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  • Mskirk45 Amateur 16 posts since
    Feb 10, 2010

    WOW, coming to this site feel like the old time revivals that you've read about under a tent somewhere!!  I can't believe how much this site has changed my life in 6 short weeks.  You all are like extended family that I keep in touch with on faceboork or the good ole' family website.  Every person who takes the time to respond is giving another piece of priceless informtion to make another make it!!!  Thank you so much for spending the time to respond.  I am on W6D3 and I could not run tonight due to a pulled hip flexor.  It's killing me not to get this day done but we need to be smart about our progress.  I will try again tomorrow and if I can't do it tomorrow, I will try Sunday until I get that day done!  This site is simply amazing and each of you encourages me to be strong and hang touch!!!!


    I hope each of you has a FABULOUR WEEKEND!!!

  • Tiffany89 Pro 56 posts since
    Nov 24, 2007
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    736. Mar 12, 2010 11:33 PM (in response to Mskirk45)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    I hope your hip flexor heals soon!  It's frustrating to have to sit out when you've come so far...but you'll make it!

    Jingle Bell Run 5K, December 13, 2009

  • kwmb Expert 48 posts since
    Mar 14, 2010
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    737. Mar 14, 2010 10:37 PM (in response to NICURN09)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Hello everyone.

    I am new to this site and relatively new to the whole C25K program!

    I am just looking for some support and motivation when it comes to accomplishing the program. Tomorrow is my first day to start and I am both scared and excited. I hate the thought of being the "fat girl trying to run", but have decided to chalk it up and just do it. I am also starting early in the day (6am) because that is the time that best works for me.

    Here's my story, nothing too exciting, but its Me, nonetheless. I am a 24 year old mother of three boys (4, 3, and 1). I am happily married to my wonderful hubby Doug. I was a stay at home mom for the past 4 years, but am now back in school fulltime. It's a struggle, everyday is tough, trying to balance school, homelife and my boys! But its worth it! Now I've always struggled with being overweight, but now I'm at my breaking point. I will be 25 on marth 19th, and just want to finally make a better and healthier life for myself. I want to live long and watch my children grow up, and for them to be PROUD of their mom. I dont want to continue being overweight and an overeater. I have slowly made modifications to my diet and have cut out pop/soda completely. I now snack on fresh fruits and veggies and fibre1 bars instead of chocolate and chips.


    anyway, enough about me. I hope to make some friends on here, and I am posting a picture that was taken about an hour ago. (just to show u how overweight i am....its disgusting and I hate it..but I refuse to ignore my weight any longer! Thanks for listening!)


    Started C25K on March 15/2010


    "If you always do what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got" lets switch it up!

  • Italynette Rookie 1 posts since
    Mar 4, 2010
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    738. Mar 15, 2010 5:47 AM (in response to kwmb)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time


    I'm not sure what this C25K thing is as I fell upon this link through another run that I participated in this past weekend, but the title caught my eye and I wanted to respond.

    I hope my story can inspire at least one of you.

    I'll keep this story short


    I am a single mom of one teenage boy. I gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy and then never had the will power or desire to work it off. I ended up gaining more over the next 14 years.


    I am 5'8" and ended up at 239 pounds.  Last year I started a fitness boot camp at the prodding of some of my co-workers. Simply working out did not help my weight as I was still stuffing my face with unhealthy food.

    My boot camp instructor talked to me about proper nutrition and it wasn't until then that the weight started coming off.


    I changed my eating habits ( I eat all natural and clean now ), started running (baby jogging at first) and I take a boot camp class 5 days a week. I never work out more than one hour a day and I take one day off a week where I relax AND eat whatever I want.


    I have lost 47 pounds since the second week of December of 2009 and I because I'm eating right, drinking lots of water, I dont have all the flabby weight loss skin, etc.


    I feel WONDERFUL. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. I stopped taking my acid reflux medication over a month ago.


    You can see my progress at (free) this is just a place to log food journals, weight, fitness and get support. My screen name there is ITALYNETTE.


    I've attached my before and "In progress" photo to this email.


    Feel free to email me at anytime. I'd be happy to share any tips and encouragement with you.


    ~ Carolyn ~


    The Road to Success may be Long and Winding, but the Results are Worth Taking a Tricycle!

    Advocare products have been a big part of my weight loss success!

    Before In progress.jpg

    47lbs Down, Over 1/2 way to Goal!

    ~ Carolyn ~

  • Mskirk45 Amateur 16 posts since
    Feb 10, 2010
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    739. Mar 15, 2010 6:43 AM (in response to NICURN09)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Happy Monday everyone!!


