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  • LewB Amateur 23 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    Well, the Midsummer Night's Run 5K has come and gone and I survived. It rained most of the day, thunder and lightening right up to the start at 8:30 pm, but at least the rain cooled it down to the 70s.I was hoping for a PR, but rain the whole way and the humid air were a bit too much, so I ended up at 26:32, ten seconds slower than my best time. Not bad for the night though. That still put me at a tie for 4th out of 20 in the 65-69 group and 902 out of 3,425 overall. Next Saturday will be a nice 5K nearby and I'm hoping to bust out with this one. Several friends will be running as well. Today was our regular 5 mi. Sunday Club Run and it felt good even after the race last night. A year ago I never would have believed what I've accomplished so far, thanks to encouragement from some very good friends.


    donna914: You're from Louisville? I'm from Lexington. Maybe we'll run the same race some time. I'm looking at the Derby Mini next year, if I get my distance running in gear.


    Thanks for all in the group who have been sending out encouragement and congratulations on a regular basis, and thanks for sharing all the training and racing stories. They really are inspiring and when you feel like sitting back and sluffing off from time to time, they make you want to get up and move.

    Thoroughbred Classic 5K 11/26/09  30:49 (first race)

    Defenders Classic 5K  4/10/10  28:28

    Jennie Carol's 5K  5/8/10  27:11

    Run for the Brass 5K  6/12/10  28:27

    Bluegrass 10K  7/3/10  56:16 (first 10K)

    Bluegrass State Games 5K  7/17/10  26:27

    Railroad Days 5K  8/21/10  25:45  PR

    Born to Run 5K  9/11/10  25:45

    R. J. Corman 5K  10/2/10  25:56


    Winchester, KY Turkey Trot 5K  11/6/10

    Thoroughbred Classic  11/25/10

    Half-Marathon  March/April 2011

  • Denise00918 Rookie 1 posts since
    Aug 15, 2010

    I am so glad I found this site, I hope you can answer some questions for me and give me advice on how I am doing.


    I am 52 and finally after 6 years of being a little lazy I am back to the gym, and trying to get back to jogging, running. I started in April.  I am spinning 2x a week, doing some strength training 2-3x a week, yoga 1x a week  and also started a couch to 5k program on the treadmill. I am ready to start week 4 of the couch to 5k, but I have been going past the 3 min jogs feeling I could do more and I have been jogging for up to 30 minutes with no problem, actually feeling great.

    What I am confused about is when following the program....what is the speed I should be doing with the brisk walk and what is the speed I should be doing for the run? Right now my brisk walk is 3.8 and my Jog or run is 4.5.

    I really don't know if I am at the right speeds.

    Also 2 weeks ago in my spin class (which I love these classes)  my calf started hurting, I'm not sure If I pulled a muscle or if it is sore. I rested it for a couple of days, it felt better, but there was still a little slight soreness when I went back to class. Again during class I felt it pulling again. Did the rest thing again, then at home I stiffened my leg to move something and the soreness came back again, I still jogged that night, It's not stopping me, but I have to be lighter on my right leg when working it.

    What can I do to stop it from getting worse, or to make it stop hurting and what do you think it is??

    I get very confused about stretching, I read that you have to stretch before jogging or spinning, then I just read not to stretch before, to only stretch after. So what is the real truth.

    I don't stretch before I spin, could that be the reason for the muscle pull??

    I would love to hear some input, because I want to do all this the right way & feel good in my 50's.

    I just lost the 20lbs I needed to lose, so I just want to tighten up a little and would love to run a 5k and hopefully a 10k in time to come.




  • Laurelink Pro 70 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    LindaKay: You are a huge inspiration to me!  What a transformation you have forged and what a lot of work you have put into it.  I love to hear about these kinds of  midlife transitions!


    Denise: I'm far from an expert but I was getting injuries before I started stretching before and after my runs.  I do an active stretch before my run (keeping it moving to warm up my muscles vs stalled stretches) and I do more of a relaxed stretching afterwards.


