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May 10, 2009
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Jul 21, 2009 2:05 PM

Motivation, where did you go?


+Cliff Notes:  I am having a hard time finding my motivation for my next half marathons.







I started running in October 2008, training for the Austin Half Marathon in February 2009.  Training was awesome, I (for the most part) had a lot of fun and found it very rewarding (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc).  I am a very intense person with high stress levels, and running has really helped me that! 



I have 3 more half marathons planned between October 2009 and February 2010 and am having a very difficult time finding that motivation again!  I feel like maybe I'm not as excited about it because I've already completed a HM, even though I think they are all a huge accomplishment and can't wait to complete many, many more races (including a full marathon one day).



Here is my running situation - it's hot, like very hot here so I've been running inside, which I hate! Once the weather cools down I plan to run outside, but I don't see that happening until about September.  I'm sure the treadmill has something to do with it, but I did about 3 of the 4 months training for my first half on a treadmill, so I'm used to it, or at least should be.



What do you guys do to find that motivation again?  I love running, I really do, just right now, I'm not enjoying it like I once did.  Is it normal to lose that steam after your first big running accomplishment?  I really do feel like this is just the beginning, but I need some help getting motivated again.  Any suggestions?



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    1. Jul 21, 2009 2:21 PM (in response to jen_stamps)
    Re: Motivation, where did you go?

    I hear you. That has happened to me. My dd12 and I started training for a Jan 2009 HM in June 2008. We did the HM, then did another HM on March 1st. Then I got sick with a horrible flu that took 2.5 months to leave me (no joke), then it was stop and go for me due to unmotivation, lazyness and life (including Jury Duty just when we had started back again!). So here we are working on our base to begin training again for a Jan 2010 HM.


    You just have to do something. We started with 30 min walks, then total body workouts (dvds), then more walks and then walk/runs...that's where we are now. Truth be told, we can't wait to get outside to do a 2 miler tomorrow.



    So, just do "something you like." The rest will come once your body is back in gear feeling the great endorphins produced by a working body.



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    2. Jul 21, 2009 2:42 PM (in response to jen_stamps)
    Re: Motivation, where did you go?

    IMO, you are showing signs of over training.  I think you need to work on getting more rest and work on that knee.  Your knee is telling you something is wrong.  Icing them will relieve the symptoms but not the cause. 


    I love to run too, but not at the expense of rest.  I do not know your schedule, but you may consider more rest days (to sleep in) so that your runs on other days could be better.  You may even want to take a few days off from running to relax and heal your knee.  You still have plenty of training time for your next race.  To beat the heat I usually run at 4AM or run in a gym.



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    3. Jul 22, 2009 3:57 PM (in response to jen_stamps)
    Re: Motivation, where did you go?

    in a  I know that might sound dumb, but i had an injury and was feeling pretty down and scared that I wouldn't find my motivation or be able to continue training for my 1/2...I bought 2 says 13.1 and one says "endure" and I wear them every day.  I look at them often and use them to help remember what my goal is.  It has helped tremendously.  I got them at and if you put active in the coupon code, you'll get a discount.  I bragged so much on another thread that a few people ordered them.  They are very nice.


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    4. Jul 23, 2009 1:40 PM (in response to jen_stamps)
    Re: Motivation, where did you go?

    You need a change - pick a differant training plan that maybe has a challenging run like sprints once a week - or has less running and cross training - find some new cross training that you enjoy   - set a goal ( reasonable ) for your next race and look up the training pac es on the mcmillian calculator to reach that goal and train accordingly - it will give you focus

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