    I completed W6D3 after much stretching of the hip flexor.  I backed off speed a little and setteled in for endurance.  My run was good and I was able to push through the last minute with speed . I was so glad to be able to stay on course.  My hip is even feeling better today and I am starting W7D1 tonight!  I'm inspired once again by the positive postings and am thankful for this blog site!  I draw so much strength from every story.  KEEP SHARING, I NEED EACH OF YOU!!  ~~ Stacy

  • Minaowstyne Rookie 4 posts since
    Mar 15, 2010
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    740. Mar 15, 2010 8:34 AM (in response to msnwoods)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Hey Plus size,  I am overweight (plus size) also and will be starting the C25K with a group in April.....I have been doing it on my own at home bcecasue I didn't want to get out on the track with all of my friends and not be able to run for 60 seconds! I started my 3rd week this morning and ran for 5 minutes 6 times!!! That is a total of 30 minutes.... I never thought I could do that when I started 2 weeks ago!!! You can do it...and see if there is a group of people who want to try it. You could started your own group!Good Luck and I am sure once you start and see you can do it you are going to be so excited and ready to run that 5K

  • Porter1976 Amateur 27 posts since
    Jul 6, 2007

    Dltang.. Rest your ankle . Hopefully it's nothing serious and just the body's reaction to an increase in training.


    I ran my first 5K on March 6th. I ached for a couple days afterward. On Day 3 ( Wednsday) , I felt pretty good, so I thought I'd hop on the treadmill and knock out a 2 miler. WRONG.  I started out feeling clumsy, my legs just didn't want to move. My calves were screaming at me and my left foot would not land right. So after forcing myself to keep going for 20 minutes I quit angry and disgusted. I had planned to try again on Fri but had a crazy day at work and had to rush home to get the kiddos and take my 12 yr old to his first baseball tournament of the season. We didn't get home until 11 P.M. that night.

    Saturday was an all day thing at the ballpark. 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.  and Sunday started bright and early as well. By Sunday evening I was exhausted from sitting in the cold and shivering all day.


    Yesterday was the day. I got on the treadmill.. walked a brisk five minutes and settled in for what I planned on being a 2 miler. It seemed amazingly easy.. nothing like last Wed. When I hit 2 miles, I thought wow that wasn't so bad.. I'll go for 3.. I ended up making it 5.37 miles  (68 minutes later)

    My longest run ever and it felt great!  I guess my body had not fully recovered from the hilly 5K when I tried on Wed.. but a little time and I was better than ever.


    I am so thankful that I found this sight. Almost 11 weeks ago I decided that I was ready to change my life and become a runner. I hit 200 lbs last week.. the first time in almost 5 years.


    I've lost a total of 50 lbs since Oct 09.. when I decided to start eating better and excercising,, but C25K gave me a way to set goals.. train for them.. and accomplish them.  It feels great when people ask me what I'm doing.. but what is even better is some of the very same people who looked at me like I was looney back in Dec. and Jan. when i first told them I was doing this...are doing it now because they are so excited about what it has done for me.


    Those of you close to graduating...You CAN do it.. and so much more!  Don't let what others think or believe stand in your way.

    There will always be someone rooting for you to fail. They do this out of their own insecurity. They don't have the Courage or the Strength to do what you do. Sometimes, you must first believe in yourself before anyone else will.


  • Mskirk45 Amateur 16 posts since
    Feb 10, 2010

    W7D1 DOWN!!  I was able to run my 25 mins completing 1.278 miles in 20 mins!!  My hip flexor didn't really bother me until I was done but stretching really helps before and after.  I was so proud of myself and being able to complete it.  I can't believe it's week 7 already.  I am just hoping now to continue to add a little speed with endurance.  As ALWAYS, thanks so much for your support and encouragement!  It means the world to me.  What ever day and week you are on, HAVE A GREAT ONE AND GO GET IT!!!

  • dltang Legend 163 posts since
    Apr 15, 2009
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    743. Mar 17, 2010 1:31 PM (in response to Mskirk45)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Well I haven't run in almost a week.  I still feel I need a few more days off too.  My foot is a lot better but still a bit of a tinge there and I don't want to re-injure anything.  I will keep you all posted.  When I do start back, I am going to try to pick up where I left off and see how it goes.  If I can't do it, I will back up a little, but it can't hurt to try.  Keep up the great work everyone.

    With Christ all things are possible, so live life with no fears and no worries.

    Blogging My Journey Back to Me.

    Results from 5K races back in 2005, I want to get there again and then improve.

