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Aug 19, 2007 9:37 PM

LL Majors and Minors Age Brackets for 2008


This is a bit tricky for us in Brisbane AU as our new LL 2008 Season actually starts in September 2007 and finishes in March-April 2008.

Our age cutoff use to be DEC 31 for all ages until LL .

The way I see it is that :

All Children born May 95-April 96 inclusive MUST be Majors or waivered for physical reasons only to Minors.

All Children born May 96-April 97 inclusive CAN be graded either Minors OR Majors with NO waivers.

All Children born May 97-April 98 inclusive MUST be Minors or waivered to Majors based on ability.


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    1. Aug 19, 2007 10:26 PM (in response to PHL_Baseball)
    Re: LL Majors and Minors Age Brackets for 2008


    Start with what is your age next May 1. Then how you set up your program determines where the kids play.



    Ours was hard and fast 11/12's play majors. 9/10's play minors. 7/8's play machine pitch.



    The next town over allows 10's to make majors.



    A league can be set up so any kid 9-12 can play majors. No one has to play majors until they are 12.



    A nearby program has two levels of minors and one major. Majors is anyone who can make it. AAA is anyone who can make it who doesn't make majors from 9-11. Their AA level is the rest of the 9-11's



    My recommendation would be to go to the rules section of the other board where all the LL lifers post. I'd ask the rules and all the different possibilities they see.












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    2. Aug 20, 2007 9:40 AM (in response to PHL_Baseball)
    Re: LL Majors and Minors Age Brackets for 2008

    You've got part of it but not all of it. The following is all assuming you're not establishing a Junior/Senior and/or Big League program so YMMV.

    League age is defined as the childs age as of April 30th. A small point here - it's not the age as of May 1st. Someone who was born on May 1st is the following year's age. The baseball age-year goes from 5/1 to 4/30. That all having been said for '08:

    As of '08 ALL LA (league age) 12's MUST play majors sans waiver. A league is limited to a max of 8 12's per team in Majors - see regulation III(c). Therefore the balance must be made up of 9-11 y/o. A league may restrict Majors to LA 11-12, 10-12 or 9-12. That is a local option. For example, our local option is 10-12 with a maximum of two 10 y/o per Major team. Another town I know is 9-12 but at ages 9 & 10 a team may have either one 9 & one 10 or two 10's - two 9's are not allowed. Tryouts are important. We have one tryout date. No player may play Majors who didn't attend tryouts with out an excuse approved by the BoD. No 9 y/o may play AAA without having attended tryouts. Unfortunately, as far as I know LL has given no guidance as of yet for 12's who don't attend tryouts. I would restrict them to minors but who knows

    Minor are fluid & you can have pretty much any breakdown you want. Along with our Majors, AAA is 9-12, AA is 8-9, A is 6-8 & Tball is 5-6. You'll note we have overlapping ages. In AAA our goal is to have 6 teams. Therefore, once registration is over we know how many 10-12's we need for majors. Since we have 6 Major teams for 12 person rosters we need 72. We then subtract 72 from the registered 10-12's & that's how many we have available for AAA. Since we want 6 AAA teams, we then subtract the count of remaining 10-12's from 72 & that gives us the count of 9's we will draft for AAA. There is no rule as to how many 9's per AAA team. AA is a hybrid league. It starts out with the first couple of games being solely machine pitch but changes over the length of the season to 4 innings MP & 2 kid pitch, then 3 & 3, then 2& 4 then the last couple of games are all kid pitch. Single A is all MP. The 6's that play in that league must meet 2 conditions. They already played T-ball as 5's & the parents request that they get moved up. Single A is where we 1st run into rosters that are uneven, usually between 10-12 per team. In T-Ball we have rosters that range around 9-10 per team.



    Hope this helps........

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