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May 3, 2010
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Jun 2, 2010 6:14 PM

c25k Week 4 and frustrated

Hi all!


Excited to be here!  I was a very serious runner about ten years ago, who went from childhood to teenage runner and never experienced building a was built in!  Advised during bad injuries ten years ago to pick one, my horseback riding (also very serious) or running...I chose the horses.  No regrets!  But years later I decided to get back to running and to make a long story short, c25k looked like a very good way to get my woeful knees used to the running routine again without overstressing.  I am lucky in that I am very fit from the horses and very much love running (OH how I missed it!), but...


I am frustrated!  I am in week 4, and feel I am hitting a wall!  I was exhausted going into my final 5 minute run, and "half mile" ha, yeah right (pace I still remember very well! =) ).    I finished it, but I could probably walk faster than I was jogging.  I know this has nothing to do with speed, and I'm not going for speed, but this is the first time I was truly exhausted and concerned about ability to finish on one of the runs.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It was all I could do not to walk in the last minute or did this bode for continuing on?


My thought is I will need more than a week here.  I would love some other opinions!  If I had my way, I would run every day but I know that's a poor idea on the knees right now.  How did you get past that distressing feeling of exhaustion?  Controlling my breathing I can do, adjusting gait I can do.  What did you need to do to get past that and feel confident to go on?


As an aside, I am planning on my first 5k on 7/24.  Seemed a reasonable goal, gives me 3 weeks extra room.  I do also throw in hill work on "off" days, pilates, and of course my horses...and that is some pretty serious exercise too!


Thanks for any opinions!  I think I am lacking in confidence and when it comes to running, it's never been a problem before.


Oh, PS!  HUGE positive in that my knees have held up and I think they'll stay here with proper care...very exciting for me!  Big kudos to my running store for fitting me in great shoes that really do the job...I know I'm a PITA to fit and always was, and for Nicole's Podcasts, which are nice so I don't have to wear a watch!

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    1. Jun 2, 2010 6:54 PM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated



    There is a post Top 10 pieces of advise for a   that I found to be very helpful.  It talks about what you are going through.  I hope you can access the link I put in.


    Good running

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    2. Jun 2, 2010 8:08 PM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    I completely hear ya.  I was steadily progressing and had completed W4D2.  I was going okay, not great, but I was jogging when I was supposed to be jogging and finishing the intervals.  Then I got derailed for two weeks because of a medical problem.  When I went back, I decided to do W4 over and man, I've been struggling!  Again, I got through W4D2.  Today, I thought, okay, I'll try W5D1.  The 1st 5 minute interval was okay but I was DYING by the end of the 2nd 5 minute interval and I was going REALLY SLOW.  I had trouble catching my breath by the time the 3rd 5 minute interval rolled around so I just kept walking and tried jogging the last 3 minutes.  I was only able to jog the last 2.5 minutes and by then, I couldn't even do a slow bounce-jog and I was feeling a bit nauseated.


    I'm feeling discouraged, as I don't feel like I'm building enough endurance, even though I'm going at a snail's pace.  My plan is to keep doing W4 until I feel like I'm up for W5.  I can't possibly jog slower than I already am.


    Good luck!  Keep pushing through... that's what try to tell myself.

    Angel from CA

    I might be slow but I'm tryin'

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    3. Jun 2, 2010 8:20 PM (in response to SlowlyTryin')
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    How does the weather this week compare to previous weeks?  If it's much warmer, you have to slow down.  And even though you say you're running slowly, the most common reason for beginning runners to be out of breath is running too fast.  You should be running at a "conversational pace".  That is, you should be able to talk in short sentences while running.  Slowing by even 15 to 30 seconds per mile can make a big difference.  And just what did that comment about "hill work" mean?  If you're going to follow the plan, follow the plan.




  • ThreeLittlePigz Rookie 6 posts since
    Jun 2, 2010
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    4. Jun 3, 2010 5:14 AM (in response to SlowlyTryin')
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    Aggie, Sara ...


    Len is spot on .... as someone with 1 billion posts should be.  He told me exactly this a couple of months ago when I was struggling with (Guess what, week 4 day 2).  I WAS running too fast, though it didn't SEEM that way because I was much slower than most perople out jogging - but guess what? - They'd probably been joggin for years - they may have been Olympians as far as I know.


    So, the message is - Don't let your pride get in the way of finishing your daily goal.  REALLY slow down - especially on the first 1K or 2K, Aggie - If you get breathless quickly (in the first 5) it's almost impossible to finish the third one.  Believe me from experience - you'll feel like a million pounds (dollars, euros, etc..) if you finish the three 5's with a bit left in the tank.


    And Sara - Being super fit in one sport is no way a guarantee to being even moderately fit in another one.  I played football (soccer) for 30 years until I had to stop late last year because I injured my calf badly.  I was 'as fit as a butcher's dog' (as we say over here in England).  But ... I couldn't finish Week ONE of c25k at the end of January.  I was embarrassed.  By the time of week 4 (which took me about 7 weeks to complete), I was gasping for air - until Len and others gave me the advice I didn't really want to accept - pride again, you see.......


    Now I'm about to do a five miler+ (next Monday), have (for me) a fast 5K under my belt and I L-O-V-E getting out to run.


    Moral of the story?  - Listen to Len.  He's spot on.


    Take care - stay safe



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    5. Jun 3, 2010 5:40 AM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    +1 re: the weather and slowing down.  Fatigue could also be an issue.  I know you're on the set C25K plan, but consider taking a little bit of rest every fourth week.  There's nothing wrong with skipping one workout and allowing your body to rest.  - The Place for Sports Watches

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    6. Jun 3, 2010 10:41 PM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    I am in exactly the same spot.  Week 4 Day 2 today.  Thought I would die that last jog!  I did slow down and made it and for that I am glad.  Thanks for the advice on speed.  C25k is all I am doing - nothing on off days.  Is that o.k. or should I be doing cross training?  Any advice?

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    8. Jun 4, 2010 9:11 AM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    Wow...just joined this site and found the same problems I've had.  Had been a runner on and off most of my life, but at 52 yrs. old, had quit because it was just so hard keeping up a routine running program.  Decided to do C25K to get back on track.  Weeks 1 to 3 were a piece of cake -- even added a day to the plan and a few minutes to each day's run.


    Week 4, however, has been a different story.  The last 5 minute run has been AGONIZING.  The first 3 days I finally gave up and walked after three minutes.  Yesterday, however (last day of week 4), I finally made it the whole way.  Has been very hot (live in south Tennessee) and run late in the day so fatique could have been a factor.  Off today and may start week 5 tomorrow morning.

  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
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    9. Jun 4, 2010 11:13 AM (in response to saratogaslim)
    Re: c25k Week 4 and frustrated

    Saratogaslim - I'm a big proponent of hill work for runners.  It's just not something usually in the C25K mix.  I agree cross-training is OK, just not so much that you have a hard time completing the C25K workouts.




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