    Crim 5K 39:21

    All Women's 5K 34:59

    Genesys Hospice 5K 36:30

  • Stombs Expert 50 posts since
    Oct 10, 2008
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    744. Mar 17, 2010 2:11 PM (in response to NICURN09)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time



    Just wanted to reply to your post and say CONGRATS for wanting to start to run and don't let what other people "think" effect how you will learn to workout. The best way to get started is just to do it and not care about others. When I first started running I could hardly even run a mile (and believe me some people were not as kind to me trying to run) but now almost a year later Im doing marathons and half marathons and continue to surprise people, so ignore them.  Do what you feel is best for you and good for you to get up and do something!

    "When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow, no matter how fast it'll change your life forever"

    - Dick Beardlsey "Spirit of the Marathon"

  • Mskirk45 Amateur 16 posts since
    Feb 10, 2010
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    745. Mar 17, 2010 6:40 PM (in response to NICURN09)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    W7D2 - Well tonight was my toughest night so I pushed myself to run 30 mins. I so wanted to just quit to the point of a breakdown. It's amazing when you become mentally aware of a physical/mental tug of war against your body and mind. There is power in over coming your negative thoughts and pushing through. WOW I'm glad it's over!!

  • teamnicole Amateur 8 posts since
    Feb 17, 2010
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    746. Mar 18, 2010 3:27 AM (in response to Mskirk45)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Congrats to all who continue to push through and keep going with this program. It is great to read everyone's progress. We all need each other to celebrate the victories and share in the frustrations. Speaking of frustration, I repeated week 3 last week and was going to move on to week 4 this week but my daughter (who has leukemia) ended up in Peds ICU from Monday through yesterday with stroke-like symptoms. Thank God her symptoms reversed and she appears to be fine now but boy, what a scare. Because of our 3 day stay, I got no running it and boy do I miss it. I will pick up today but it has been 5 days since I've done any major activity and my muscles are screaming at me to get moving. It just sucks when you work so hard to get your body to a point where you feel good and are progressing and then something in life happens and you feel like you lost a few week's worth of progress. Ugh! Ok, done venting...time to get moving now!

  • Mskirk45 Amateur 16 posts since
    Feb 10, 2010
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    747. May 12, 2010 7:22 AM (in response to Tiffany89)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    It feels like forever since I've been on.  I was running W8D3 when I tore my hip flexor trying to run through the pain.  I knew to listen to my body but just tried to push and pushed a little too hard.  I am in a 8 - 12 week recovery process and it is really frustrating.  I lost 20lbs in the first 8 weeks and I fully intend to start again ASAP.  It's nice to read and keep up with the successes.  I am now swimming and riding a lifecycle.  Stay tuned

  • jenner555 Amateur 8 posts since
    Jan 13, 2010
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    748. May 12, 2010 7:37 AM (in response to NICURN09)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time

    Goodness it's been so long since I posted or even read this. I completed my first 5k on May 1st four days before my 29th birthday. My goal was to complete in under 45 minutes. My time was 42 minutes so I beat my goal but I felt I could have done it faster. I have read that many of you are struggling with hip flexor problems and so have I. I have been keeping up my running schedule but I am in alot of pain. It even wakes me up in the middle of the night. My hips actually feel better while I'm running but hurt horribly afterward. Any suggestions?


  • persephonejude Rookie 1 posts since
    Nov 4, 2008
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    749. May 12, 2010 5:23 PM (in response to jenner555)
    Re: Plus sized and starting C25K for the first time



    I am new to this thread, and have read a few of the entries and I am touched by the honesty and how familiar I am with what a lot of you are describing.  I am a mother of two, age is 41, and have always been impressed by runners, so I found couch to five k.   Last year, I participated in four 5k races/runs/walks.  I am overweight, significantly, 75 lbs and struggling with getting it off for good.  I am not giving up however.  I have my 13 year old daughter as my running companion and that has been fabulous.  My times were not the fastest, ranging from 53 min down to 45 as my fastest.  I basically ran a little and walked more in all four.  I had completed the couch to five k running program up to week six last year.  Now, I am eight weeks out from one of the ones we participated in last year and my goal is to run the majority of the 5k.  I am sorry this post is kind of scattered, I would love any comments, guidelines, or suggestions any of you have.   Desperately need some "running buddies" online or off.  Thank you all!


    Oh, forgot to mention, currently I am on Week 5, tomorrow will be day 2, and OMG, the five minute runs are good, but when I do more than that at a time, it kills me!  I guess I just need to build up my endurance???!!!

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