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Jun 22, 2009 6:35 AM

Anyone have any good hip stretches?

My left hip has been a little sore and/or twingey pretty much since week 2 or 3 (doing C25K) but it's been bearable. Just sore for the most part. I was out of town at the end of last week, so I did W6, D1 on Wednesday and then tried to do D2 on Friday where I was staying, but I wasnt able to. It was incredibly hot and I was on top of a mountain, so there wasnt really anywhere for me to run that was safe and gradual. I did a short run and the hip was a little sore but nothing major. But since I didnt do a full run, by Sunday morning, my hip felt 100% great again.




I did D2 on Sunday and by the middle, I was in serious pain. It's still very hurty even today. I used to do kickboxing 5 years ago, and it was one of the reasons that I had to quit... must be something with repetitive motion of the kicks or something? I tried yoga on my off days at that time which only helped a little. I dont want to quit this because I am really enjoying it, so I need to get past this pain. I've been running every other day, so I have only had one day of rest in between runs. I didnt really want to space them out further because I wanted to get up to four miles by the end of July for my first organized run.



So do you have any ideas what might be causing it and do you have any good stretches for hips? I've been really good about stretching to prevent shin splints but I really haven't worried about my hips since they seemed to be doing fine.



Thanks in advance.


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    1. Jun 22, 2009 10:58 AM (in response to ModernMaven)
    Re: Anyone have any good hip stretches?


    I use 2 different ones:



    Sit on the ground with your legs bent ~90 degrees at your knees.  Cross one ankle over the opposite knee (you may need to slide your feet out a little to be able to make the cross, if so just slide the foot back once you have the ankle positioned.)  I keep my arms back supporting my upper body.  Keep your back straight.  The more you raise your upper body the more you'll feel the pull in your hip.  Switch legs to get the opposite side.  (This one is my favorite - it seems to stretch the best.)



    The other is very similar only you're sitting on a chair.  Sitting upright, cross one ankle over the other knee and gently push down on the knee of the leg that is crossed.



    I found these on YouTube.  If you search for IT band stretches these and others will come up with videos.



    Good luck,






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    3. Mar 7, 2014 6:20 AM (in response to Billiken on the Run)
    Anyone have any good hip stretches?

    Wow!   I did the second stretch here at my desk at work and it felt great!    Thanks for the idea, I'm looking forward to trying others later today before my sprint workout.



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