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May 24, 2010
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Jul 8, 2010 12:19 PM

Enjoying a Trail with Spiderwebs and Horseflies??? How do you do it?

(Warning:This is going to be a bit long)I've been in love and fully engaged with running since May when I joined Jumpstart at the Evansville Y, I've always been fascinated by it since my sister was in cross country back in high school (like 8 or 9 years ago) but my breathing technique was bad, my pacing was bad, and I was so horribly shy with people I could not function properly knowing I was being watched. Now, I can't stand the idea of not running, since becoming comfortable with running on the treadmill almost two weeks ago, I've reached 20 minutes running between 5.5mph and 6mph nonstop, with 10 minutes of walking, reaching 3 miles; but so far with Jumpstart I'd run 5 min/walk 5 min for 2.75 miles. I love running on trails, Wesselmans Nature Preserve has some great trails, but in the mornings there are so many spider webs, I'm literally wearing myself out trying to get them off of me. And don't get me started on Audubon in Henderson, KY; there must be some evil Horsefly, because as soon as I start on those trails I feel I am running for my life, I can not see her fast enough but she is always buzzing around me and has landed on me 3 or 4 times. Last time I went there, I made it 1.80 miles and almost didn't make it back to my vehicle I was so tired of running from this winged demon. That was back in the beginning of June and I haven't gone back, but I love the trails in Audubon, the uphills and the terrain are awesome for running but I do not want to deal with these monsters. Does anyone else go through this or is there some secret I am missing????? Please help me, right now it's too hot to run outside, I've been stuck on the treadmill for 2 weeks (not quite complaining since I can work on my running time and mileage), and running on the trails feel so much better even in the heat. Please, if you have any advice or you've experienced this before, let me know so I don't feel alone

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    Jun 24, 2010

    You could try these sticky patches for hats to help with the flies.  I haven't tried them myself but I've seen other people claim they are effective.  On warm days during a 40 minute run on one of my jogging routes I'll attract anywhere between 10-20 deer flies (fortunately not all at one time!).  I can spend a quarter of the jog swatting at flies (does that count as cross-training?).  Eventually I kill or drive them all away and don't get bit very often.  If I want to get away from them I pick another trail closer that has few flies, but unfortunately has many more mosquitos.  I look forward to September when bugs become less of a nuisance.

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    I’ve never found a good solution for either problem.  The flies should be seasonal so they will get better when the weather cools off.  I posted a similar question a few months ago and my favorite response was to “run faster.”


    As for spider webs, just try not to be the first person on the trail in the morning.  When I used to backpack I got in the habit of carrying a small stick to clear the way and I still managed to frequently walk right into them, usually face first.


    I’m interested to see if anyone has a good solution.

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    I unfortunately do not have an answer, though I wish I did. I had this same problem this morning for the first time this summer. I felt like that kid from Charley Brown that has the flies circling his head all the time!


    Does bug spray work?

  • Sjo71 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jun 3, 2009

    I recently ran a 3.5 hour long run on a trail with a large supply of deer flies.  I put some skin so soft on my legs and wiped my upper body and head with a dryer sheet, then I stuffed it under the back of my hat and let it flap, this seemed to work, I was bit once under my GPS band, but I think sweating wore of the chemicals after 3 hours.

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    Mar 20, 2008

    I do a lot of early morning trail running and have run into the Spiderweb problem often, and it always freaked me out...  what I do is run with a stick that I hold out in front of me to clear the way.  flies are generally not an issue if you run early in the morning.



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    Aug 5, 2010

    I'm new here so when this caught my eye I thought what better place for my 1st post since spiders and creepy's freak me out. All my running is trails so I hit lot's and lot's of spider webs but the web isn't the bad part what scares me is where's the spider is it on me or what? I have a new running partner so our 1st time out I hit this gigantic thick web I'm talking like a net across my face so then I started rubbing myself off freaking out at the size spider it had to be by a web like that and I nearly ran into the side of the hill not paying attention. Real graceful trying to impress the new partner. But that's all I do if I hit a web I do a quick brush off and just keep going. I don't use product it sweats off anyway and gets in my eyes so I just go without but I'm always looking out for webs and creepy crawley's.


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