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Apr 2, 2010 9:22 AM

Carb, protein..running..weight loss?

Im still on the C25K programme and need to lose weight but I really have a lot going on at the moment and with focussing on the running....I just cant seem to get focussed on calories in/out too...

So, Im hoping that once I can manage a few miles a week a few times a week, as long as I dont consume any more calories than I am now, I should start to see a leaner figure emerge?


Also, I usually have a banana or wholemeal toast about 30-40 mins before I run, however I was recently told that I should have protein before running if I want my body to burn fat, is this true? Can someone please help clear up what is the best thing for a beginner (almost) runner to eat before a run for health and efficient weight loss please?

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    1. Apr 2, 2010 10:15 AM (in response to gawd)
    Re: Carb, protein..running..weight loss?

    Running is a good complement to reducing calories for weight loss, but at this point your weight loss will come primarily from reducing your calories, not from running.


    Check out the calorie calculator here:



    You may burn about 150 calories per mile of running, but for example if you are drinking a sport drink instead of water after you run a few miles, the calories are probably a wash.  No net loss. That extra banana you eat before you run even negates a mile’s worth of calories.  With the amount you are running now, I don’t think it matters if its carbs or protein.


    Counting calories is a nuisance, but in my experience it is one of the best things you can do to help you lose weight.  Keep a diary of both every calorie you consume, including fluids, and every calorie you burn with exercise.


    When I keep this diary, I lose weight.  If I neglect it, I gain weight.

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    3. Apr 2, 2010 10:21 AM (in response to gawd)
    Re: Carb, protein..running..weight loss?

    I'm sure you'll get plenty advice and different opinions about this... When I first started running (early 30's) was a little over weight-It seemed I could eat anything and  running just burnt it off. I lost weight quickly... Then, after not running for 15 years, decided to get back into it... Thinking that the same thing would happen again and that running (and not worring about what I ate) would have the same result and the weight would just melt away.... Boy was I wrong! - It didn't work.... I ran for two years averaging 20-25 miles a week and didn't loose ONE pound... It was then when I decided (if I wanted to loose weight) would have to change my diet and reduce my caloric intake-It worked... Just my two cents... Remove no more than 500 calories from your daily intake-Minimize simple carbs, sugar and processed food... Complex carbs are best because they have a lower glycemic index-Maximize fresh fruits and veggies... For protein (if you eat meat) try and eat more fish- Beans and nuts. Don't worry about fat exept for trans fats. Good fats don't make you fat and they don't raise your bad cholesterol, it's the processed simple carbs that make people fat. Stay away from "fat free" foods... If you have a sweet tooth eat a little chocolate-Not milk chocolate, but the dark stuff... Don't starve yourself... Enjoy food. Enjoy running. Don't stress. The weight will come off slowly, but it will stay off...  I prefer not to eat anything before a run unless it's over 12 miles-the body unless is depleted of glycogen has plenty of fuel for a 30-60 minute run. After the run I will eat like a bananna, cup of yogurt and some almonds...

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