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Oct 19, 2009
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Feb 26, 2010 9:00 AM

Overweight - Knee Issues

Started C25K earlier this winter, went through week 3 and injured me knee.  Starting up again, but spending a little more time in weeks one and two.  I have several questions that revolve around the knees though!


First off, what type of doctor do you see about your knees?  I have a general practice doctor, but I'd like to meet with a doctor who is more familiar with knee injuries and runners.

What do you do to protect your knees?  I've heard of taping and wrapping, but have no idea how to do it, or what it's for. Should new runners do this? Any advise or articles on this would be greatly appreciated!

Any advise for new runners?  I have great shoes that work for my stride.  I use the treadmill (I'll just make excuses if I start out outside....mostly cause it's cold!).  

I need stretches for new runners!  This is one of the main reasons my knee was injured.  Not enough stretching and my muscles got really tight, pulling on my knee.


I love the way I feel when I run, and I HAVE to loose weight (over 200 lbs).  My doctor has said that running should be fine for me, but after injuring my knee, I'm a little more cautious.


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    1. Feb 26, 2010 9:55 AM (in response to Rosylinn)
    Re: Overweight - Knee Issues

    Rosylinn - I don't have much advice about the specifics of knee injuries, but I thought I would post that at 250+ lbs, I did C25K, and finished it, and did a 5K. I had foot issues towards the end, and was S-L-O-W, but I did it. It was great to be able to accomplish something like this that can seem so hard. Stick with it. Work through your pains, and keep at it.

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    2. Feb 26, 2010 10:22 AM (in response to Rosylinn)
    Re: Overweight - Knee Issues

    Congradulations on starting your C25K training.  My advice would be to see an Orthopedic specialist about your knee before you do to much more running just to make sure your not aggrivating and injury that could end up worse. That being said,  when ever you start running and your not in adequate running condition there will be many aches and pains that go with it. Make sure you aren't pushing to hard to fast.  Run/walk programs are a great place to start and they acclimate your body to running a little more slowly.  Ice really helps and rest are the two things that has worked for me in the past.  I don't and never have had knee issues but I believe your doctor can advise proper braces if necessary.  I would avoid any wrapping or taping with out professional advice.  Stretching is very important to stay lose and help prevent injuries but caution when doing stretching exercises.  Warm up before you start running with a progressive speed increase walk (5min), then do some very light stretching if you feel the tightness. ( I don't stretch at all before I run. I warm up with walking/light jogging and then ease into my runs)  Stretching is good after your run and should be done slowly without pain. Stretching is a very hot topic in the running community these days, with many varying opinions. It's worth "Googleing" runners stretches to find more info.  Just don't stretch cold and don't stretch so far that it hurts.  Patience worked for me and allowed me to really improve my flexablity and running enjoyment over the last several years.  Good luck with your injury and your C25K, you can do it!!!!   Running is great, be patient and enjoy it and I'm sure you'll see positive results.  Don't ya just love the high after a good run!

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    3. Feb 28, 2010 6:17 PM (in response to Rosylinn)
    Re: Overweight - Knee Issues

    Orthopedist is the specialist you are looking for when dealing with joint pain. Would also look for one with experience in sports medicine. Ideally, if you have a major university in your town, head there as they have multiple athletes to treat. Figure out what's going on first.


    You should definitely stretch both before and after a run, and also do a little warm-up and cool-down. It helps a lot.


    Here's my stretching routine:


    1) Lay on back. Arms extended over your head. Try to elongate your body and hold the stretch. Two reps. This is a good whole body stretch.

    2) Lay on back. Lift each leg up to the sky and hold the stretch. Two reps each. This will stretch you hamstrings and lower back.

    3) Lay on back. Bend one knee like you are going to do a sit up. Cross other leg placing your ankle on your thigh. Use had to gently press away from you on the crossed leg and hold the stretch. Two reps each. This stretches your hips and back.

    4) Sit up, legs outstretched. Touch your toes, and hold the stretch. Two reps. Again stretches your hamstrings and lower back.

    5) Hurdler's stretch. One leg outstretched, the other bent back at the knee. Touch your toes on the outstretched leg and hold. Then lean back over the leg bent back (bracing yourself with your arms). Two reps each. This stretches the lower back, hamstrings and quadraceps.

    6) Achilles stretch. Stand up, and brace yourself against a wall with one foot  under your hips and the other back 18" or so. Lean into the wall to stretch your achilles tendon and hold the stretch. Two reps each.


    Remember when stretching, slow is good, long is good, and 'bouncing' during the stretch is bad.


    Since you are still going through the C25K, there is a warm-up and cool-down built in. I walk a half mile before and after my runs for this purpose.


    I tend to prefer using the neoprene sleeves for ankles and knees when I need some support as opposed to taping, but I have never needed them when running. I only tape if I am competing in sports that can place undo torque on a joint ... for example I always taped my ankles during tennis tournaments. Taping really is an art form. If you feel the need, I would learn from an athletic trainer.

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