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  • lindakay228 Legend 201 posts since
    Apr 11, 2010

    Good evening everyong and welcome to the new ones.  This has become a very active board with a wide range of runners around age 50 or over.


    I'm still nursing my right hip flexor but have been doing a lot of water exercises at the gym's pool.  Today I was in a training at work, and will be all day tomorrow too so I had to sit and that made it hurt quite a bit.  I had to get up and stand a few times.  It doesn't hurt walking except right after I've been sitting a while, but the sitting really aggravates it.  I have been not running since a week ago Monday because I was concerned about letting whatever it is heal but when I ran on it that day it didn't hurt to run.  So maybe I'm being over cautious.  It is better except when I have to sit all day like today.  Normal work days I can move around a lot more.


    I'd like both my daughters to get out and do something physical with me too.  My oldest daughter has put on a lot of weight over the past year, and my younger daughter is just a little over what she should be but she also has a lot of problems with depression and I would like to see her get out and do something to try to help fight it off.  She does take medication but exercise would be an added help.  But I can't get either one to do it.  I don't nag them.  I've spent a lifetime overweight and have just lost weight and became active over the past year.  I hated it when people tried to push me to do things like that.  I had to be ready inside of myself before I could get out and do it.  So I invite them from time to time and let them know that if they ever want to go to the high school track and even just walk it some while I run we can do that.  I don't always go to the track but would if either one would go walk.  My 10 year old grandson wants to run with me after school so in a few weeks when it starts to cool off I'll try to take him after school to go run with me and I'll do it then instead of early or in the gym.


    Everyone take care.  Hope you get over the stomach bug Trish.  That is no fun

    Whole Enchilada 5k, Las Cruces NM 9-26-10 43:32

    All Souls Trail Race, Silver City NM 10-30-10 45:55

    Global Health 5k Run/Walk, Albuquerque NM 11-6-10 40:11

    Ultimate Fitness 8th Annual Turkey Trot 5k, Deming NM 11-25-10 38:35

    New Beginnings 5k Jan 23, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 40:20

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 12, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 39:54

    Bataan Death March Memorial 15 miles March 27, 2011 White Sands Missil Range, NM 4hrs, 48 min 45 sec

    Fort Bayard Wilderness 5k Trail Race May 28, 2011 40:52

    Ultimate Fitness 9th Annual Turkey Trot, Deming NM 11-24-11 35:14

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 11, 2012 Las Cruces NM 38:29

  • Donna914 Legend 357 posts since
    Aug 2, 2009

    HI everyone,

    Still trying to get to know everyone but over 50 crowd is great!


    I ran 3.35 miles this morning in 57 minutes LOL I am slow and I walk some of it also. the first 5 minutes I walked and then a couple minutes hered and there. But I am doing it! This weekend is my attempt at 4 miles for the first time. I am training for a 10K on Halloween.

  • Ah Me Ma Ossan Rookie 4 posts since
    Jan 7, 2010

    Today was a rest day....I think you are right Coolbikermom, I am taking a plan that seems to fit my current ability and making it fit for me. It is a little bit slower than I would like to go but it is allow me to focus on where I need to improve (actually almost everywhere except desire


    Have been running about 5k on some of the trails (surfaced) in the area concentrating on steady pace and some hills. My wife and running partner gave me a Yamaha BodiBeat as a birthday present and after a little bit of a learning curve it does work to keep me at the correct pace and helps me keep my heart rate at the correct level (I think that it is usually 110% of max on hills but the recovery time to normal is getting noticeably shorter by the week)


    I think we are both finally getting into the right shoes...we have gone through a couple of pairs shoes and now have a better idea of what to look for for each of our running style. Of course I did have some really nice brand new (almost) left shoes that until we donated the old shoes at the local running store.


    I am still amazed at the last year. The first run of a few dozen yards were finished with me being out of breath, limping on the new leg and sweating like a horse and  my heart trying to beat it's way out of my I am running 3-5 miles three or four times a week and only stopping to adjust or change the liner of my prosthesis and am able to hold a conversation with my wife the entire time (except maybe on the hills but she is usually ahead of me then...cheering (read taunting) ! me on).


