are going to end up with a problem.  You can't maintain health if you stay on a plan that only has you utilizing 900 calories at the most during the day.  It's dangerous.  I like what was mentioned before about how you feel in your body, feeling healthy, etc.  For goodness sake, being 5'6" and 140 ish is not unhealthy, especially if you are so physically fit.  We women need to get out of the mind frame that we have to look like stick thin models (you two gals may not feel this way per se but you have to admit many do).



    Remember you need to maintain your health for yourself and your family. 



  • Owenscott Amateur 17 posts since
    Oct 24, 2006

    Maybe increase you calories a bit and MAKE sure you are eating many times a day. I'll bet during those 12 or 13 hour days a lot of it goes by without food ... putting her in to starvation mode..... good luck.

  • neonshaw Expert 53 posts since
    Jun 8, 2008


    I would recommend walking 1 to 1-1/2 hours per day 2-3 days per week instead of running.  Walking is lower intensity and burns more fat than running.  Running primarily burns up your sugar and carbs in your system at the time not the fat. 



    I know it sounds crazy to give up running to walk but I believe you will burn more fat that way. 



    Also eat more protein and less carbs and combined with the walking you should see results soon



  • Dozie Rookie 4 posts since
    Feb 10, 2008

    Like most of the others have stated, it might be your calorie intake.  In such that you might be taking in too little and your body is breaking down muscle to maintain "it's" normal body fat.  If your body thinks it's starving, then it will react to that situation.  But if you feed yourself possibly more calories but over 7 or 8 small meals in the course of a day, then your body will think that it will be getting feed every couple of hours. Your body will not supply itself for future fuel needs because it will know you will fuel it in the future.


    Check out a few articles by Gale Bernhardt, she is a Olympic Triathlon/cycling Coach.  She writes articles about nutrition off of first hand basis and experience.  She wrote about her similar situation when she was first on the Pro circuit.  She want to drop a few pounds but maintain muscle mass.  So, she cut her calories and all she lost was energy and ability to train hard.  I couldn't find the exact article but her link is:


    Good luck

  • cpa0217 Pro 79 posts since
    Sep 26, 2007


    I'm going to throw this out there because I actually have a co-worker for which this was an issue.  My co-worker was keeping a detailed log of what she ate, decreased her caloric intake of food, increased her activity, & couldn't understand why she wasn't loosing any weight.  The problem...  She was so focused on cutting back on what she was eating & keeping track of those calories, that it didn't occur to her that many of the liquids that she was drinking (soda pop, fruit drinks, juice, sports drinks, etc.) have calories that she should have been counting.  Oops!    She was actually consuming several hundred more calories per day than she realized!  This may not be an issue for any of the posters here, but again, I thought I would throw it out there, just in case...



  • Loyal Son Amateur 14 posts since
    Jun 30, 2008


    FWIW your problem sounds the same as Weight Watchers (not a member, but know many who are) notes with many of the people in its program, you're consuming too few calories and your body is fighting you (something several others have suggested).  Their recommendation is to increase your consumption some, at least until your body responds.  I tired it several years back (increase maybe 200 calories) for a few days and it worked.  After my weight started to move I slowly went back to my previously level until I was at the level I was shooting for.  (Unfortunately health issues put in back on so once again I'm trying to get back to my target weight.



    Good luck!



    BTW, if your mileage doesn't make you a runner I'm in trouble since I'm just gotten to your level



  • DOWL1NG Amateur 8 posts since
    Oct 24, 2008


    that's kind of funny, I don't see how you would forget to count the calories that you drink. 






    That's why I only drink water lol     



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  • cpa0217 Pro 79 posts since
    Sep 26, 2007







    I know it sounds funny & I couldn't believe it either, but it happened. I guess she was so focused on her "solid" diet & new exercise program that she lost sight of the "big picture". The sports drinks really did her in because she drank a lot of them (& therefore consumed a lot of calories) because she didn't want to get dehydrated when she worked out. Throw a couple of sodas & juice on top of that & you got yourself a whole lot of calories! She won't drink water because she claims it tastes bad!!!

  • nicasio3 Pro 66 posts since
    Nov 24, 2007

    Don't worry about your weight I been running for the last 7 years, 49 year, 185 lbs, 5'9,  8 full marathon, 8 half and I am do not loose any weight,

    I don't know why... maybe are my genes because there is many overweight relatives in my family, but I feel great after I started running. I'm very healthy and happy

    Don't give up, feel proud of yourself, maybe you don't know but you are example for many people around you.

    And after the long working day lay-down on your bed, sofa o floor rise you feet for 15 o 20 min. that could help you to rest

    Good luck!

  • MikeDaMarine08 We're Not Worthy 2,498 posts since
    Aug 14, 2008


    I have been a Marine for over 20 years now.  Staying in shape is part of our lifestyle.  I have often had Marines who had problems sheeding those few pounds.



    What I have found is that counting calories alone is not always the answer.  For example 1400 calories of Carbs are not always good calories.  I know that is extreme, but I believe the addage of you have to eat to lose weight applies.  Your body adjusts to your caloric intake and your methods of burining them accordingly.  If you run 40 miles a week, you body will ensure enough calories are stored to ensure you have enough energy to run that distance.  


    Will give you some basic info.



    Hope this helps.....









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