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Jan 16, 2009 12:13 AM

im 13 and i am out of shape..BAD! im 6'2 and weigh 220 pounds i really need your help dont skip this one! please!

like i said im 13 and 6'2 220 i want to feel good i was in football for a hwile i lost some weight then football was over and i gained it back. i dont know what my "ideal weight" is all i know is that i want to be cut and healty thats all i want im not asking for arnold schwarzenegger status lol but i just want a noticeable six pack,nice neck and back, and not a flabby neck (its not bad right now but i dont want it to get bad) i was thinking of trying the bannanna diet. you know the one from japan? Me and my friend are going to try and get a personal trainer any ideas on what to ask for from him thanks! (sorry for the spelling)

  • jjtbct Rookie 5 posts since
    Jan 15, 2009


    It is great that you want to do something! A little advice from a mom, a nurse, and a sympathiser...go slow and nothing drastic. You are already tall for your age, your muscles and connective tissue may have some catching up to do.  Which if you work out too hard, too fast is going to cause injuries.  Ask yourself: Do you have the energy for the things you like to do? What activities are you involved in--biking, skating? Why do you want to be "cut?" Note "cut" and "healthy" are NOT the same thing. A personal trainer is great but they cost, you should have a PE coach at school. Use that resource to get you started.



    Now one more thing, NO BANANA DIETS, or any other fad diet for that matter. Watch the fast food, and amounts. You should not be drastically cutting calories or eliminating any food group.



    It takes time, consistency, and patience.



    Good Luck. Hope this helps.



  • jjtbct Rookie 5 posts since
    Jan 15, 2009

    Honestly, "egg white and rice cake" sounds tasteless--yuck! I'm thinking, more like chicken breast, wheat bread, fruit, and glass of milk. Although at 13, it can be difficult for you depending on what your family eats and how they shop, but often learning what a portion size is helps. For example, a bowl of cereal is probably 2-3 servings. Mostly try to limit or avoid fatty foods (fried chicken, "Ben and Jerry's", potato chips, etc.) and sugary foods (candies, chocolates, soda). These are things everybody should do, for general health. If your doctor isn't concerned, wouldn't worry too much. To be healthy though, find an activity or excersice to do and do it at least 30 minutes 3 times per week.


    My concern: Self esteem is a much harder issue to deal with. As the tallest kid in the class for many years (not fun being taller than the boys too), I understand the frustration. I was looked at as being big, or older than I was. It can be difficult. However, as you get older, it will balance out. You won't stand out from the rest as much. There are benefits to being tall. Talk to someone. Remind yourself what you are good at. Think of what matters to you (what/who you care about). Do something for someone else (volunteer, give the neighbor a hand, help a family member, don't wait to be asked--ask them). The rewards can be surprising.



    Take care.

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    Jan 17, 2009


    Hi 4512,



    I've been working in running shoes store for couple years and through the years, I've seen people losing their weight through running.   Remember,  fitness and exercise is a "lifestyle"  and not a short term project.  I've seen people who did marathons and ironman just to lose their weight but after the race, they slide back into the old habit of not eating healthy and no exercise.      There are lots of men and women who maintain their fitness level not for dropping their pounds but for the health benefit.     Do you run?  Do you swim?   Ride your bike?   Anything that get your heart rate up for 1 hour, you will burn about 500 - 600 calories but it does not mean that you can eat Big Mac after that.  Watch what you eat... no banana diet, please.  Eat good protein especially if you want the kind of lean and cut body...  if you can do cardio exercise 3-4 times a week and 2-3 times weight and strength training, you will get to where you want to be in about 6-8 months with no injury.



    I am a mom and I understand the peer pressure for teenagers but building your body takes lots of time and patience, don't quit, stick to your routine.



    Good Luck



  • shoequeen Rookie 10 posts since
    Jan 17, 2009


    Hey David,



    We do have size 16!!!!   LOL ..   Looks like you are doing great.  Keep it up and it will pay off.






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