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Nov 1, 2009
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Nov 4, 2009 7:13 AM

C25K starting 11/4 -- 200+ lbs guy, flat feet!

I admit, I've been lurking -- listening and learning to people's anecdotes, plans, and successes. Not only has it been enlightening, but it's been pretty inspiring!


So, after a bit of ruminating and, ultimately, basic gear-purchasing, I engaged on my first day of C25K, armed with the C25K iPhone app, a nice playlist, a pair of brand new New Balance sneakers (1011s for my flat-footed weightiness), and sale-price shorts & tops. And, off I went!


On the whole, it went pretty well. I wasn't overly winded, but I did feel nicely, lightly pushed. If I had any problem, frankly, it was the pounding my feet and shins were taking. New sneakers, sure, and a pair specifically build to make me run/walk in a manner different from my everyday gait. But, ouch! Does that aspect, along with the stamina and potential weight loss, ever improve?


(Also, started off a little chilly-- Might need to consider something other than shorts, or at least grab some light gloves. Recommendations?)

11/4: C25K start - 235 lbs.

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    Nov 4, 2009
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    1. Nov 4, 2009 2:10 PM (in response to CaptionBox)
    Re: C25K starting 11/4 -- 200+ lbs guy, flat feet!

    I'm female but have the same problem. Super flat feet. I had some major arch issues in my first few months of running outside and it took a long time to heal.

    It's all been better since I have lost some weight but  I just figure my extra aches and pains will start to go away as I'm losing more. I'm sure my body gets a good pounding

    with every step that I take but I just want to keep going. Running at 150lbs must be totally different than at 200lbs. I also chose New Balance - I sound like a spokesperson for them sometime. But I think it makes all the difference for running with a)flat feet and b)being heavier and needing a stability shoe.

    Runner since 2009.

    I used to run to get faster, but got tired of pushing it, panting and feeling disappointed.

    Now I run to relax and enjoy, around a 12:30 - 13:00 average pace.

    Starting to get into trail running - way slower, but highly enjoyable.

    Try to run 15-20mi per week and spin 4-7 times per week.

    Best race paces:

    1 mile - 10:12

    5K - 11:34

    4mi - 11:32

    10K - 11:15

    Half Marathon - 13:20

    I wear New Balance running gear (they have many choices in XXL, size 18).

    I wear Moving Comfort heavy duty bras.

    I wear New Balance 769/760/860 for stability and cushion.

    I wear New Balance 904 for trails.

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    Nov 3, 2009
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    2. Nov 4, 2009 3:05 PM (in response to CaptionBox)
    Re: C25K starting 11/4 -- 200+ lbs guy, flat feet!

    I started my c25k yesterday... I am 215, 6'1", and I have to say, there is some definite soreness. I don't really have any advice, because I am new too, but I am sure the pain lessens with time, right? It has to, otherwise why would people keep doing this!! Keep on truckin, I will too... Good luck.

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    4. Nov 5, 2009 7:22 AM (in response to CaptionBox)
    Re: C25K starting 11/4 -- 200+ lbs guy, flat feet!

    congrats on starting!


    I am a shade over 6 ft. and my weight is comparable to yours- I just did the W5D3 run this morning- it's the  first 20 minute run that most of us eagerly anticipate/dread


    some advice?

    you will get here soon enough-so JUST do the prescibed workouts- absolutely resist any urge to tinker with them, simply do exactly what is called for in each work out


    If you are at all like me- the first wek or so will seem a bit beneath you-and you will have the urge to add a little to the workouts- just don't do it- TRUST the program


    Also--, I found a basic,easy stretch  took care of the foot/shin/ankle/heel thing- here is what you do


    FIRST thing in the morning-BEFORE you get out of bed-lay flat on your back under the covers- your legs are nice and warm- keep your knees straight-and  bend your ankles and pull your toes back towardes your knees-hold that for 10 seconds- relax for 10 seconds-and repeat fror 10 sets


    try to do the same thing 3-4 times through the day-you can do it sitting in a chaijust lean back and lock your knees straight in front of you-and  flex the ankle and pull the toes back


    you will feel a stretch-maybe even an itching in your heel-and you will feel tension across the top of your foot and the front of your ankle/shins


    within 2-3 weeks,all your shin,ankle,heel problems will be gone-at least mine were.


    also- you are a big guy- take care of yourself-ice your knees down for 10-15 minutes after a run-it REALLY helps


    I am starting week six and I don't have to ice my knees or take any anti-imflamatories now- but I still do-additionally I am wearing braces on both knees which made a tremendous difference.- no discomfort at all,now-to speak of- but W3-4 my knees were bothering me a bit after runs walking up or down stairs.


    take it slow, do the workouts EXACTLY as prescribed and it will all fall into place for you faster than you can imagine


    TRUST the workout- they really get you there!


    Best wishes,


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    Nov 3, 2009
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    5. Nov 6, 2009 9:29 AM (in response to SMARIETTA)
    Re: C25K starting 11/4 -- 200+ lbs guy, flat feet!

    Good advice on the stretching... I did day 2 yesterday, followed with some stretches and feel much better today than after the first day. Any incline does magnify the soreness, I agree with that too...

    I can't seem to find a 5k to run in January, anyone know of any located in the Ulster/Orange county area of NY?? I don't see any listed here... 

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