    I have had difficulty in finding any information on older, beginning runner, leg amputee who are also overweight. There are a  number of young amputees running now (even though in the 10 races we have entered in 3 different states I have been the only amputee in each of them.)  the training program for a teenager or twenty-something (heck even thirty or forty somethings) is different for 60 somethings.  But then my experience level is only a year and high school track in the 60's and nothing in between.


    Anyway is anyone entering a run this weekend? Here in the the Rockies it should be perfect running weather.

    Ahmema ossan

  • calbiker Pro 159 posts since
    Mar 21, 2010

    Coolbikermom, PJ, Lindakay,


    I can relate to trying to motivate people close to us, It seems to make them go farther away the more you try. I think when it comes to trying to motivate others we tend to use on them what we know would work for our selves not realizing it does not work for any one but us. As some body else mentioned all we can really do is be there if they need our help and leave the door open, it is ultimately up to the individual to make the choice to run or not to run. We are all at different places mentally, day by day life tends to be cyclic in that we are up, down, and in between depending on the given day and moment but those we try motivating are usually on a different stage of that cycle than we are so our attempts fail more times than succeed.

    Onward and Forward !

  • donna0325 Expert 53 posts since
    Jul 12, 2010

    Ah Me Ma Ossan - Just curious where you live [you mention the Rockies].   I don't have any races this weekend, but there's a 10K / Half Marathon next weekend [8/22] in Boulder, CO.  I'm doing the Half.   I've got a 6 mile run planned for Saturday morning, which I'm looking forward to.  It's supposed to be in the low 60's.  Hope the nice weather holds out for another week.

    Half Marathon:

    Heart & Sole, Boulder, CO - 8/22/10 - 2:09:51

    Denver Rock N Roll, Denver, CO - 10/17/10 - 2:11:01

    Platte River, Littleton, CO - 4/10/11 - 2:01:31


    Bolder Boulder, Boulder, CO - 5/30/11 - 58:00:00


    Quicker Quaker, Lafayette, CO - 1/8/11 - 26:57

  • skirun50 Pro 80 posts since
    Jun 15, 2010

    My latest motivation to run? Being late for work.... Today I ran my fastest 5K time yet 31.42 and I made it to work on time. (I did shower first)


    I also watched Spirit of the Marathon on last night. If that older man can run 26 miles, I should be able to run at least 10.... Do any of you know of any other good running movies?

    4/24/10: 5K Run for the Red Cross 44.9

    6/26/10: 5K Runners North 36.00

    * Broke 8 mile mark 8/15/10

    9/11//10: 5K Apple Days 31:49

    9/18/10: 5K Top of Utah 30.37

    10/2/10: 5K Pumpkin Run 30.02 PR

    10/9/10: Wasatch Woman 6K, 39.07

    10/23/10: Run for the Ringers 5K, 30.02

    Upcoming Goals:

    TOU Half marathon 8/27/11

  • PJ Freeman Pro 115 posts since
    Feb 17, 2009

    This morning was a 30 minute run so I decided to see if I could speed my pace up.  Not sure how great an idea it was because I was wanting to quit running by mile run, but I did run 2.6 miles at an 11:37 pace which is almost a minute faster than my usual pace.  I'm doing the San Diego AFC 5k on Sunday and really want to beat my last year's time which was around 38 minutes.  We'll see if I can pull it off on Sunday.


    For those of you who have talked about wanting to increase your speed, I wanted to share my husband's experience this week.  His running group of our club added in hill work this week, which he did on Tuesday.  He said that yesterday he was running so much faster, almost like he couldn't make himself go slower.  One of the coaches also said that her half marathon time was almost cut in half after she added hill repeats and speed work.  Something to consider if you want to increase your speed.


    Lindakay - jump on running with your grandson!  When I did the Coronado 5k last month there was a mom with her 2 boys, probably around 9&10, and a grandma with 2 little bitty boys around  5&6.  The little boys with the grandma would run for a bit (she was walking fast) and then they would stop to wait for her because she had told them not to get out of her sight.  I thought at the time, I wish that we had started running with our kids when they were young and would have liked it.  I'm totally going to do it when I finally have some grandkids.  If you can find a fun run or 5k that you could do together (I know that races are hard to come by in your small town), that would be awesome!  I'm trying to talk my 20 year old daughter into doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February.  We have 6 months to train, but I don't know if she'll actually do it.

