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Dec 15, 2009 9:20 AM

Hitting a discouraging point and need advice

Hi, I am new to running and trying the c25k program. I am on week 4 and have hit a brick wall. Everything to here has been slightly challenging, but within 4 to 5 workouts I could feel myself getting better and doing well. Now at week 4, being 5 workouts in I feel like I am not getting better, but worse. By the end of the workout I am struggling to stay on my feet. I have tried dialing back the speed and bringing down my percentage grade, but am still really struggling by the end. Any advice? I really enjoy running and don't want to become so discouraged that I quit.




  • spicegeek Community Moderator 2,563 posts since
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    1. Dec 15, 2009 11:15 AM (in response to jkb5323)
    Re: Hitting a discouraging point and need advice

    1. take a week or 2 off - use the bike or eliptical for 40 mins - 1 hours instead

    2. I assume you are using treadmill - forget the incline

    3. Make sure you are hydrated before the workout

    4. Make sure you have fuel - eat a banana or a granola bar about 1 hour before the workout

    5. somedays you feel better than others runa t the pace you feel on the day

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    3. Dec 17, 2009 10:10 AM (in response to jkb5323)
    Re: Hitting a discouraging point and need advice

    I think ALL of us feel discouraged from time to time.  This mortal coil I guess.  It helps me to look at the big picture, that I am "doing it" and that that in itself is huge even if I'm not going as far or fast as I used to or I want to or my training plan indicates I need to be going.  Also I look at some of the elites and even they seem to feel discouraged and they ROCK the road.


    Those other suggestions above are awesome.  I have found for me especially nutrition and hydration, and the longer you have been running it seems the more crucial it is.  I had two pints of coors light for dinner Tuesday night.  Guess how I felt on my Wed 5:30 a.m. 5.5 mile tempo run? Granted that's an extreme.  I've gotten overall more in touch with my body now and I can see the glycemic rush coming and know when that crash is going to kick in, and I can eat better carbs to compensate if I am planning on a run or work out. And I know if I stay away from the sugar and eat well that I'm going to have better workouts.  So it's a choice thing, if I want to pig out then my runs will probably suck and I'll feel like crap during/after.  


    As far as the wall goes, it's o.k. to walk through it!  I think we get so set in our minds that if we do not run a tempo pace the whole entire x miles then it's a fail run.  That's just not the case.  The fact of the matter is run or walk you got out there and did it.  If you do not have 100% at a certain point 50 is way better then a zero.  So focus upon the fact that even though that wall sucks and it's impossible looking, if you keep it up in the long run and try again tomorrow eventually you will get through it.  Even if you need to take a week or two off due to injury.  "Just do it" kinda sums it up.

  • gilamado1 Amateur 16 posts since
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    4. Dec 17, 2009 11:26 AM (in response to jkb5323)
    Re: Hitting a discouraging point and need advice

    I've been there brother.

    It sucks and it's frustrating, and you feel like you'll never break through.


    But when you do, it will be awesome.


    When I hit that wall, I went backwards and repeated the last successful workout that I did.  Then I waited a day, and tried the next one.  If I couldn't do it, I'd take a step back to the last one I could do, and then wait a day, and try the next one. Etc...  This practice will definitely help as you get further into it.  Especially if your fitness was too good for the early stuff, but not yet up to the middle.


    Think about it this way, you've only been running 4 weeks.  Barely a month.  It's gonna take a little longer to build the necessary muscles and cardio base to go further.


    Nutrition, hydration, adequate sleep and a positive mental outlook will also help. 


    Good luck and keep with it.  I promise you'll break through.

  • bostonwolf Pro 95 posts since
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    6. Jan 4, 2010 10:59 PM (in response to jkb5323)
    Re: Hitting a discouraging point and need advice

    stick to it.  even it if takes you a while to get through this hump, at least you're out there exercising.


    I think spicegeek covered it well.  Make sure you're hydrated and properly fueled would be the biggest thing.   I've gotten a bit light-headed on a few runs because I hadn't eaten anything for several hours before running.


    If you run outside, try to find a nice flat place to do the intervals.

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