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Jul 11, 2009 9:58 AM

People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve

I only have one pet peeve when I run.  I HATE when someone is directly in front of me or behind me.  Maybe I'm weird, but I like my personal space.  The park where I run isn't crowded at all, there is plenty of room to spread out.  And I do my part!  I don't lurk over someone's shoulder, I either go ahead and pass them (if they are a little slower than me) or drop back and let them get some distance (if they are a little faster than me).  So why won't other people cooperate!  I HATE someone breathing down my neck or repeatedly passing, slowing down, passing, slowing down.  Does this drive anyone else crazy?






Today was a typical example.  I was running slowly but the gal up ahead of me was running even slower.  I was steadily closing the gap and figured I'd pass her and that would be that.  But when I was just a few feet behind her - and she became aware of me - she speeded up noticeably.  But it wasn't enough to put any distance between us because she only speeded up to my pace.  That left me hanging right behind her which I hate.  And since she was obviously a slower runner, I just went ahead and speeded up, passed her, and put some distance between us.  That should have been the end of it.  But no, this gal starts sprinting to catch up to me and then with an all out effort she passed me.  Wow!  Okay, then!  (and before I go any farther, let me say that she was obviously not an experienced runner doing fartleks or speed intervals.  She appeared to be a newer, struggling runner.)   I didn't care when she blew by me - fine, as long as you keep some distance between us, I don't care if it is behind me or in front of me.  But predictably she crashed about a minute later and I ran by her at an easy pace as she was walking along, gasping for breath.   I'm thinking, "yeah, I guess you showed me!"




Why do people do that?  I only ask because this happens a lot.  Men are the worst about this.  If you are a woman and you pass a man he WILL, I repeat WILL speed up and pass you.  And if he is unable to maintain that burst of speed (duh, if he could run that fast, he'd be running that fast, right?) then I WILL, I repeat WILL overtake him a few minutes later when he is hobbling along with a stitch in his side.  LOL 




I'm not out to engage in races, I just want to run in my happy place!   But then again I have the same problem in my car. I drive a Mustang and it is amazing how many people think that means I want to race.  I have thwarted many a would be drag racer who is gunning up next to me by suddenly braking and letting them zoom on ahead.  I guess I'm just a kill joy but I DON'T WANT TO RACE! 




Sorry, this was rambling.....I'd like to hear some other people's running peeves.

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    1. Jul 11, 2009 12:17 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    yup drives me mad too ... along with the people who run 3 or 4 abreast chatting and expect you to run around them as they approach instead of one of them dropping back and dog runners with their pooches on leashes that are 2 miles long and people with jogging strollers weaving about like drunk drivers and dog owners who think it`s Ok to let their dogs sniff and lick my legs ... seriously ... EW !






    I use water breaks to get rid of the runners who seem to wwant to run "with" me - or just ask them "do you want to run with me ? "  That either makes them drop back or at least engages them in a conversation so they become useful - I alsofoinf slowly passing someone tends not to enduce that competition sprint thing



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    2. Jul 11, 2009 12:28 PM (in response to spicegeek)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve

    I don't want to seem neurotic or distant or... - you name it - but I hate when people run close to me and chat! One thing at a time: you run OR you talk! If someone is so bored by running and need a social activity to sweeten the running effort, maybe they should consider seriously if they want to go on running or not

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    3. Jul 11, 2009 12:59 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    This thread really hit home with me so I had to get mine in there!  I just started running in March (C25K) and I ran my first 5k in May.  Well, I had this lady (with her dog on a retractable leash), from the very beginning of the race, who must have been using me as her pace car.  She would literally run for 30 seconds and then start walking, so I would get ready to pass her - just as I got up to her, she would start running again.  She would run fast enough that she would get a little bit ahead of me, and start walking again!  We played this game for about the first 2k, then she started letting her dog have more leash, so he was wandering all over the road.  Finally at about 3.5 k I left her *** in the dust and finshed about four minutes ahead of her (she must have really run out of gas).  But HOW ANNOYING!  And it was my first race - it threw me off really bad, I was just glad to finish. 



