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RR Dallas White Rock Marathon, December 13, 2009

We drove up to the Big D after sleeping in Saturday morning.  Given the crazy weather lately I packed for all types of weather.  We went straight to the Expo.  Pick up was more organized than usual for Dallas.  We spent some time talking to the Athlete’s Honey Milk folks and they may be sponsoring us soon.  I loaded up on it during the 50 miler and finished well.  After sampling the numerous and often questionable energy drink and food samples we headed to our hotel for check-in.  We had dinner at Campisi’s Egyptian and then arrived back to the hotel by 5:30PM.    That was much earlier than we normally clock out for the night.  We spent the evening off our feet.


We were up at 6 in an oddly jovial mood.  There was very little stress.  As usual we had laid out our clothes and check bags the evening before.  I had my usual cup of coffee and stepped out on the balcony to check temps, wind and moisture.   We also flicked on the weather channel for the latest forecast.  AM temps were mid 40s with forecast up into the 60s, a 10mph wind form the south and rain not likely.  It was foggy with 100% humidity.  Excepting the humidity we would have excellent marathon running weather.


It took about 5 minutes to reach the start from our hotel.  We headed inside to rest and finish race prep (vaseline up).  At 10 minutes before start we went out to the corrals.  We were both in B.  Start was a few minutes late and I tried to keep up with the 3:30 pace group for awhile.  It was very difficult because, despite the corral start and our proper location within the corral, there were hundreds of runners who should never have been in the A corral.  The first 2 miles were extremely congested with relay runners and others running at 9, 10, 11 minute paces.  Some of these folks were side by side, blocking the faster runners approaching from behind.  This is something that seems to be very consistent for Dallas.  I don’t know why the race organizers can’t get this right.  It is very frustrating when you really want to run fast at the start.  The course cleared nicely when the halfathon headed back into town around mile 7.


The shirts are basically plain.  The race shirt is a long sleeve cotton and the finisher's shirt is a long sleeve tech, but it doesn't say finisher anywhere on it.  The medal is nice, but nothing fancy.  The past race party with a band and beer outside was nice since the skies cleared and it started warming into the high 60s.  They had a party set up inside as usual but we had to head to the hotel for showers and late check out.


I broke a rib during a fall at the prior week’s 50K and it was killing me for the first 13 miles or so.  I took 1 or 2 Advil every 2-3 miles.  I think I took about 12 during the whole race.  I ran a fairly consistent pace in the first half, about 7 mph, slowed to 6.4 mph on the back side of the lake and then went back up to 7 mph in the last six miles.   My finish time was 3:49 which is my fastest marathon since Gold Coast, Australia in July of 2006.    I can’t really understand it since I was in a whole lot of pain for the first half.   I have done it again…I ran one of my best races a week after running a terrible race.   I ran 57 miles of races last weekend and the marathon on Dec 6th, was one of my slowest and most miserable.


Parvaneh ran an excellent White Rock PR of 3:44.  I know people talk about running too much or over training, but I am just not seeing it.  We ran 3 marathons/ultras each in October, November and December.  I run each race based on how I feel.  I can’t control the weather so when the weather is right I run as fast as I can.  Anyway we have three weeks off until our next marathon.  Parvaneh has been in the money several times this year and is getting faster and more consistent.


Congratulations to everyone on a Spectacular 2009 and may you have Health, Happiness, Energy and Speed throughout 2010.


Next up:  USA Fit Marathon, Sugarland, TX, January 10, 2010.

Lies Spectators tell Marathoners:   1) Last Hill!    2) Almost there!  3) You look great!

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