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  • Gregorykicks Rookie 6 posts since
    Sep 22, 2009
    I'm going to run a little later today, and I'm really looking forward to it because I GOT SHOES!! I bought some saucony guide 2s and I'm looking forward to a run! I have to run on a treadmill just in case I have some issues with them, but I ran in the store and they picked them for me and I tried them and they felt good, so hope they'll perform well today.  I've got one of my friends to run with me so hopefully she'll keep me motivated and vice-versa
  • Gregorykicks Rookie 6 posts since
    Sep 22, 2009
    I don't know how you guys are losing weight!  Il ran yesterday and then ate 2 large bowls of turkey chili, and polished it of with a turkey sandwich and a small bowl of strawberry ice cream... I couldn't get full... and it seems to be a pattern everytime reminds me of when I was growing a couple inches a month
  • AmandaJCD Amateur 11 posts since
    Sep 21, 2009

    Hey Megan


    I think one of the problems with no one posting lately is that the site upgrades are causing some issues with certain browsers.  I had to load up IE just to get the "reply" button to load up.  I've used Firefox with this site with no problem up until now, and if I have to continue to use IE to navigate it I'm afraid I'll end up leaving because, really, IE is just too clunky and slow for me to use on any consistent basis.


    On to C25K!


    I did Week 3 Day 1 yesterday.  I had to drop my speed from 5MPH to 4.5MPH on the running sections because either I"m getting sick or I don't know what but even on W2D3 I was gasping for breath at the last two intervals whereas I was fine although exhausted on day 2 and iffy but still not gasping on day 1.


    So when I was gasping for breath on the first 90-second interval for Week 3?  Yep, time to take it down a notch.  It might be purely psychological at this point (3 minute intervals = SCARY!), but that said, I got through the whole thing, two 90-second runs and two 3-minute runs.


    I think for days 2 and 3 I will up the speed a bit incrementally because I'd like to keep on with the 5MPH speed, but if that doesn't work I'll just keep tortoising along at 4.5.


    And Greg, LOL on the weight loss stuff!  See, I just finally dipped below 150 this weekend.  I think some of it could have to do with my age and current eating habits, though.  I count calories like a maniac, so although I'll hit my top of my calorie range on days I'm running, I stop there and am still working at a caloric deficit for the day


    Have a good one, folks!

  • Linda48170 Amateur 30 posts since
    Apr 13, 2009

    Hi everyone,


    Just checking in to say that today I started on Week 1 Day 1 AGAIN. I should be on Week 3 Day1. Yep. I guess I really was

    a true couch potato. But it seems to me that I should be able to run 60 seconds comfortably before moving onto week 2,

    which involves  stepping up to running for 90 seconds at a time. Am I right about that?



    So anyway...started over today with  Week 1 Day 1 again.  Actually did feel much better running the 60 seconds. 

    Husband also is still running with me. He is the one who asks soon after we get up in the morning if I've got my

    running shoes on. Imagine that. In the past he has never wanted to walk with me or do any kind of exercise thing...even

    walk the dog for long. I guess running is his thing. 


    Everyone, have a great day!



  • AmandaJCD Amateur 11 posts since
    Sep 21, 2009



    Re: being comfortable running 60 seconds at a time before moving up to 90 seconds at a time.. well, I guess it's maybe an individual thing?


    Before I go on, I have to say that I hate running.  I loathe it.  I despise it with every fiber of my being.  It makes me sweat.  It's hard for me to breathe.  And it's difficult to read or watch TV while doing it.  So... no, not a fan of running here.


    I'm doing this basically to see if I can, and to see if with repeated exposure I change my mind about running.  The cardio benefits don't hurt either, for sure.  It's good for me.


    Like spinach.  And peas.


    Note:  I'm thirty-nine years old and although I will occasionally choke down spinach, I still won't eat peas.  You can't make me do it.  I flatly refuse.  That level of immaturity aside...


    You might remember I had been doing 60-second intervals for awhile before starting C25K (probably 1 or 2x a week for a month), but I had 4 minutes in between them and was running a combined total of 5 minutes.  So Week 1 wasn't too bad for me, especially by the end of Day 3.  It wasn't what I'd describe as "comfortable", but it wasn't terrible.  Week 2, on the other hand, was challenging all three days, and I truly wasn't sure if I was even ready for Week 3 because Week 2 actually got worse on Day 3!


    I went ahead with Week 3 yesterday though, and even though I had to slow my running speed I made it through even the three-minute intervals, which were scaring the daylights out of me.


    So my thought would be to go ahead and try Week 2, because well, nothing ventured nothing gained   But you know your body better than anyone else here, so ultimately it's your call.  What is working for me might be the totally wrong move for you.


    Regardless, have a good one!

  • Linda48170 Amateur 30 posts since
    Apr 13, 2009

    Hi everyone,


    Did Day 2 of Week 1 this morning...repeating Week 1 for the 3rd time.  Well...this morning a doubt crept into my mind. I thought...while huffing and puffing 45 seconds into the  60 I really going to ever be able to run for 30 whole minutes? After all, I told myself, I am 62! Maybe that's older than I thought.  I don't feel old, I don't look old, I don't act old...but maybe my body IS old...well at least older than I thought.  Maybe people my age can't just go out and start a running program. Maybe I should stick to walking...


    Well......that's what I was thinking THEN.  Now I'm back to being determined to do it.  I will run the 5K. I will do it and have a party to celebrate afterwards.  Yep. That's the plan.  Meanwhile, my husband, who is my age and  has up to this point been a real couch potato, is running circles around me. Now, I find out, he used to run in college..


    Anybody know of any good running books for older beginning runners????


    Good luck everyone as you continue the C25K!



  • Linda48170 Amateur 30 posts since
    Apr 13, 2009

    Hi everyone...


    Today I did Week 1 day 3...this is my 3rd week One.  Went pretty well today, actually it went great.


    Before leaving the house I:


    took an Aleve (hey I'm a grandma)

    ate my Access Bar (fat coversion energy bar) and drank some water

    put on my magnetic ankle wrap (ankle was broken several years ago..don't want to take chances...)

    did some stretches


    Then hit the street. This time, today, I slowed down and did not try to keep up in any way with my husband...and that very slow pace worked well for me. I did not feel like collapsing at the end of the  60 seonds. To anyone peeking out their window I probably looked kind of like a grandma I felt good for the entire time...even running up the big hill--well it's big to me, you can't see cars coming over it--I felt pretty good I also made it a point to run on the side of the road, on the grassy part most of the way and that helped too.


    Anyway next week I'm moving on to Week 2, going for the 90 second running intervals. 


    I hope you are all having a  wonderful day!



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