    By the way, today was my second event.  I was the running team member in a mini triathlon (800 yd swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run).  I loved it because everyone was so spread out.  I definitely like my space when I run!






    C25K - Started March 16 2009, Completed May 14 2009 

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    Oct 13, 2008
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    5. Jul 11, 2009 8:45 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    Haha! Mary your first post was so funny! 

    But so true!  Just last week I was running on the indoor track, which

    is only 3 lanes and 1/10 of a mile.  I always walk half a mile to warm

    up, and there was a man running pretty slow, I would guess 12

    min/mile.  When I started my run, I was going about 10 min/mile pace

    and went to pass him, and as soon as I did he, you guessed it, sped up!

    He ran right beside me in the lane next to me  for a lap or two, till I

    finally sped up and passed him! Then a lap later he was walking....



    I've never been fast enough in a 5K for someone to use me as their "pacer" but I can imaging how annoying that would be!!







    pet peeve I have is when I see people running in shoes that obviously

    aren't made for cheerleading shoes or "fashionable"

    tennis shoes that don't have any just makes me cringe

    thinking about the pain they will be in if they keep it up!



    ~Cristina~ (@mission262)

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    7. Jul 12, 2009 7:39 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    Not so much a pet peeve, but it has bugged me a bit...



    I'm out running the other day and this younger gal passes me in the opposite direction...wave, Hi, Howya doin'... And we move on.



    A few minutes later, we pass again, again going in opposite directions, again, wave, nod, Howay Doin'. And as she passes me she says "Good form."



    So I cruised along feeling pretty good for a few minutes. This younger gal thinks I have good form.  Woo-hoo!



    Then it hit me: what if she meant it not as a compliment, but as a reminder? Maybe I had hideous form, and she was politely advising me to do something towards improving it.



    Never saw her again, so I didn't get a chance to ask.



  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
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    8. Jul 12, 2009 8:10 AM (in response to Timbonole)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    Assume it's a compliment, but consider that she may not know what she's talking about.












  • Runnerndn Expert 45 posts since
    Jan 31, 2009
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    9. Jul 12, 2009 2:45 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve

    haha, that's happen to me a couple of times, one while i was just doing my run, and another, when I was running a half marathon a couple of months ago.  Well, i'll tell u bout the run incident.  I run a loop, it's 1.55 miles around, this was back i'd say around January or so.  That particular day, i was feeling a lil under the weaher, should'nt have run to begin with.  Anyways, that day, i ran 7 times around my loop, it added to just over 10.5 miles.  As i was completing the 6th lap, I passed a guy walking, ok, so, i'm running on the trail, among the trees, and i hear footsteps behind me, and turn, to notice it's the guy that was walking, he's about 30 feet behind me.  No biggie, figured he just started, but, as i stated, i wasn't feeling up to Par that day, lil aches here and there, start of a cold.  So, i just slowed down some, to let him pass me by, instead, i noticed, he was running maybe between 5 to 10 feet behind me now.  Now i realized he was pacing off of me, ugh, why didn't this guy try this like 3 or 4 laps back, not at the 9 mile mark or so.  So, i'm running very slow, and he's tailing me, a few feet back, talk bout annoyed now.  ANyways, i just opened up some, it was hard, considering i just wasn't 100% that day, I did hear this footsteps pick it up as well, for a 1/4 of a mile or so, finally, they faded away, I got to a point, a curve, where i could turn around, and see, and yes, he was no longer tailing me, he must've slowed or stopped.  See, i do understand where u r coming from, haha.

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    10. Jul 13, 2009 10:11 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    So how about this one...



