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MugsyMac Amateur 29 posts since
Dec 14, 2007
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Sep 20, 2009 6:16 PM

Did Anyone Start C25K Today, 9/20? I Did! Let's Support Each Other!


I'm not sure where I fit into this "Newbie" forum but gosh darn it, I know I do. 



Here are the uncomfortable (but honest) stats of yours truly:



I'm a 37 yr old female.



I'm extremely overweight and definitely belong in the 200lbs+ area.



I've been working on losing weight for 5 weeks now and I'm doing well.



I started C25K today with my fiance' and it was challenging and wonderful. I've done it one other time (complete the 9 weeks) about 3 1/2 yrs ago but never did a 5k.



I want more than anything to become a runner and feel great. I always have and I'm finally doing it just for me.




Anyone else want to join me in my quest for success? The more the merrier!



Happy Running!






Stuff About Me:

5/2/11 RNY Gastric Bypass surgery (the day my life changed forever!)

Completed Races:

9/18/11 Saratoga Palio (my first 5k)

10/2/11 The ROC 5k Run

10/22/11 The Great Pumpkin 5k

Upcoming Races:

5/5/13 Twin Lights Half Marathon

  • twistingpath Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009


    I started it today.  47, 5'8", weight in the 150's with no medical problems, but I want to firm up and get strong and build endurance, so figure it is now or never.  LOL.  Walking my husky just isn't cutting it anymore, and with the cooler weather, he wants to run.  I'm a bit unconvinced I'll be able to do this--I ran when I was a kid, and then injured my knee, developed Osgood-Schlatter.  Back in those days, they made a kid stop EVERYTHING. My life became sad, and I never got back to running.  I have a 5k on October 10th but obviously that is too soon to do anything but mostly walk it, which is fine as it is more a fun one. But in the Spring are several 5k's and I'd love to actually run an entire one instead of the half-walk, half-lopey-jog I have been doing.



    Hopefully this will work.  I so hope.







  • Ware713 Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009

    I am starting C25K tomorrow morning. I just turned 34 years old, am pushing 200lbs., and just want to hold off on my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Before reading what you all wrote, I was thinking maybe I should just start walking first. But, you all have motivated me to start the program just as it is written. I am curious to know if you are supposed to eat a certain way while following the C25K? For example, do we decrease carbs, increase carbs, etc? This is new to me, but I really do want to run a 5k. I also want to lose weight, firm up, and become as healthy as I can be. Thanks for the motivating words and I look forward to you helping me and vice versa.


    I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!




  • twistingpath Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009

    Hi Megan and Veleka...






    The 5k I'm doing next month is more for fun and grinswe have a group of people, mostly my 20 year old daughter and her friends, doing a team walk for children with cancer.  I just looked at my city's running organization and it looks like there's one or more runs a month...being in Texas, the summer months are horrid so I am really happy to be starting this now when things are cooling down.  My husky boy is 2 years old and high energy...I know he is going to LOVE this once I get going enough.  I am not sure I did the first day rightkinda hard without a watch. LOL.  I will get one tomorrow and make Tuesday be more on-target. Also need to print out the information.




    I love walking long distances with my dog, so it makes me antsy to just stop, but I know pushing it will ruin it.  I'll just have to try hard to behave! LOL. 




    Foodwise--I don't know.  I eat lots of fruit, fresh veggies and lean meats and healthy fats, gave up sodas first of the year, avoid all frankenfoods and HFCS...but, I don't do any sort of calorie counting, or anything of that nature. Might have to, not sure!   I'm going to poke around the forum and see what others have said.


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  • Ware713 Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009


    Well Megan, I DID IT! I missed about three minutes of the running/walking, but overall, I am very proud of myself. For someone who has not gotten on the treadmill in a while, I did pretty darn good. It was really not as hard as I thought it would be. Kind of like riding a bike. I'm putting it nicely! At one point, I thought my heart was going to beat out my chest, but I am proud that I did not stop!



    I know the instructions say to rest in between the routines, but I would like to do some weight training too. I'm not talking about body building..HA! HA!, but I would like to lift some weights to help firm and add muscle. I did not know if this was something I can or should do since the instructions say to specifically rest. If that is not possible, could I just walk on my treadmill on the off days? As you can see, I am still trying to learn the does and dont's.



    Let me know how your second day goes!






