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  • ChasingShadows Amateur 15 posts since
    Dec 4, 2009

    Well this post was just what I needed! I'm training for my first HM Oct 2nd and while I am really excited about it, I've been struggling a llittle in the past few weeks.


    I am also following Hal Higdon's novice plan but as I started with plenty of time to spare I decided to amp up my runs up by 1/2 mile a week and take it slowly. My longest run two weeks ago was 7.5 miles but I had a bad week last week as a friend from overseas was in town and then I had to work two overnight shifts which tired me out so I'm finding it hard get back into the groove. I also am finding it a lot harder than I expected to run in the heat of late. Much as I would love to run early every morning, my work schedule means that some days I am working til 1am and others I am getting up at 5am and it varies day to day and week to week. Maybe I am stressing out about it a little too much. I was planning on upping my long runs come August (I would like to run the full distance at least once before the race) but have a few questions about when one should rest before the race? Is one easy week the week before the race the norm?


    It's motivating to hear everyone's stories. Thanks much!

  • donnamacd Pro 120 posts since
    Nov 4, 2007

    This week's training LSD called for a 7 miler, so I went to the local state park for what was billed as a 3.6 mile trail.  I did it twice (pant, pant), and my new Nike + said I had walked 8.4 miles!  Yay!  I guess tacking back and forth over the rocks and gullies added some distance. 



    "You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind." ...and you can't train for a race by thinking about it - you have to put in the miles.

  • SMARIETTA Legend 302 posts since
    Oct 3, 2009

    I got up at 5:00am today-had a cup of fresh coffee and a peanutbutter and strawberry jam on whole wheat sandwhich--and was  running on the trail by 5:45


    sun just coming up-heavy fog in the big meadows and coming up off the lake-temp in the high 50's.


    today's "long" run is only 6-1/2 miles-was very easy. I start out slow-and try to pick up the pace a bit each loop.- I was running on a 1.6 mile trail-so I figure 4 loops plus about 160 strides is close enough to 6-1/2 miles.- loops 3 and 4 I really try to pick up the pace-and really pour it on the last 1/2 mile or so. I am only adding 1/2 mile per week to my long runs-and I want to be strong enough to really pick up the tempo  for the last 1/2 mile each week-so far so good.


    Other than bugs and chipmunks- no wildlife this morning


    I decided yesterday- that after two 4th of july beers today- I am gonna give up beer untill after the 1/2 marathon october 10.- I was  slowly  losing weight through the winter with no beer- but once warm weather arrived I have been drinking one beer or at most two beers each afternoon after work-and the weight is beginning to creep back on.


    all in all I was REALLY happy with how strong I felt after the run this morning- completely confident I could have EASILY run another loop---or more.


    I have a house full of young people today- my sons and their friends-with more arriving later.- i am gonna go watch  Wimbleton now-and after that some grillin is gonna start( if the hung over kids get up!)


    I am informed we have a variety of things being grilled today-a leg of lamb that has been de-boned and butterflied, goat ribs( believe it or not)-various kebobs,burgers, sausages etc.- I don't come from a grilling culture- but my college aged sons and their friends-are being"experimental'- I guess it will accompany the  mega cornhole tournament and beer consumption


    Best wishes all,


  • ChasingShadows Amateur 15 posts since
    Dec 4, 2009

    Hope everyone had a great 4th July! I ate way too much but it was worth it! Thank you for the encouragement DIsneygal, at the last minute I decided to run a local 8mile race in my area and because I wasn't expecting much from it, it was a lot of fun. The course was all rolling hills around a lake and it was a beautiful day. I finished close to last (1h 30) but as my training as been not been where it should have been the last 2 weeks I was okay with that - it made me determined to step it up in the next three months. Do any of you have races planned over the summer before the big race that you are training for? I found it a nice boost in motivation....and I felt less guilty about those 4th July beers

  • Bett Williams Rookie 4 posts since
    Mar 21, 2009

    Well, yesterday I went out for my last long run , a planned 7 miler, before the half marathon next Saturday.  Let me tell you folks, it was ugly.  I woke up and I just didnt feel right, but I went out anyway.  I pulled up with a bit of a tweak in my right knee at about 4.8 miles.  Not wanting to take any chances, I just called for a ride back home.  I think I made the right call.  My legs felt like cement bricks.  My knee felt tweaked.  It was awful.  16 minute paces felt hard.  I dont think forcing myself through the remaining 2.2 miles would have benefited me at all, and might have gotten me injured.  Inevitably, I panicked, but I want you to keep reading and go through what I forced myself to think about yesterday and today.


    I'm going to blame this worst-run-ever on poor nutrition and sleep for the past 4 days, plus a 4 day hiatus from running.  My previous run had been the wednesday prior, and my legs were pretty tired on that one too.


    This week I'm going to focus on good nutrition, aiming for 400 grams of carbohydrates each day, and getting at least a full 8 hour sleep every night.  I took today off from running, and tomorrow I'll probably do 2 miles at HM pace, followed by an easy 2-3 on Wednesday, and another 2 mile at pace on Thursday, with some strides.  Friday I will take off.  Saturday is the big day.  I picked up my race packet today.  I upped the carb intake yesterday, and although it might totally be a placebo, my legs are already feeling like they are recovering, and the tweak in the knee was no more than that, a tweak that's no longer an issue. 


    If anybody is reading this and can get anything  at all out of it, it's that the worst thing you can do a week before your race is panic about your fitness.  Be logical about it, and above all, stay positive.  I have spent a lot of time on the roads leading up to this race, and my fitness is about the same or better than it was last year when I'd completed an entire 16 week program for the HM.  This race is not my "A" race (that's the Marathon in October).  so really, there's no reason to panic.  Just believe in yourself, and get out there and enjoy yourself.  Just think about the pressure elite athletes must be under when they have to race - if they don't win or place, they dont even get paid!  We are doing this for ourselves, for our own enjoyment, and for our own sense of accomplishment, not to put food on the table or keep a shelter over our heads. 