    Someone else reminded me of how far I've come since I started running and I have to thank that person for reminding me.  I pulled back this morning and only ran 1 1/2 mile.  It was the easiest run I've had since I started running.  Of course the temperature is also 25 degrees cooler than it's been.    I was thinking that maybe I should pull back my mileage and work on getting stronger on shorter miles, then pushing myself on more miles as I get stronger.  I don't know what the best tactic is to take.  What do you all recommend?   Any recommendations for X-training???  Any CD's you can recommend?  Can anyone recommend any good websites on X-training?

  • calbiker Pro 159 posts since
    Mar 21, 2010

    Hi Denise, Welcome


    I think your walking running speed question is best answered in this way. We are all different, some have long legs some have shorter legs and we all have different strides so what works for me may not for you. The brisk walk part is just that, brisk. Walk at a speed fast enough for you that it is not a casual stroll, walk fast but still maintain a walk. The running portion should have you running at a speed you can maintain but still be able to talk during the run with out huffing and puffing for breath. The right speeds, as you call them are what is right for you. You will have to experiment a little to find your own right speeds.


    I See so many new runners trying to go faster worrying too much about beating the clock or going farther too soon that they injure themselves or have disappointing set backs. At times I read about people my age running so much faster or farther than I can and I wonder if I really belong here. Our competitive nature, well at least mine, makes us think we need to, "keep up" when reading about other peoples times, distances, or achievements. I started out that way but have learned to focus more on my own "efficient running form" than any other single component of running. My attitude is to realize that before April of this year I could not run at all so I am ahead of the game just in the fact I am running. I have adopted the philosophy of building a solid running foundation first then perhaps work on speed or distance later. I like to say that I am not slow, I am not fast, I am sort of halfa$$ed. But I am injury free and I make enough noticeable gains to keep my goals attainable based on me and my ability not some one elses. I am just now, five months later, gradually building up a little more distance now that I have discovered how to run efficiently.


    The calf pain you have I am not sure about. I would go easy and listen to your body. The fact that you are now favoring the other leg can lead to other problems so I would not treat this lightly. I would see a doctor if it lingers. There are a few conflicting schools of thought about stretching so here again I would experiment to see what your body reacts best too.

    Onward and Forward !

  • Jasmine1972 Legend 923 posts since
    Sep 24, 2009

    I love your story, devil on your shoulder and all!  How many times do we hear those negative thoughts just creeping in?  I continue to feel that when a regular runner whizzes by me on the trail, or when it takes me 1/4 mi to catch up to and pass a walker.  Grrrrr!  I also think there is the weather wuss out there too, whispering in my ear, telling me its too hot or too cold, too windy or too wet, and keeping me from doing what needs to be done.


    Its been a week since the last time I tried a VLR (very long slow run).  That day I started late, it got warm quickly and I convinced my body that I couldn't go as far as I planned, so I "only" did 6.5 mi followed by a mile walk.


    But today, I got up earlier, was well rested and set my mind to do 10 miles today. With my new Garmin watch and HR monitor, I set out and actually had a pretty good run. Temp 73->83. My average HR went up about 1 bpm per mile, so I averaged 150 bpm, at about a 15.5mm pace. Total time 155 mins.  I followed it with a 1.25 mi cool down walk, for a total day of 11.25 mi.


    Yesterday I committed to doing the Nashville Half Marathon on 9/25 by registering for it.  With what I did today, I know that I can finish it, even if I have to walk the last 3 miles.  I went to MapMyRun and figured out the elevation/grade for the HM. After the first mi or so, the next 5 miles is mostly a gradual incline away from the river.  Then it turns around and it is ~5 miles of gradual decline, and finishes with the last 2 miles relatively flat in the riverfront area.  This means we all will have a little gravity assist when we finish the last half of the race - maybe I can run a steady pace thruout.  Plus the ave temps are 82/61. Yeah!


