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Apr 19, 2009 11:23 AM

Wk 2 D3 and talking while running

Hello. I am due to start week three next week and have a question about heart rate. I do not have a monitor, but usually subscribe to the "if you can talk" rule, however with this program and starting in only 60 second bursts, is it OK to not be able to talk during the jogging phases? Because I cannot! I am more out of shape than I realized. I am thinking I should repeat week two until I feel more comfortable with the 90 seconds.I run with a neighbor and she has a longer, more bouncy stride. Maybe I am trying to keep up with her instead of being satisfied with my 'barely over a walk' stride right now. Hope to find some other week 2-3'ers!

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    1. Apr 19, 2009 1:27 PM (in response to lehuagirl)
    Re: Wk 2 D3 and talking while running

    As a new runner it could be one of two things. Either you are overbreathing (This can happen as the brain gets used to the new activity) or you are going to fast. If you are overbreathing the brain will regulate this down as it gets accustomed to the new activity. If you are going to fast you will get to a point at which you cant complete the days assignment unless you run slower. Most people dont realize a lot of the traing in the first few weeks has as much effect on the brain as the body. It learns to regulate breathing, muscle recruitment, pace for regulating both oxygen debt and body temperature and that continous running is not going to cause immediate injury to the body it is charged with protecting. Noakes refers to the results of this learning as "Runner's Brain".



    Many new runners could never start running at all if they went by heart rate. The brain will often immediately increase the heart rate until it gets accustomed to the new activity. Over time the brain will allow a lower heart rate, the heart will get stronger which will also lower needed heart rate and you will become a more efficient runner which again will lower needed heart rate. Its okay to be uncomfortable carrying on a conversation but  it should be doable. I refer to this as the "Can talk but not sing" pace.

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    4. Apr 20, 2009 9:19 AM (in response to lehuagirl)
    Re: Wk 2 D3 and talking while running


    We`re not saying you should be able to hold a "16 year old talking about her latest crush" level of conversation - a 5 -6 word burst and pause if about right !



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    5. Apr 20, 2009 9:43 AM (in response to lehuagirl)
    Re: Wk 2 D3 and talking while running

    Hi -

    I think I help with your question.  I am currently in week 5 and didn't do much cardio before starting the program.  It wasn't until week 4 that I managed to regulate my breathing.  I have been running with my husband and since his is a foot taller and bigger we knew from the start that he would be running ahead of me.  I have two suggestions:  First, don't be afraid to drop back and run at your own pace instead of keeping up with your friend and second, try the first day of the next week before giving up and repeating a week.  Every week I had a debate with myself about how I was going to run 3 minutes or 5 minute, or 20 minutes.  Once you get there, you are able to do it.  I read a lot of the threads, and see lots of people repeating weeks, but never trying to see if they can move to the next week first.  I am not athletic, or in great shape but I was able to do it.  You should try, and let your body (heart, lungs and legs) surprise you.  And, overall, don't put too much emphasis on carrying a conversation.  You are shocking your body into will take a few weeks,  but it will catch up.  I huffed and puffed through the first three weeks and made it through.

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    7. Apr 20, 2009 10:35 AM (in response to lehuagirl)
    Re: Wk 2 D3 and talking while running





    I think you said you're in Minneapolis?  Well, I'm Carol, I'm in Apple Valley, and if I can do week 3, anybody can!!  I start W3 tonight - I'll keep you posted.  And yes, I will hunt you down and drag you out and make you do week 3!!  But I promise not to make you sing!  haha



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    8. Apr 20, 2009 11:22 AM (in response to MN Grandma)
    Re: Wk 2 D3 and talking while running


    I think the others covered it pretty well. Just attemp the next level and if you cant accomplish the assignment just fall back to the previous assignment. You dont have to repeat an entire week unless you need it. Just keep trying the new assignment each time you go out. If you find yourself capable of something in between just create a W2.5 to keep your body challenged.




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