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Oct 12, 2009
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Oct 12, 2009 9:18 PM

iphone apps for running

Just wanted to share running apps with people. I love Running Log. It doesn't have the GPS recording ability, but I don't run with my iPhone anyway. The app replaces my paper running log, and I find that I am better about recording my runs since it's so easy. Any other highly recommended running apps?
  • AlmostaRunner Amateur 18 posts since
    Oct 13, 2009
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    1. Oct 13, 2009 8:11 AM (in response to brooke123abc)
    Re: iphone apps for running
    The best iPhone app for running is the iPod app. Haha. Seriously though, you can get free music podcasts designed for running. Its really helped me step up my game. I'm sure there are a ton out there if you search iTunes. Personally i use MotionTraxx.
  • Soopa Rookie 4 posts since
    Sep 4, 2009
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    2. Oct 14, 2009 12:24 PM (in response to brooke123abc)
    Re: iphone apps for running
    Definitely check out RunKeeper.  I use the free version, which is good enough for me.  What I usually do is create a playlist which has a total play time of however long I want to run.  Then when it's time to run, I start playing the playlist and then launch RunKeeper.  When the playlist finishes and I'm done running, RunKeeper uploads my times and a map of where I ran, and sends out a Twitter update to my friends.  Pretty cool!
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    Aug 3, 2009
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    3. Oct 14, 2009 3:05 PM (in response to brooke123abc)
    Re: iphone apps for running

    I have tried a few different iphone apps for running:

    • Runkeeper Free - Free - This is the free version of Runkeeper - This program allows you to track your pace based on your gps position. If you have your music playing your playlist before you start this program, it will keep playing it. The features work well enough that made me want to purchase the Runkeeper Pro.
    • Runkeeper Pro - $9.99 - This is the paid version of RunKeeper - This program allows you to add voice cues to your run.  You can create your own training programs, 2 min slow, 8 min Fast, 1 mile Steady.  As you reach these goals, a voice will come on during your music and prompt you with distance and where your next goal is.  The program allows you to set a playlist to play music from, so when you press start, it will play something from that playlist.  ( - if you read the reviews for this, it hails this program as the Nike+ for the iphone, and while there may be a few features missing (power song being the biggest feature I miss), it's a great program.
    • Strands - Free - This program is 2 apps in one.  It is a social program, so you can message people about how far you've run, etc, and you can also track your pace.  The interface is a bit confusing, and it took me a few minutes to find the app.  Also it appears that the weather data is inaccurate, it likes to tell me that it's freezing outside, when it really isn't. The playlist feature in this program caused the program to crash
    • iTrail - This is a great little app that just records gps data.  It tracks speed, distance, and elevation changes.  It allows you to export your trip data and upload it to google or some other point so you can mark out how far/fast you ran. Play music first, then launch this program. the gps will only record the data while the program is active. Also this program allows you to adjust how frequent the gps records the data, to help with the battery life. - Purchased for about $2.99


    Tips for using the GPS: Turn off the wifi on your phone. This will help with the accuracy.

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    4. Oct 14, 2009 5:04 PM (in response to brooke123abc)
    Re: iphone apps for running
    I also just wanted a good running log to record my workouts. I tried a few, but find Running Log (for $.99) to be the one I have ended up using. I like that I can name the routes and indicate the type of run. All notes appear as icons on the calendar so that it's easy to get a picture of my workout trends at a glance. I recommend it!

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