    Going to the docs tomorrow for a mid-year health check. I hope my bloodwork is better, but I know I've only lost about 15 lbs since my last check in January.  Considering all of the mileage I've put it, that's not where I hoped I would be at this time.  The journey continues...

    Jo Ann C

    Started Walking 7/15/09 Weight = 265#; C25K Grad 11/6/09

    8/30/09 5K (62:42) 262# 10/2/10 5K (37:44) 206# 3/26/11 5K (36:42) PR 202#

    6/19/10 10K (83:47) 208# 3/6/11 UAH 10K (79:18) 200#

    6/27/10 IronGirl, Atlanta Tri S 1/3m/B 18m/R 3m (2:42:10) 207#; 5/15/11 - (2:34:08 200)#

    9/25/10 Women's HM, Nashville (3:27:10) 209#, 11/13/10 Huntsville HM (3:17:27) 203#

    2/13/11 Mercedes HM, B'ham (3:02:02) 203#; 3/19/11 Rocket 10mi (2:13:37) PR

    4/30/11 RnR HM Nashville (3:10:12); 5/15/11 5/30/11 Cotton Row 10K (84:36) ;

    6/11/11 Mt. Mania 15K (2:17:12); 7/16/11 Wet Dog Tri (98:56);

    8/13/11 Mtn Lakes Tri; (2:13:32); 8/28 Rocketman Oly Tri; 9/10 Frantic Frog Tri (1:52:35)

    9/24/11 Womens HM (2:54:28) 195# PR; 10/1 Toray 5K (35:35 PR);

    10/15/11 Liz Hurley 5K (36:24); 10/22 Book-it 10K (74:51 PR) 197#;
    11/12/11 Huntsville HM - Target 2:50

  • oldefarmgirl Rookie 4 posts since
    Aug 16, 2010

    Do you folks have any advice to a new C25K runner?  Will be 50 in November, have a stressful job, live on a working farm (who am I kidding, I work on the working farm when I'm not at the office!), and need to find a way to destress, have some "me" time, and get back into good shape (that is if I ever was in good shape!).  The next chapter of my life is at my doorstep, and I see the C25K program as the ultimate opportunity.......

  • lindakay228 Legend 201 posts since
    Apr 11, 2010

    Laura, thanks for the compliment!  Sometimes I get so sidetracked by what I can't do I forget how far I've come and what I can do.


    Calbiker and Coolbikermom - I loved what you both said today.  That's what I have to remember to focus on.  It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, all that matters is what I'm doing and how I'm feeling and what progress I've made.  Not how fast or slow the progress, but the progress.  And to remember it's not about the destination but about the journey and to revel in the journey and not focus on when I can run a half marathon or 10 miles or even 6 miles.


    Oldefarmgirl - Welcome to the group!  Sound like you have a busy life!  I started c25k several months ago, have had a few setbacks with the hot weather and my body not responding as well during the heat, but am still moving forward.  I'm 55 and have never been a runner in my life, and not athletic at all until the last year when I started working on getting healthier.  I did like to hike sometimes, but sometimes was just too much of a couch potato.  So I believe the program is very doable.  One of the main things is to remember to keep your pace slow.  We often start out trying to run too fast and then we are out of steam right away and get discouraged.  So if you find that happening slow down your pace.  Many of us who have done the program have repeated weeks or days when we weren't ready to move on, so don't feel like it's set in stone that you have to complete the program in 9 weeks.  A few find they can even finish it sooner but more of us find that it may take us a little longer.    It's a program made to be tailored to what works for you.  I was doing good, had gotten to where I had finished week 8, but then summer really hit.  Like I said, my body gets more tired when the weather is hot, whether I run in the a/c gym on the treadmill or early when it's cool out.  I've been more tired overall during the summer than I was during the winter and spring.  I've been checked out by the doctor, had bloodwork, can't find a reason so I'm just going to accept that my body is that way and cooler weather should bring renewed abilities.  I'm thinking about currently starting the c25k over or at least go back to week 2 or 3 and working forward again to try to build up my endurance again.  I was really tired last summer but then that's when they found out my thyroid was low.  I was also a total couch potato so I thought that's what it was.  I'm just saying this because each of us will find how our body works and resonds, and I'm learning about mine but also learning to not give up and say it's a reason to just quit because everything, all kinds of exercise, is just too hard.  That was my past way of dealing with my weight and health issues.  So as you go on this journey you will learn things about yourself.  Listen to your body but at the same time don't let it talk you into giving up without a truly valid reason.   I guess I'm saying all this because it really is how amazing it is to me to learn more about myself through this journey and as we work towards new things that often happens.  Most of all, you may or may not love it at first.  Some do, some don't.  But give it a fair shot.

