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Aug 9, 2010 3:49 PM

Training Issues...

So I ran a half-marathon today to train for my first marathon. I have two problems that I need help with.


1) First off, I get pretty annoying shin-splint pain during the first three miles of my runs. I spend a decent amount of time stretching and I have been trying to land on the balls of my feet (especially running downhill). The interesting thing is that the pain dissipates after those first three miles. Any hypothesis as to what is going on or what I should do?


2) My second problem has to do with breathing when I finish a long run. Today, I went to take in a few deep breathes and started coughing like there was someone tickling the deepest part of my throat. Needless to say, I did not enjoy this cough attack. I felt fine during the run. Is this a lack of endurance issue? Does humidity have anything to do with it?


In other news, my iPod stopwatch just decided to pause itself around mile 9--so that was great too.


If you could help address one or both of these Qs, I would appreciate it.

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    1. Aug 9, 2010 6:21 PM (in response to SPD05)
    Re: Training Issues...



    That's good news that your shin splint pain is going away after a few miles. If it were getting worse, that'd be a bad sign. I'd recommend you not stretch before you run - instead, do about 10 minutes of light strength exercises, dynamic exercises, and running drills to warm up your body, increase your range of motion, and get your legs ready to run.


    Landing on the balls of your feet can be pretty aggressive if you're not used to it. The most efficient way of running is landing on your midfoot, but again this is secondary to landing underneath your center of mass. Try to take 180 steps per minute (your running cadence) as this will put less stress on your legs.


    Also, for your shin splints, I wrote up a piece about getting rid of them here: I hope it helps!


    Has your breathing problem been around for a long time? If it's happened only once or twice and seems random, I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes these things happen. Otherwise, it could be a variety of things - fatigue (which will get better as you get stronger), air quality, or dry air. Humidity usually helps with coughing, in my experience and talking with other runners. It's probably not an endurance issue with your lungs or diaphragm, but a lot of offbeat aches and pains will go away as you start to run more and more consistently.


    Good luck with your first marathon! Which one are you training for?

    - Fitz.

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    2. Aug 9, 2010 6:25 PM (in response to JasonFitz1)
    Re: Training Issues...

    Oh no, not the 180 steps per minute demon again...


    Good luck with that.

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    3. Aug 9, 2010 8:31 PM (in response to SPD05)
    Re: Training Issues...

    I suffered with shin splints constantly it was ridiculous.  I would be recovering from them more then I was running every year.   I now wear shin compression sleeves (since April) and knock wood, they are gone.  Amazing.  People at races who wear them have come up to me and said they have had great success with them.   I got mine at Footsmart but just google them.  Good luck.


    Oh and my I-pod quit today too,  3 miles into a 7 mile run.  It was from the humidity and sweat.  It came back to life later on.

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