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Nov 13, 2004 9:44 PM

Slow runner needs advice

Hello everyone.  I am new to these boards and this site, but I am seeking some advice.

I have been on a weight loss and exercise program for almost a year and a half now.  Before I started, I weighed close to 350 lbs.  I am now down to around 215-220. 

I started attempting to run this past spring.  Once I had enough weight off my joints that I could successfully complete one lap on the track at my gym (1 lap is 0.1 mile) I started alternating jogging and walking on a regular basis. I gradually worked my way up to just jogging.  I have completed two 5k runs, and last weekend I completed my first 10K run.

My problem is I feel like I am VERY slow.  I have seen improvement in my speed - when I started, my jog wasn't much faster than my walk - about a 14 min. mile.  Now I am getting close to a 12 min. mile in my first 1 to 3 miles, and slowing down after that.  My pace time for my 10k was 13:22.  I know at 220 lbs I am not going to be able to run a 6 or 7 min. mile, but I feel I should be faster than I am.  Is there anything you could recommend to help me improve my speed?  Or am I just expecting too much from my body too soon after the years of abuse it has had carrying around 300+ lbs? 

Sorry this post is so very long.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Nov 14, 2004 8:14 AM (in response to bamanikki)
    Re: Slow runner needs advice

    congrats on an excellent accomplishment. you are an inspiration to all that w/ hard work goals can be accomplished. the one thing you need to know about running improvements is that they take a LONG time to occur WITHOUT injury. The easiest thing to do would be to add a day that you run, that day you could push yourself a bit harder after a 10 minute warm up and decrease the amount of time you are out there. You can also add weight training to your exercise routine. a very basic plan of 2 sets w/ 15 reps for chest, back, shoulders, biceps and tris for upper and quad, hamstring, hip and calf for lower. fitness magazines alway have an assortment of exercise to do w/ or w/o a gym at your disposal. what ever you do just keep trying to improve a tiney bit ech month. whether it be in speed or endurance or strngth just keep pushing and b4 you know it you will see definate results but be patient so you so not injure youself and the set yourself back months.

    good luck


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    2. Nov 14, 2004 5:20 PM (in response to bamanikki)
    Re: Slow runner needs advice

    I'd suggest adding a 'speed day' to your workout, doing 400m runs for half your race distance (or roughly 1.5 miles for a 5K run).  Do this after a proper warm-up of course.  Try to go a bit faster than race pace, and rest for the same amount of time it takes you to cover it.  So, if it takes you 3:30 to cover a 400m distance fast, then rest for 3:30 before your next one.


    Over time, you can add more 400m repeats until you get up to your race distance being covered in your total workout.


    Rick Karboviak

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