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Jul 10, 2009 2:54 PM

Seeking an honest opinion? (RR)

Pretty long so broke down in to short and long versions. Thanks for taking the time to go over this for me.


Short Story: Five years of college, finally it is over hopefully. Want to do something awesome to celebrate so training for a fifty mile run. For motivation want to raise some cash for the local YMCA is the goal.


Long Story: Hey how goes it; wanted to do something involved with running to just celebrate finishing school. College has been a huge challenge from education to my own development of self. Looked around my area for marathons and that were close. A few popped up but were just out of the state. There was an ultra race not to far from where I live. So volunteered at the event for this year and had a blast. So my plan is to hopefully run this race next year. There are three different events a: 50k; 50 mile; 100k. Plan is to do the fifty mile race. Trying to get myself up to forty miles a week by the fall to see where I stand.

So the plan is the YMCA just getting back into going to the gym lately. The YMCA is a great addition to our city I feel. Helps the children, families, and adults try and live a healthy lifestyle. Not just physically but gives direction to those who need it. Mostly run on donations would like to help raise money so they can continue their work in the community. Raising this money would be a huge step out of my normal comfort zone though. Very shy and laid back. Feel though the challenge would be very beneficial.

Not sure how much involvement I can take in this. Focus is on finishing school and training for the race. Though would be able to volunteer an hour or two from the week to help out down at the YMCA. Can ask the clubs and sororities at the college I attend to raise some donations as a possibility. Final action can take is can ask my company to help raise funds. They have a charity that works with the United Way. The United Way is a sponsor of the YMCA as well. So that might work out.

Now with raising money a question comes to my mind is collecting the funds. The economy is not so great and might not be able to raise enough cash. Or asking people for cash seems kind of wrong when it is such a tough time. Have family and friends who are struggling through this tough time. Everybody is making the best and helping out.

If I go through with this will be something amazing if it works. Goal isn't to try and do something good. I love to run and so why not use it to do something to better the community. That is the message want to give off we have our own individual talents, skills, abilities, and so forth that help create a better community. Not even as to be physical like running can be mathematics and so on.


Pros: great for the community; take on a challenge; role-model; being healthy; a few more have to think of


Cons: will be a challenge; money; going out of my comfort zone; what if nothing happens; could be embarrassing to myself, and family; grammar; a few more have to think of Fundraising


Goals:YMCA: $500 total from members and $500 total from YMCA members families = $1,000

College: $ 1,000

Work: $1,000

Grand Total: $3,000

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    1. Jul 10, 2009 6:07 PM (in response to zebUSCG)
    Re: Seeking an honest opinion? (RR)

    Sounds like an admirable goal.  BUT Don't forget Murphy's Law.  School, training and family issues is a lot to handle.  Think it through carefully.  As for fundraising, I'm with you about being embarassed asking friends directly for money.  Charity runs and rides around here have form letters that you can send out.  That may be a better way to go.  You may want to compose an email message outlining your goals and the worthiness of your cause and just send it out to friends and family and see what comes of it.  You could also send updates on your training to all the people who contribute or show interest and keep them in the loop.  Have them make their checks out to the order of the local Y rather than you and you could forward them to the Y or have the Y keep a tally for you.   Same thing on the Y's web site.  "zebUSCG is running an ultra to raise money for us and here is an update on his training and progress."  You may be surprised at how much your friends come through for you.  Good luck with your training. zebUSCG

    Plan your run and then run your plan.

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    2. Jul 10, 2009 10:09 PM (in response to zebUSCG)
    Re: Seeking an honest opinion? (RR)


    Great idea! I serve on the board of our local United Way and I love to see individuals as young as you reach out to help their community. (I assume you're young if just finishing school.) Way to go!






    Don't forget the local media. In fact, you should see if the Y will partner with you and issue a short press release about your goals and what you hope to achieve for the Y as well as for yourself. Their directors are skilled in promotion; that's what they do. Ask them for guidance on how to promote yourself and this cause, and get their help with it. It doesn't have to be a huge involvement on their part, but they already have the knowledge and channels to do so.






    Another idea is to see if your company will put up some money for a "challenge grant."  This is just an example, but let's say you contact a fraternity and a sorority that have civic responsibilities that fit with your goal, and that are willing to work together. (Don't certain sororities and fraternities have 'sister' and 'brother' relationships with each other?)  Your company could put up a little money on a challenge basis to get the houses to compete on behalf of your cause. You could issue a press release (again, with the Y's help) for your college newspaper / radio station / other campus outlets saying that your employer, Company XYZ, has challenged Alpha Beta Kappa and Sigma Chi houses to raise $500 each. The first house to reach the goal gets bragging rights and an additional $500 for the cause from your company's matching donation.  Or maybe your company donates $250 to the winning house for their own use, and adds $250 to their donation. There are a million ways to go....






    Since it's an endurance race, ask your friends and others to pledge 50 cents a mile or something. That way if something happens (sprain an ankle at mile 28-?!) it won't matter as much -- you'll still raise some money and donors will feel good about your effort. (In fact many people would still give you the full amount, I bet.) A per-mile pledge will help play up the distance element. In fact you could use humor and play yourself up as a newbie to ultramarathons... Who knows if you're going to make it 20 miles much less 50, but if they donate to your cause it'll help motivate you... especially after working so hard to graduate... etc. (just stories that help play up the "Rudy" underdog factor... Can I do it?? Only with your help!!).  Yeah, it'll take a little time to collect it afterward, but you could send a simple invoice in a note card (maybe include a copy of your race results). Even better, include a stamped envelope made out to the Y to make it that much easier for them to insert a check and mail it.  The cost of the stamps would be worth it.






    HAVE FUN with it, and best of luck.



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    3. Jul 11, 2009 7:00 AM (in response to zebUSCG)
    Re: Seeking an honest opinion? (RR)


    Nothing worth doing is easy






    If you ask for money and people don`t have it  they won`t give - it really is that simple - it`s not wrong to ask. Don`t be afraid to ask for a lot - people tend to just ask for $20 - Ask for $20 you`ll likley get $20 - ASK FOR $500 - you`ll probarbly get $100 -  once in a while someone will give you the $500. Remind everyone that their company may have a matching donation scheme and ask them to fill out the forms



    Ask you`re suppliers at your job and all the businesses you use - grocery store, bar , etc etc if they will sponsor you - You have a good cause and you beleive in it -






    Have your friends help you organise some fun raising events 






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