    I was doing  10 x 800 meter repeats on the treadmill and had the speed up to over 10 miles an hour or about a 5:45 per mile pace.  The guy next to me looks over at my speed, puts his up to the same, and no joke...a few seconds later falls off the treadmill!!!  He got up quickly, wiped off his treadmill and proceeded to move to the free weight area.  Definitely made my last couple of repeats a little bit more enjoyable



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    11. Jul 13, 2009 10:23 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve

    My last half marathon there were three women who continually sprinted to get ahead of me, then would walk until I caught up with them.  I may be biased, but you could tell they weren't regular runners (designer sunglasses, lots of makeup, inappropriate clothes/shoes), but they seem determined to do these sprints to keep ahead of me.  It was so constant that it was becoming my focus and it was making me crazy.  I started to think of them as the three witches of Macbeth.  Anyway, I finally left them at mile 11 for good and was as overjoyed by THAT as anything about my time, which is silly I know.

  • Urbster Legend 760 posts since
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    12. Jul 13, 2009 10:41 AM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    All very annoying things, the run /walkers who stop right in front of you instead of to the side,  the  3 or 4 abreast runners, dog walkers, baby stollers in the front of the pack,  the chatters.   It kills me when I'm running as fast as I can in a race and I have to listen to someone elses conversation.  Why are you in a race if your not racing?  I've never seen any track or marathon racers on tv chatting it up.     BUT my biggest annoying pet peeve does not happen in a race, it happens practically every day.   It's the non-runner telling you how bad running is.  Yesterday a guy that probably ran once in his Keds and got shin splints and tried to tell me how no one should ever run on pavement and I'll be sorry.    My mother tries to talk me into walking instead saying it's so much safer, my husband will still add his 2 cents, my friends who smoke, my friends who are fat, co-workers, strangers.  Any time I'm out with an injury it's "See I told you so!"  And "You're going to pay for this when your older".  The only people who don't try ant talk me out of it are my running buddies.  I don't bring up that I'm running to anyone anymore I'm so sick of hearing about it.







  • Runnerndn Expert 45 posts since
    Jan 31, 2009
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    13. Jul 13, 2009 11:29 AM (in response to woodwoman)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve

    ha, ok, i got one similar to this story.  As i stated above, this happen to me, in a practice run, and a 1/2 marathon.  But only this time,like u, a person was determine to stay ahead of me.  Anyways, bout the 3 mile mark of a 1/2 marathon, a fellow ran up beside me, he look fit, more like he hit the gym alot more.  Anyways, we running side by side, til i feel he's slowing, so, go ahead and lead.  But, all of a sudden, he surges past me, runs well ahead of me i notice, probable up to 100 feet or more.  OK, this guy is a good runner, but, he then stops, and starts to walk. as i close in, i see him looking back at me, and then i as past him by, i notice he starts running again, probable just as i past by.  He runs with me again, and then he surges out again, same thing, 100 feet or more, for some time, then stops again, and starts walking.  I felt as though this guy was using me as his cue to start running again everytime i came by him.  It got somewhat annoying, this went on from bout mile 3 to around mile 10 or so.  Finally, the last time i came by him, he started running again, but this time, he never surged out, he ran just right in front of me, this was a sign to me, he was tiring out.  And he did stop, but i ran rigth by him as soon as he did.  He never came by me again.  When i finish the race, my time was 1:51, i stood around clapped for the other finishers, i did see him finish, and i clapped for him as well, his time was 1;58, if i can recall.  Funny, how some runners use other runners as motivation, pacers, etc.  Oh wells, just gotta deal with it, .

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    14. Jul 13, 2009 2:18 PM (in response to Marykb)
    Re: People are so funny - my running Pet Peeve


    I feel all of your pain! 



    I don't race much, and when I do it's in the woods, so the surgers are very annoying, since the trails are fairly narrow.



    However, my biggest pet peeve is when I am running through these gorgeous woods and I come across people smoking.  I have to run through their nasty haze and it's so gross!  Also, dogs seem to think I'm a salt lick...






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