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Nov 29, 2009 6:16 AM

Anybody Run-Commuting?

I live about 6.5 miles from my office. Over the past few months, I've toyed with the idea of run-commuting. I've been stymied mostly by logistical concerns, but I think I've finally worked them out (for the most part).


This morning I did a test run as a proof-of-concept. I loaded up a CamelBak Rim Runner with my work shoes, a dress shirt, slacks, undergarments, socks, belt, towel, and toiletries and headed out. I removed the bladder on the CamelBak and opted for a handheld Ultimate Direction water bottle for fluids. The final loadout on the CamelBak was about 9.2 pounds.


It took me about 1:05 to get to the office, at which point I refilled my water bottle and headed back. The return trip took about 1:07. The CamelBak was noticable, but the bounce was negligible (one of my biggest concerns), particularly after I made some on-the-run adjustments.


When I do this for real, I'll shave at home, then run to the nearby Jewish Community Center (where I have a gym membership) to shower and then walk over to work (about a quarter-mile). After work, I'll either suit up and run back home or take the bus. The bus commute takes the same amount of time as a run-commute, as it turns out.


If I had the option of renting a locker at the JCC, I'd just leave a week's worth of clothes there every Sunday and then carry far less in my CamelBak. Since that's not an option, I have to lug my clothes with me. I'm also fortunate enough to have an office with a fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. That means I can bring in lunch stuff once a week and fix my lunch at work.


At this point, I'm not going to do this every day (I'm not sure my body can handle it -- yet). Maybe once or twice a week for starters, but more often as my fitness improves.


Anybody else doing this? Any tips? Suggestions?



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    1. Nov 29, 2009 7:44 AM (in response to dwm082)
    Re: Anybody Run-Commuting?

    I "run commute" but it's only 2 miles to school and I usually only do it when I have one meeting. I'll get the okay from whoever I'm meeting with to show up sweaty and in unprofessional then run to the meeting, have the meeting, and run home. One thing I'd consider is stashing a set of critical items in your desk like an extra pair of pants or a shirt in case you somehow forget them. Also, it's not as great as a shower, but in a pinch (e.g. JCC is closed), baby wipes work pretty well and would be easy to stash in your desk. I'm sure you'll get lots of great suggestions. Thanks for sharing what you've already learned

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    2. Nov 29, 2009 7:58 AM (in response to DCtoPgh)
    Re: Anybody Run-Commuting?

    I would love to run to work (only being 3 miles away) but alas, our winding, hilly, country roads are not really safe for foot travel. I was even tempted to begin biking to work but have seen a few accidents with bicyclist because people are generally rude in the morning hour commute. Probably just safer to stick with my usual morning run routines over at the park. (My Blog)

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    3. Nov 29, 2009 9:21 PM (in response to dwm082)
    Re: Anybody Run-Commuting?

    I live close to my work and have considered it. Although...I would be able to do it only one way (from work to home) and on an occasional basis. My employer doesn't provide convenient showers or lockers, so I would need to arrange for a ride to work on those days.


    If anyone has been successfully running with a laptop computer, I'd also be interested in learning from their experience. In addition to the extra weight (5.5 lb for mine, in addition to whatever else I've stuffed in the backpack) I'm concerned that the hard drive would not respond well to repeated impact, even when turned off. I do have a Targus laptop-friendly backback with an internal Velcro strap to hold the computer in place, but it can still slide around some; that backpack is designed for walking rather than running. Suggestions?

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    4. Nov 30, 2009 3:45 AM (in response to dwm082)
    Re: Anybody Run-Commuting?

    I live two miles from work, so can do this pretty often. I seem to have it pretty easy though. My work provides showers and lockers. I keep anything i need in my locker, and i wear a uniform so that's taken care of for me. I don't really like having a backpack on me, so i keep it as light as possible. When i do have to wear my own clothes i put them in ziploc bags to help them not wrinkle, amd minimize the space taken up. I can't really think of any other suggestons. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

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