    2010 Coronado Independence Day 5K - 40:12

    2010 AFC 5K - August 15 - 37:32

    2010 End of Summer Fire Run 4mi- August 29 - 49:55

    2010 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay - October 2 - 57:12

    2010 Shelter Island 5K - November 7 - 36:20 PR

    2010 Silver Strand Half Marathon - November 14 - 3:14:05

    2010 Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon - December 5 - 2:58:35

    2010 Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis - December 11 - 37:28

    2011 Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10K - February 13 - 1:25:46

    2011 Lost Dutchman 10K - February 20 - 1:19:11

    2011 Saint Patrick's Day 10K - March 12 - 1:13:48 PR

    2011 Carlsbad 5000 - April 3 - 34:30 PR

    2011 Rock & Roll San Diego HM - June 5 - 2:51:54 PR

    2011 Coronado Independence Day 5K - July 4 - 35:34

    2011 America's Finest City 5 K- August 21 - 34:40


    2011 Rock & Roll Los Angeles - October 30

    2012 Disneyland Tinkerbell Half - January 29

  • bjonesbrazil Rookie 1 posts since
    Aug 13, 2010

    I just started running last year on my 50th birthday year - my goal was to run 2 miles before my 50th birthday.  I had gained weight after my 3rd son . . . was up to over 200 pounds and had high blood pressure. . . that was when I was 42 and started slowly in walking, exercising to become more fit.  Today I ran 2 3/4 miles in 30 minutes and my goal next week is to run 3 miles in 30 minutes.    I have never thought of running in a marathon   What is the benefit of this?  Give me some insight. 

  • LewB Amateur 23 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    The speed work really does help. A group of us from our club meets at the university track every Wed. spring-fall at 6:00 pm for interval work. When I started this spring I was barely running 2:30 quarters and working hard at it. This Wed. I jogged a mile warm-up, 5 fast & 5 slow quarters (usually do more, but there's a race Sat. night), and a half mile cool-down. The fast quarters ranged from 1:47 down to 1:40 (my fastest). My 5K time during the same period has gone from 31:08 down to 26:22, and I'm looking to better that tomorrow night. And this is with the temperatures in the high 80s to mid 90s. The trick is to progress gradually. Don't ever sprint full-out, just do an average racing pace. Try for a consistant time and do just as many as you can, stopping when you're tired but feel you could do at least one more. Make the slow laps in between a SLOW jog or walk, and don't forget to cool down. Make the day after an off or cross-training day. On a race week, don't do more than 4-5 fast laps.


    Tomorrow night I've got a 5K -- Lexington, KY Midsummer Night's Run at 8:30. They expect over 5,000 runners & walkers and downtown is torn up with street construction so it should be interesting. Also high temps and possible rain. We'll see. I'm hoping for a good time, but with these conditions who knows. But it should be fun--big crowds, entertainment, food, carnival atmosphere, and we'll probably have 20 plus club members running. Then building to a 10K in mid-September and a half-marathon in March-April, with 5K's in between. Who said retirement was dull?

    Thoroughbred Classic 5K 11/26/09  30:49 (first race)

    Defenders Classic 5K  4/10/10  28:28

    Jennie Carol's 5K  5/8/10  27:11

    Run for the Brass 5K  6/12/10  28:27

    Bluegrass 10K  7/3/10  56:16 (first 10K)

    Bluegrass State Games 5K  7/17/10  26:27

    Railroad Days 5K  8/21/10  25:45  PR

    Born to Run 5K  9/11/10  25:45

    R. J. Corman 5K  10/2/10  25:56


    Winchester, KY Turkey Trot 5K  11/6/10

    Thoroughbred Classic  11/25/10

    Half-Marathon  March/April 2011

  • Laurelink Pro 70 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    Put out some positive energy for me team.  I'm running my first 5K race tomorrow morning and feeling every one of my 61 years!  It's hot and humid in MN, making it much more difficult than it should be.  I heard it might cool down tomorrow. 'Hopefully before the race!  Any last minute words of advice???