    And if you stick with it I think you will learn to have fun at it!  Good luck


    We're all at varying degrees of ability here as you may have already found out.  I'm glad you've joined us!

    Whole Enchilada 5k, Las Cruces NM 9-26-10 43:32

    All Souls Trail Race, Silver City NM 10-30-10 45:55

    Global Health 5k Run/Walk, Albuquerque NM 11-6-10 40:11

    Ultimate Fitness 8th Annual Turkey Trot 5k, Deming NM 11-25-10 38:35

    New Beginnings 5k Jan 23, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 40:20

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 12, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 39:54

    Bataan Death March Memorial 15 miles March 27, 2011 White Sands Missil Range, NM 4hrs, 48 min 45 sec

    Fort Bayard Wilderness 5k Trail Race May 28, 2011 40:52

    Ultimate Fitness 9th Annual Turkey Trot, Deming NM 11-24-11 35:14

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 11, 2012 Las Cruces NM 38:29

  • Laurelink Pro 70 posts since
    Jul 22, 2010

    You are all wise sages, as well as angels on my shoulder when I am running!  I always return from my runs to see what bit of wisdom and encouragement has been added to the blog and I always find something meaningful!

  • ebela Rookie 6 posts since
    Jul 6, 2010

    I am determined to stick to this running thing.. Hoping to surprise my daughter and husband by showing up for a local 5k run in two weeks that they are running.. I also signed up for the Tufts 10k for women in Oct.. I feel that if I have goals then I can stay focused.. Very excited that I took 1 minute of my mile time.. I was running a 12.30 mile for a 5k . Now I am running a 11:30 for a 5k.. I just don't want to get too enthusiastic and push myself..I would like to be able to run a 10 minute mile... maybe by the Tufts run.... Does this sound realistic?

    UpComing Events:

    Boston Tufts 10K for Women  10/11/10

    Disney Princess Half Marathon 02/27/11

  • BowieLinda Pro 136 posts since
    Jul 8, 2010

    Welcome to the new folks who joined the group!!  I'm still pretty new here too.


    Laurelink, I'm looking around at crosstraining ideas too.  I have done Pilates in the past, have a couple of good DVDs (I'll post titles as soon as I have more time).  It is good for core strength and I know that's something I need to work on some more.  I also have done just free-weight work.  This a.m. I was wandering around the site in the Training area.  There are some great workout suggestions there including some workouts on fitness balls, and a free-weight strength training workout you do barefoot.  That makes good sense to me because the writer points out your feet will be getting a workout that they don't get when you have shoes on.  I've fiddled around doing lunges barefoot, just on a lark, before I began running.  You have to respect your weight limits, but it definitely did seem like that would help develop better balance and strengthen all those bones and muscles in the feet.


    Oldefarmgirl, I agree with others that you want to take it at a pace that is right for you, the hardest thing is to push ourselves firmly but NOT to push too hard.  All of us at our age are, I think, sages, but sometimes we ignore the voices of our sages!  I do a lot of reading when I start to think "I should be running" on days that I know I need to rest or do some other fitness activity.  Reading about race gear, or new recipes for runner nutrition, or this forum's posts, it all helps me to stay motivated and yet to pace myself about the actual runs.  I hope that helps some.