    I hope this helps somebody this week.  I know it helps me just to write it down.  Good luck to everybody out there.  I'll be back with hopefully, a successful race report next weekend.

  • ChasingShadows Amateur 15 posts since
    Dec 4, 2009

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes Bett, Good Luck!

  • PaintingLady Legend 906 posts since
    Dec 12, 2009

    Bett, thanks for sharing your experience. We all must realize that this is supposed to be fun and if we push ourselves too hard to cause injury, we accomplish nothing. We must listen to our body and trust our instincts. Good luck with your HM.


    Marie from Tennessee

    Training for Disney 2013 Goofy Challenge.....Yes, I'm certifiably CRAZY!

    61 year olds must be out of their minds to run a half marathon followed by a full the next day!

    Disney Half Marathon 1/7/2012 2:37:59

    Bear Hunt 5K 9/24/11 28:28 pb

    Trojan Trek Trail 5K 8/6/11 31:45

    Expo 10K 5/28/11 1:01:28,

    Expo 10K 5/26/12 1:05:39

    Eastman 10K 9/8/2012 1:01:11 pb

    "Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

  • Bett Williams Rookie 4 posts since
    Mar 21, 2009

    Finished the half marathon today.  Not a stellar time: 3:27 or so.  But, I'm not too disappointed.  I've only been training for about 6 weeks, and this run was actually right on target with my overall marathon training.  (Two weeks ago, I did a 12 miler with the exact same average pace, so, that's pretty cool).  I was pretty close to last place, and a bunch of people walked it faster than me!  Ah well, I guess I'm just comfortable in the back of the pack.  I did quite a bit of walking in the second half of the race, although I was very pleased with my 10K time of 1:30.  Obviously, the second half of the course I bonked, because I was on good target for 3:10 or so until miles 8-9.  My legs just had nothing left in them, so I walked a lot more from that point onwards. 


    Weather was was a bit worrisome what with the heat wave we've been having in Ohio the past two weeks: most days the high was in the 90s, with high humidity, and lows at night never got below 70.  But, luckily, it cooled down considerably yesterday, and it was a very comfortable 65 degrees or so at the start.  Can't complain a bit.


    Comparing this race to my first HM experience, last August (finished in 3:18), I was able to handle the mental rough spots MUCH better this time.  It helps a lot when you've gone through the experience before and can just know that the low points will pass, and you just keep running through them.  I probably hit my lowest emotional point between miles 7-9.  But, I got through it OK, although my legs did not want to do much after that point!


    I want to congratulate all the runners and walkers that participated.  The race was well organized, with great water stops (they hadn't even run out of water for me at the back of the pack!).  All in all, I'm pleased with how the day went, but I know that I can, and will do better in the weeks to come.  Hmmm...I only have to run 13.1 or farther 9 more times between now and the Big One on October 17.  Yikes!

  • SMARIETTA Legend 302 posts since
    Oct 3, 2009

    congrat's on finishing your half marathon Bett.


    I have 12-13 weeks untill MY first half marathon  on October 10.


    this morning my long run was 7 miles-and I did it on the  half marathon course. Over the next 12 weeks, my long runs will be on  various portions of the course.

    Today i ran one particular section of the course-1.75 miles, 4 times-so I  am reasonably familiar with that section-and I will build out from there so that by race day I will know the entire course inside and out upside down and backwards.


    also running tuesdays and thursdays-started last week  to incorporate a HUGE freaking hill run into my tuesday run-and trying to  run all of thursday runs considerably uptempo.


    drank about of pint of ice/slushie gatorade before the run-and the temp was coolish/60's- so the run went well.

    I figure I am running 7 miles now---and I will bite off another 1/2 mile each week untill I can swollow this entire "half" on october 10


    Best wishes all,


  • TIPPET 7 Pro 64 posts since
    Mar 25, 2008

    I am running a 1/2 marathon in October and I am doing Hal Higdon's 12 week training program for novice. I am starting week 1 training today.   I just finished 2 5k's and can run 3 miles comfortably with 11mm.  Do you think I will have enough time between now and October to finish the program ok?  I see all these post about "my long run 7 miles and that scares me to death"  I was wanting to add 1/2 mile each week but my timeframe won't give me that option.  Guess I just need to suck it up and go.

  • SMARIETTA Legend 302 posts since
    Oct 3, 2009

    hope everyone is doing well------ the HEAT here is brutal the last 2 weeks or so.- i have had the air conditioning on for about 2 weeks now- usually run it maybe 2-3 DAYS per year.


    I have been still running 3 days/week- but it's tough when it's almost 80 before 6:00 AM


    Last sunday my long run was 7.5 miles- which I just about made it through-crashed and burned about 100 yards from the end and had to walk the last 100


    struggled this week on the short midweek runs- a real challenge to get through even short 3 miles


    this morning- supposed to do 8 miles-crashed and burned in the heat/humidity after about 4 miles-4 VERY slow miles-walked another couple miles though.


    Really disheartening as my legs feel GREAT- my lungs feel GREAT- but I just ain't cutting it in the humidity no matter how slow I run.

    I am absolutely positive i could go out and do 8-10 miles- if it was 60 degrees.


    gonna try for 2 short mid week runs of 4 miles this week--and re-attempt the 8 mile run next sunday if we can get temps  and humidity back down to a survivable level.

    gotta say- my legs feel really,really really  good.


    Best wishes ,all


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