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Aug 28, 2009
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Aug 28, 2009 4:14 PM

Sore Knees - W3D1


I've been searching this site and online to try and find some info on this, as I'm sure it's been asked a zillion times......but I will ask again anyway - there's so much information out there!



I'm 43 yrs old, not overweight, have been exercising regularly for over 4 years - but have never, ever been a runner - but have always wanted to be!  I quit smoking in January of this year and thought now would be a great time to try and run. I found the Couch to 5K program and thought it would be great. Week 1 went well, week 2 went well until day 3 - I started to feel soreness around my knees, but mostly right below my knees. They were still sore the next day, and the next so I took the day off when I was supposed to start Week 3. I did Week3 day 1 this morning. My knees immediately got sore - not like "oh this is horrible I have to stop" more like my knees saying " why are you doing this to us". As I continued through the workout, I did not notice the pain as much. This evening there is stil some soreness tho.



Question - how do I know if it's just some normal, I'm new to running soreness/pain or if it's something I really need to not run through? I'm so excited about doing this running I don't want to stop. I thought the Week3 3 minute interval would be impossible, but I did them both!! I want to be a runner!



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    1. Aug 28, 2009 7:03 PM (in response to Super3xMom)
    Re: Sore Knees - W3D1

    Hi!  I also feel your pain.  I started to feel knee pain (under the knee cap) when I started training for my 1st half marathon.  I found that IT bands work when I run short distances.  They can be purchased online or at any local running store.  Once I get into longer distances the pain is still there even with the bands on.  Also, go to a shoe store that specializes in running shoes.  They can professionally fit your foot according to your running type (over pronate, supinate) and they will look at your arches.  You can also check out  They have a ton of info on finding the right shoe for your running type.  I hope this helps!

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    2. Aug 28, 2009 10:43 PM (in response to Super3xMom)
    Re: Sore Knees - W3D1

    More than likely, it is just soreness from your new routine.  What would I do??? Ice, Ice Baby!!.  Ice that sucker down right after the run, and periodically through the rest of the day and the next day.  Same thing after every run.  Ice will help keep the swelling down until you get used to it.  As a matter of fact, I overdid it last night and I have an ice pack on right now.

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    3. Aug 31, 2009 9:11 AM (in response to thedevotedrunner)
    Re: Sore Knees - W3D1


    Hi!! I also started to "Feel the burn" on W2D3 and especially after W3D1. It's been three days and my knees are still a bit sore, the left one taking the gold medal, however.



    I'd like to do Day 2 of Week 3 this afternoon, but will take it really slowly. The rest of my body seems good to go: lungs, heart, etc. It's my friggin' knees that are protesting the deal. I'm 41, 5'-7 1/2", 178 lbs. Yeah, I'm a bit overweight, but hey, that's why I'm doin' this.



    I did resort to an icepack the other night and it really did help. Many others also say to take some ibuprofen in addition to the ice, frozen bags of peas, etc. Nobody earns a black belt in one month, do they? Nope!



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