  • Ware713 Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009


    Hey Twistingpath! I think it is great that you are running in a 5k! Please let us know about your progress. Unfortunately, a lot of the runs in my town are winding down. I don't know if it is just this time of year, but I will have to do somemore investigating on that. I think it is great that you are running with your daughter. If your gonna be together, why not sweat together, right?



    I wrote earlier that I completed Day 1 today and I feel pretty good about doing it. It was a little challenge and I skipped maybe 3 minutes of the workout by not running, but just walking. Overall, I am proud of myself for completing the full 20 minutes. I will have to find some new recipes for healthier meals, especially meats and vegetables. I will have research the different forums and see what I can come up with. I already drink plenty of water because I always have. I have never been a big soda or anything else drinker! That's one thing I have in my favor. Now, if I can tweak my diet, I will be all set!






  • CarrieNixon Pro 119 posts since
    Sep 5, 2009

    Hey Megan!  Congrats on starting the c25k!!!  You'll have to visit the 200lbs+ group too... many of us are just starting out too.  I'm only on Week2.  I did it once last week, so I'll do the whole week this time.  Not too bad, but some shin pain.  Better than sitting on the couch, right?

    Visit my blog @

    WEEK  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    Began September 7, 2009

  • AmandaJCD Amateur 11 posts since
    Sep 21, 2009


    Hi all  -- I'm glad I found this thread!  I started W1D1 yesterday myself



    For the basics, I'm 39 years old, and around 150 pounds down from 200 in the summer of 2006.  I managed to lose the first fifty-five by counting calories, but regained some (obviously, for those of you doing the math), then lost it, then quit smoking and GAINED again, LOL.  I'm losing again (still not smoking -- 6 months!), but I know I need to be more active and the last 2-3 months I've been working out pretty steadily with both my cardio and resistance exercises. 



    I saw the C25K information back when I started the exercising and tried W1D1 once and ended up giving out after 2 repetitions and decided to just walk.  I've now got my walking endurance up to 2 hours, although most days I do an hour to 90 minutes 5-6 days per week.  I do 5-10% inclines for a portion of that, and I've also been putting in some running intervals over these past two months so when I did the first day yesterday I was able to make it to the end -- yay!!



    By nature I'm a total couch potato, so this should be interesting I have never, ever been anything even remotely resembling an athlete, and I'm really curious to see just what my body is capable of doing!



  • Linda48170 Amateur 30 posts since
    Apr 13, 2009





    I just started today, the 21st.  I'm a grandma! and happy to be one!  I'm 62, a Weight Watcher, weigh 138 lbs currently and going for 130 or so.     I"ve been walking for an hour most days for months, but decided to run.  So today was the first day on this plan, which I thought sounded relatively easy and doable...I discovered that I am more of a couch potato than I thought even though I've been walking 3 miles/day on 5-6 days of the week!  Phew! But afterwards I felt great. Looking forward to keeping up with everyone's progress and being accountable here. 



  • twistingpath Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009

    Hi guysI am on itunes right now, downloading some of the Couch to 5k podcasts and checking out which one I like best. There is one that is without musicmay make my son put music to it for me. He can use a project. LOL. But checking these out first.


    Forgot to add earlier I've lost 72 lbs. in the last four at goal and look fine and dandy with clothes but oy I know how jiggly I still am. LOL.  I am also a bit tired...sluggishy. Am optimistic this will help.



    I'm probably going to start anew on this once I get a podcast I like--my first attempt was kinda rocky on the treadmill. I will be switching to the street at least until I can get going longer.  This way too my husky can participate. He needs it, bad! LOL.  Lazy people should not get high energy dogs (but I adore him and he is good for me, lol).



    I don't want to play ball, I want to RUN!



  • twistingpath Amateur 17 posts since
    Sep 20, 2009


    NEVER TOO LATE!  That's what I am believing! So what if I am 47, and you are 62 and yeah!



    I better get to work. Looking forward to saying Hey morefeeling very positive about this. LOLI went out with a friend yesterday and had pasta, my first this year--was sooo worried...lost a lb. WEIRD.  Long as I stay under 155 I am a happy girl...though it will be interesting to see what developing muscles do to the weight.



    Come on, let's go running!





  • MariMack Rookie 1 posts since
    Sep 21, 2009


    Hi everyone!



    So glad to see this thread!  I'm 24 and a competitive horse back rider but need to increase my cardio fitness (and can certainly afford to tone up quite a bit!  I haven't run since high school, so I'm starting over!  I hope you all will keep me accountable!! 



    Good luck to all of you!



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