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Jan 25, 2009
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Apr 28, 2009 7:07 AM

Ran Fine For 5 Months...  Now Sore Every Time!  Help!

Hi everyone--


I need some advice and/or help!  Recently, when I complete a run, my legs are really really sore.  I haven't changed anything from my workout; between November (when I started training) and March, I ran without consequences.  What's going on?


For instance, I just did a 5k a few days ago on a treadmill and my hamstrings are so tight, two days later.  I've done 5k's several times before without any problems.  And I haven't changed my stretching workout, either.  I've slightly upped my speed, from say 8 to 8.5, but is that enough? 


So you know, I run three or four times a week, varying from 1.6 miles to 3.1 miles.


Please help!



  • Nutrition Tara Community Moderator 41 posts since
    Jul 17, 2007
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    1. Apr 28, 2009 10:18 AM (in response to rlowe82)
    Re: Ran Fine For 5 Months... Now Sore Every Time! Help!


    First I would make sure that you are hydrated.  Dehydration occurs gradually over time so symptoms may not show up at first.



    If you are sure that you are hydrated try taking a Calcium/Magnesium Citrate supplement.  Magnesium is a natural relaxor and one of the most deficient minerals in the American diet.  Magnesium citrate is the best absorbed form of that mineral.  You should notice that your soreness is reduced in a few days.  I recommend taking it at night.



    Let me know how it goes!



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    I'm absolutely no nutrition expert but I added Whey Protein a few months ago and that helped me with recovery.  I use 1 1/2 scoops in about 300 ml of water as soon as I come in from my run. That is in addition to lots of water after I stop running before I stretch.  I run, cool down walk drinking 32 oz of water, stretch for about 10 minutes, then drink the whey protein shake (you're supposed to drink within 30 minutes of stopping your workout).


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    Hi...Maybe it's your shoes! Go to your local running store and invest in a new pair of running shoes. Talk with someone there about what you are experiencing, and see what they suggest. And I agree with the other posts also...hydration is very key for your muscles, along with the proper running shoes!



    Good luck, and KEEP ON RUNNING!!:)






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    I agree that one of the first things- perhaps the first thing - to check is your running shoes. How many miles do you have on them? The general wisdom is that midsole cushioning and support deteriorates significantly after about 300-500 miles. If they're high mileage, then replacing them may solve the problem immediately. Also take a quick look at the rest of your life; in addition to hydration/nutrition, are you getting less sleep than previously? or are you under more stress than before? Any of these things could interfere with recovery after a run.

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