  • Laurelink Pro 70 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

      Thanks Coolbikermom!  Great advice!  You addressed some of my questions!  I'm sure I'll be checking in tomorrow! 

  • BowieLinda Pro 136 posts since
    Jul 8, 2010

    Thanks (I know really LATE!) Coolbikermom, for the link on ChiRunning on a Treadmill.  Unfortunately my TM is VERY old, but still very serviceable.  I no longer have the incline option on it, though.  I feel really lucky to have room and wherewithal to have a TM at home, but I'm retired now and not in a position to replace it just yet.  Anyway -- the body sensing and relaxation aspects of running I am finding I can use a lot even when TM running, even if I can't adjust the incline.


    Wow, welcome all of the new folks!!!  Geez, you get busy for a couple of weeks and there are a TON of new people and great new posts!! How wonderful!


    I got distracted last night, we had storms threatening, and so for the second time I have missed the club Thursday night fun runs :-(.  But, I am tracking my TM workouts on the CoolRunning workout tracker, and it's helping me see that I am oh, so gradually, improving.


    My "how I started" and "motivations" are long!!  Fair warning.


    I started again because I saw everyone on the SparkPeople site talking about this C25K and was curious what those letters meant (I'm also a little bit interested in P90X, I think it's called, but, one thing at a time, I say!).  So I got started with the podcasts that Robert Ullrey published, while I was still on SparkPeople.  I have kind of lost interest in SP since finding that a lot of it is oriented toward *treating* and using "food substitutes" rather than eating whole food and plain old exercise.  (That's harsh but I am an old hippie!!)


    Anyway, now I have finished the C25K and am in the groove of just working on building my number of runs per week and distance for a base.  And trying to get more active with the local club.  I have a couple of different options out there for a first 5K and still have not picked one.  THIS GROUP helps keep me motivated!!  Yeah group!!!  Thanks to all of you who have been where I am, or who aren't yet where I am.  EVERY SINGLE POST is perfect and fascinating to read.


    I may have said in an intro, that I first discovered running in my late twenties.  I grew up as a bookworm, not very interested in sports and not very able.  I liked yoga and tennis as a teen but HATED track and field days in school.  I'm not a very outright competitive person and the atmosphere around running in my school days was definitely tough and competitive.  I did not shine at team sports, either.  But in college, I began to start to try some new things, to reinvent myself.  Some time after graduation, I fell in love for the first time, very hard.  We broke up and I took it really hard!  He ran recreationally, but we had never run together.  I think as a way to kind of imagine we were still close, I took UP running.  Weird, eh?  Yeah.  But anyway, I discovered that I loved to run, there was a great hiker/biker (running!) path in the woods near my house.  I didn't really ever track my speed or distance, I just ran for the love of it!  Go figure!


    Then, life got busier and busier.  I flirted with Tai Chi, more Yoga, Pilates, strength training, fitness walking, hmmm, probably some other stuff too.  I had tried to start running again recently, but couldn't find the drive to run for more than a couple of minutes on the TM, until I found the training program and a community of folks about my age who are doing this.


    This morning, temps were just a tad lower, and I used my .mp3 player and I did start to feel like it's ALL mental -- like I easily could just run forever, not necessarily fast or anything, but I'm not about to collapse and it feels comfortable (when I remember to relax my ankles TOO!), to run.  It felt really good, and I think that means, I'm back!


    Running relieves a lot of stress for me, too.  I am by nature a nervous person who everyone thinks of as laid back!  It's physical exercise that keeps the stress hormones in check for me, and I probably mull through issues as I run, without really realizing it.  Anyway, I notice I'm calmer and less flapable if I'm running regularly.  That is a powerful motivator, for me.



    C25K Training begun (Treadmill) 6/1/10); restarted 7/11/12

    First run OUTDOORS - Club Fun Run 1.75 mile circuit time 26:06:72 on 7/29/10

    Proud C25K Grad, 8/7/10

    College Park Cares 5K Sponsored by Vecna Technologies, Inc. 9/25/10 44:04.4

    Fell off of the regular running routine, experienced the DC Derecho Disaster, and now aiming to get back on track!


    Jug Bay Run for Wildlife 5K 11/3/12

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