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Aug 2, 2010 1:05 PM

Training for first half have nutrition, hydration, weight concerns/questions

I'm training for my first half marathon.  I've run a couple 5ks and a the goshen Turkey Trot which I think is a 10K.  I just did my first 10 mile run yesterday, at a 10m 30 sec. estimated mile pace.   I don't run during the week, and I've been doing long runs just about every weekend.  I just went through some of the calculator items on this site and discovered that I have a body fat % of 31.  Is that normal?  And I have a low bmi (19).  Has anyone else used this body fat calculator?  Is it accurate?  Should I be concerned that it's telling me I have enough body fat to be obese but I'm actually 2 pounds less than the minimum weight for my height?  It doesn't make any sense. 

In Connecticut we've been having some record high temps with high humidity and I've lately been getting dehyrated to the point where I have to stop running or risk passing out.  This seems to happen despite how much I hydrate.  Am I not hydrating properly?  Should I be doing something different.  I'm also looking for any training tips to help prepare me for the half-marathon. Any suggestions on how to not lose energy after mile 9 would also be greatly appreciated.  I haven't tried any of those carb gel thingy's yet.  Maybe that's what I need, but I really have no clue. 

Jenny Golfin

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    I also have trouble with the BMI/body fat calculators.  I actually bought one and still am getting odd results!  (Keep in mind that women usually have a higher body fat% then men, so make sure you're looking at a sex-specific chart).  I would suggest going to your pcp to get accurate information and his/her advice.  My general opinion would be if you're exercising regularly, eating correctly and feeling great, then you're probably in "normal range" regardless of what a calculator says.

    I live in the Northeast as well, and the high temps/humidity are brutal.  If you're feeling dehydrated to the point you may pass out, that's not right!  Are you hydrating throughout your run?  For me, that is key during long runs.  Perhaps also try some sports drinks before/during your run to keep your sodium level up.

    As far as the 9-10 mile wall, I think that's common!  I have trouble at 10 miles.  I think you should definitely look into some gels or gummy chews to use during your run.  It's really a matter of personal preference.  (I like the hammer gel in vanilla or the honey-stinger gel stuff!)  But if you're up to 10 miles, you need to be restoring your energy during your run!  Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Here's the beginner's half-marathon training plan that I've been using - - - - I'm on week 10 of the plan; my half is August 22.  I've been following it for the most part, although I haven't always done the shorter runs during the week.  For my long runs on the weekend, I put a gel or small energy bar in my pocket, and usually break it out around mile 7 or 8.  I try to get up 1 hour before I run (which is early, as it's also been hot & humid in Colorado).  I drink water right away, and eat a small energy bar.  I have to cut off the water 30 minutes before I run, so I don't have issues with going to the bathroom.  I've been experimenting with water during my long runs.  Last weekend, I did a loop, and placed a water bottle at the half way point.  I'm going to look for a hydration belt tomorrow (basically small water bottle that hook onto the belt.  But, I think something to eat during the run is the key, I think.  I thought I read somewhere it take 15 minutes to kick in.  So, if you're losing energy around mile 9, you should be eating something around mile 7.  I haven't tried the sports jelly beans, but I heard those are good also.


    And, I wouldn't worry too much about your body fat.  How do you feel?  I've found that as I've been running, my weight hasn't necessarily been dropping, but my pants are getting loose.


    Good luck on your half marathon.




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    Jenny- nutrition issues have plagued me as well until I started this shake supplement. Definitely worth checking out-


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