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Feb 23, 2009 1:22 PM

Tight Right Hamstring

I have an issue with my right hamstring always being tight, especially at the start of runs and sprints. I am very flexible and stretch on a constant basis by doing dynamic stretches in the beginning of the workout followed by static stretches after the workout.  I always do a warm-up that has at least five minutes of brisk walking with some light jogging.  I just cannot seem to get the tightness out of the right hamstring.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Can't rush running...
  • HeatherRS Amateur 21 posts since
    Dec 18, 2008
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    1. Feb 23, 2009 3:04 PM (in response to HowCome17)
    Re: Tight Right Hamstring


    Well a great thing to have that realistically most people don't is a hot pack.  You'll want to heat up your hamstring first, put a towell inbetween the hotpack and your leg and heat for 20min(sit on it).  When done if you have someone around ask if they could stretch you.  Lay down on your back and have one leg flat and have your partner lift the other leg up by the ankle until you feel "tight", hold there for a few seconds and then push your heel against your partners hand hard.  Relax after a few seconds of pushing and then have your partner stretch your leg even further, but not by much.  If you're lifting up or bending your leg that should be flat on the ground then have your partner put their other hand on your knee to keep that down or even with their leg gently.  Repeat the stretch and push process for at least 3 times and go to the other leg.  Remember to stretch that inner part of your leg also, you can do that by having your partner go more out that up with your leg.  You can also have your partner help by having you bend you knee on the leg that's being lifted up an push it into your chest while the other leg is flat, do both sides of course. 



    Follow this up with your other basic stretches.  Try adding jogging high knees, skips and there's this stretch that you can do while you walk.  step with the left and do a straight legged kick with your right foot crossing over to hit your left hand that you have raised.  Vice versa.  All this before your running and you should be doing better with that hammie in a week or so.  Try wearing long pants to keep your muscles warm also until that feels better.  You basically just need to do a little rehab for a bit before running and it'll be good to go soon, hopefully.  Just a short time of a little extra work will make your body happy in the long run, you won't have to do it forever. 



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    2. Feb 23, 2009 4:47 PM (in response to HowCome17)
    Re: Tight Right Hamstring


    An important clue is that you are complaining of the hamstring on only one side of the body.  Take a look at Symmetry - Asymmetry.  I assume your activities including your stretching exercises are performed symmetically.  The question arises why is one hamstring muscle group being subjected to excessive and abnormal stress. 



    A hamstring can be short and painful, or it could be long and painful.  Recognize when you stretch hamstring muscles you are also stretching the sciatic nerve. 



    It sounds like stretching exercies has not solved your injury.  Take a look at Muscles and Stretching



    You may find some answers in looking at how you run by slow motion video analysis



    Damien Howell MS, PT, OCS -



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