    C25K Training begun (Treadmill) 6/1/10); restarted 7/11/12

    First run OUTDOORS - Club Fun Run 1.75 mile circuit time 26:06:72 on 7/29/10

    Proud C25K Grad, 8/7/10

    College Park Cares 5K Sponsored by Vecna Technologies, Inc. 9/25/10 44:04.4

    Fell off of the regular running routine, experienced the DC Derecho Disaster, and now aiming to get back on track!


    Jug Bay Run for Wildlife 5K 11/3/12

  • Tinpanharry Amateur 14 posts since
    May 30, 2010

    You are all so inspirational.   I ran a 5k last September, running 33:12 having trained for only 3 weeks, running every day.   Then in December I hurt my back, and then again in January.   I had stretches for my back and legs from my physical therapist and I found more at (I run with the micoach pacer device and application - its great).


    I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted for shoes early in the year.  I got a new pair of ASIC Cumulus 12s.  Love the soft landing they provide.  While trying to get back to running, and doing lots of stretching, I pulled my right calf muscle, then my left 2 weeks later, then my right a week later, then my left.  This went on into May.


    Then things seemed to improve.  I ran to-date since late May without injury. I alwasys warm up for 5 minutes, stretch, run about 5k, then stretch for about 10 minutes afterward, focusing on the calves, and hamstrings.   I set a new PR, breaking 30 minutes on the 5k a few weeks ago, running 28:40.


    This Sunday, I ran 4 out of 5k and pulled my left calf again.  I can't figure out what I am doing to cause this!


    Having said all that, I have read so many inspirational stories here that I want to be patient.  The problem is that the 5k for my hometown is on September 11.   I am doing the Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation routine now.  What can I do to speedily recover and prevent re-injury?


    Thanks for your thoughts,


    2010 Sep. 11, Eureka Mo. Lions Club 'Race for Sight' 5k 26"10

    2009 Sep. 12, Eureka Mo. Lions Club 'Race for Sight' 5k 33"10

  • PJ Freeman Pro 115 posts since
    Feb 17, 2009

    What a busy race weekend...Congratulations to all the race runners!  Every thing that we do makes us stronger.  It's exciting to read all the results and celebrate how far we've come.


    DisposableSuperH - 1 1/2 miles of hills seems like too big a chunk to bite off at once.  I'm going to start adding more hill work but in much smaller pieces.  My running club coach said that when we add hills, it should be about a 6% grade and you run up for 1 minute and then down for 2 minutes for recovery and then start back up again.  You do 4-5 reps of that to start and then add more as you get stronger.  I have also read this same formula in a lot of different places.  The coach also talked about strenthening your core so that your upper body can remain upright and strong when your lower body is tiring out on the hill.  I'm going to do my first set of hill work outs tomorrow.  HIlls are not my friends right now.  I'll let you know how it goes.


    Oldefarmgirl - congratulations on starting C25K!  Don't get too hung up on the schedule if it's too much for you at first. When I first started it last year, the long runs were too much too fast for me so I broke it into smaller pieces.  You have to find what works for you.  Also, several of us have found that finding a 5K (or smaller) to sign up for and/or joining a running group helps keep us motivated.


    Ebela - your plan sounds doable if your body can handle it.  Having suffered several injuries/strains myself, I should not have pushed myself as hard and as fast as I did.  Afterwards I wished that I had not been so impatient.  You'll have to be the judge of what's too much.


