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May 21, 2010 9:51 AM

Adult swimming class

Almost 40 and thinking of enrolling in an adult swimming class. It's kinda embarrassing I think ...  should I just do it on my own? I know how to float ...


A little background: I have no previous formal swimming lessons. I'm a newbie runner, running for about a year now. Just completed 6 Half Marathons in 7 months ... will start next week 24 weeks of training for my 1st Full Marathon in NY. I thought about swimming as I heard its really a good cross training and it will improve my breathing ... thanks!

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    1. May 21, 2010 3:04 PM (in response to @RunRayRun)
    Re: Adult swimming class

    DO IT.


    Coming from a runner of 5+ years, swimming is just as AWESOME!!!


    I learned how to swim about 5 months ago. I signed up for a class at the local community college. I refused to leave the pool until I improved on something.  Now...i'm no expert...but I can swim 1 mile in the pool.


    You have less overall pain/ache/etc b/c your replacing some running days with swim days. Your breathing gets A LOT more efficient b/c you learn to control it.


    It's a lot of fun. Now I wake up at 5:30am just so I can beat everyone to the get a primo lane.


    I know you're afraid of feeling like an idiot....but trust me...we're all idiots and you're not alone.

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    2. May 22, 2010 2:01 PM (in response to @RunRayRun)
    Re: Adult swimming class

    agree.  Go and do the lessons.  Who cares what anybody else thinks.  Like you I always heard swimming was really good cross training for runners.  I never tried it because I never had swim lessons and didn't want to look like a fool.  I have been running for 3 years but am sidelined due to injury.  So I signed up for lessens and am so glad I did.  Before I could swim a few laps of the pool but would be totally exhausted.  Now by learning proper form and breathing I feel as if I actually accomplished something.  I admit that for me swimming does not have the same thrill of running, but that just might because I am more worried about drowning!


    Good Luck and don't worry about others.  If the look its because they are envious 

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