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Feb 15, 2009 8:03 PM

Arm warmers


Hi all,



Two marathons ago I ran into the problem of "climate change"....the temperature went from sub-40 degrees at the start to 60 degrees by mile 10.  I went from SUPER cold to fine, but mentally my mind was like, "holy **** I'm cold...holy **** I'm cold" for the first little bit, not the normal mental ques to keep pace even and focus on hydration, fuel, etc..  For the last marathon I purchased some cheap tube socks at Wal-Mart, cut off the toes, and threw those on my arms, essentially giving me a long sleeve shirt with removable sleeves.  Once I hit mile 10, again, the temp was fine and I ditched them in a garbage can along the route with my cheap gloves.  Easier than carrying them for 16 more miles, I figured.



However, I have been hearing a little bit about arm warmers like cyclists wear.  My socks worked great, but I was constantly rolling them back up my arms, and that got really old, and fast.  These specifically designed arm warmers are supposed stay in place and be easily removed and tucked into the back of your shorts.  Sounds fine.  I do not have any experience with this product and do not know anyone locally who has.  So does anyone out there have any experience?  And if so, which brands do you recommend.  The top two brands I have found are pearl izumi and moeben, but again, no experience.



Any guidance out there?  And how do I know if I paying too much?  How much is something like this supposed to cost?



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    1. Feb 16, 2009 6:19 PM (in response to RunninOnE)
    Re: Arm warmers


    I've been looking for those also. Runners World had a note on page 89 of the February issues about a place to find them.



    Made by asics for $8. Sounds good to me. There was a web site to purchase them. I bought another pair but heaveier at



    another place for $20. Havn't worn them yet. Good luck



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    2. Feb 18, 2009 3:01 PM (in response to RunninOnE)
    Re: Arm warmers


    Anything you can possibly imagine is available on the big shopping websites like I'm not saying everyone should buy there (I support shopping locally whenever possible) but it's a great way to do research and -- best of all -- to see other users' opinion of products. A quick search for "arm warmers" on under the "Sports & Outdoors" category returned 30 different brand names with over 200 results, from many different vendors. Then you can see what they look like, price ranges, and user comments.






    I live in a small town so I do end up buying some things on or eBay that aren't available locally. You can limit your search to vendors that offer free shipping, etc.



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