    Tipanharry - You may have some problems with your gait or something.  It would be good to find a sports doctor/chiropractor or someone who can evaluate what's going on and help correct it.  Personally, I suffered 2 stress fractures last year (I wasn't even running that much yet) and discovered it was because of shin splints that were caused by overpronation.  I have good shoes with inserts to help correct the problem and I'm seeing a sports chiropractor to help with the shin splints.  Also, don't run with cheap, off the shelf shoes.  Go to Road Runner (or some place like that) and have them do an analysis for the kind of shoe you should be running in.  My off the shelf shoes contributed to my problems.

    2010 Coronado Independence Day 5K - 40:12

    2010 AFC 5K - August 15 - 37:32

    2010 End of Summer Fire Run 4mi- August 29 - 49:55

    2010 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay - October 2 - 57:12

    2010 Shelter Island 5K - November 7 - 36:20 PR

    2010 Silver Strand Half Marathon - November 14 - 3:14:05

    2010 Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon - December 5 - 2:58:35

    2010 Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis - December 11 - 37:28

    2011 Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10K - February 13 - 1:25:46

    2011 Lost Dutchman 10K - February 20 - 1:19:11

    2011 Saint Patrick's Day 10K - March 12 - 1:13:48 PR

    2011 Carlsbad 5000 - April 3 - 34:30 PR

    2011 Rock & Roll San Diego HM - June 5 - 2:51:54 PR

    2011 Coronado Independence Day 5K - July 4 - 35:34

    2011 America's Finest City 5 K- August 21 - 34:40


    2011 Rock & Roll Los Angeles - October 30

    2012 Disneyland Tinkerbell Half - January 29

  • Tinpanharry Amateur 14 posts since
    May 30, 2010

    Thanks PJ

    I should have noted... and I will edit my post, that I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted for shoes early in the year.  I got a new pair of ASIC Cumulus 12s.  Love the soft landing they provide.   But perhaps I should check things out with my chiropractor, or see if Fleet Feet thinks I should change shoes.



    2010 Sep. 11, Eureka Mo. Lions Club 'Race for Sight' 5k 26"10

    2009 Sep. 12, Eureka Mo. Lions Club 'Race for Sight' 5k 33"10

  • lindakay228 Legend 201 posts since
    Apr 11, 2010

    Right now my favorite cross training is in the pool.  I do some swimming and I also use styrofoam dumbells that add a lot of resistance in the water, depending on the size you choose for upper body workouts.  You can also do crunches with holding two dumbells to your abdomen with arms folded over them and do while standing.  The dumbells again add resistance.  You can do them to the side also to work the obliques.  You can use a noodle to float on your back and do reverse crunches by drawing your knees in and straightening them, first straight forward then turning knees toward each side for a couple of sets.  There are a lot of other things you can do.  My gym has a pool and all the toys to play with.  Sometimes I go to water classes, which is where I learned  alot of this stuff, and sometimes I go on my own.  There are a lot of lower body exercises also and they have ankle weights I can use.  I don't use them on land but do use them in the water sometimes.

    That's what I'm doing now, although I am planning to add yoga but keep putting it off.  When the weather cools a little I will go back to hiking.  I may also go back to using weight machines or free weights because I change my routine every so often because everything I've read says to do that to keep your body guessing.


    Have a great day everyone!  Onward and Forward!

    Whole Enchilada 5k, Las Cruces NM 9-26-10 43:32

    All Souls Trail Race, Silver City NM 10-30-10 45:55

    Global Health 5k Run/Walk, Albuquerque NM 11-6-10 40:11

    Ultimate Fitness 8th Annual Turkey Trot 5k, Deming NM 11-25-10 38:35

    New Beginnings 5k Jan 23, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 40:20

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 12, 2011 Las Cruces, NM 39:54

    Bataan Death March Memorial 15 miles March 27, 2011 White Sands Missil Range, NM 4hrs, 48 min 45 sec

    Fort Bayard Wilderness 5k Trail Race May 28, 2011 40:52

    Ultimate Fitness 9th Annual Turkey Trot, Deming NM 11-24-11 35:14

    Cupid's Chase 5k Feb 11, 2012 Las Cruces NM 38:29

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