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RR San Antonio Marathon, November 15, 2009

We drove down to SA after work on Friday and headed to the expo at the Alamo Dome.  It was pretty well organized compared to last year.  One strange thing was that Alamo Dome security wouldn’t let people bring bottles of water inside.  Do they think they are TSA or something?


Bib, packet and t shirt pickup were no problem.  Compared to last year there were a lot more booths and a lot more samples of stuff.  They didn’t have the concert stage set up in the middle of the expo this year.  I had to beg to get a map of the starting area layout.  I don’t know why they weren’t handing these out.  Getting to the start was a fiasco last year I thought they would want everyone to be well informed.  Marathoners received a black, short sleeve tech shirt, halfathoners got a similar red shirt.


We went back to the expo on Saturday to pick up packets with Parvaneh’s brother and daughter.  RnR would let us pick up their packet on Friday.  Saturday was a little more crowded than Friday evening but not bad compared to other huge races.


About 32,000 people signed up with 20,021 Halfathon finishers and 6,813 Marathon Finishers.  They had 34 corrals.  The start area stretched for about ¾ of a mile.  We had to walk about that far from where we were dropped off.


At the 7:30AM start temps were mid 60s and got up into the high 70s by the afternoon.  Humidity was around 94%.  It was relatively cloudy until about 3 hours into the race.


Given the conditions I planned to cruise without worrying about speed or time and started two corrals further back than my assigned corral.  Parvaneh’s plan was to ensure that her daughter finished.


The course is point to point.  Not much shade, but wide enough for all the runners.   Water/medical stations were about every 1.5 miles.  The course is relatively flat, with a small hill right before the finish (thanks!).  Cytomax was the energy drink and was nearly always full strength.  Spectators handed out Guinness at mile 3 or 4 and then there was Lone Star at mile 23.  I actually enjoyed the race despite the conditions.  I poured significant amounts of water over my head and I asked volunteers to throw cups of water in my face.  I tried to encourage runners who weren’t feeling the love.  The halfathoners merged back with the marathoners at mile 24 or so and I really started cheering for them.  I somehow managed a 10 minute mile despite jogging and shouting out encouragement.  I saw a runner going down just before the last hill.  He was being held up by another runner but it looked like he was down for the count.   I managed to finish in 4:10.  That seems odd to me because last week at a cooler Fort Worth Marathon I had a 4:12.  The post race area was well supported and functioned smoothly.


After the 5 hour mark I headed back toward the finish to get pictures of the Parvaneh group finishing.  Unfortunately, her daughter had a muscle pop around mile 3.  This was because of a fall she took while walking to the start.  They struggled through the race but finished strong, smiling and triumphant in 6:43.


Next Up:  Our FIRST 50 mile race, Warda Cardiac Endurance Trail, Saturday, November 21, Bluff Creek Ranch near Austin.

Lies Spectators tell Marathoners:   1) Last Hill!    2) Almost there!  3) You look great!

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