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Not making progress

First post...   I';ve been running for about 4 w...

HollyH923 1 week ago by Kelly1066 1,820 5
Advice For a Novice

I have picked up running to improve my health and lose...

David655 2 weeks ago by DebVee 566 2
A little support needed

I've been running off and on for the last 12 years. Ab...

Vespagirl4 2 weeks ago by Kelly1066 442 2
Heart Rate Monitor Question

I recently got a heart rate monitor and I'm more confu...

PaulP8247 1 month ago by lenzlaw 473 1
200+ Pound Club!

Hey all!  Welcome!  This started out as a th...

Wideguy 1 month ago by JeffBrelin 3,073,451 11,415
Trying to start again

Hey, so im talking more about sprinting about 200-300m...

manueljones0 3 months ago by manueljones0 794 0
Should I advance a week if I'm not running the whole time?

Hi, first time poster, since I couldn't find the answe...

Nighthawk700 4 months ago by Nighthawk700 2,287 4
Warmup & shin/achilles issues

I've recently started running again after many years a...

TheLegend33 4 months ago by TheLegend33 658 0
starting running after 40+ year layoff

Hi, My question involves how quickly to increase my m...

AlbertGaudin0 4 months ago by Nemonz 1,776 3
Starting again, how long is too long

Hi,   I am starting my running again after a yea...

MinnTurtle 4 months ago by lenzlaw 1,005 1
Check out my new Vlog for Beginners!

I feel as if people are sometimes lost in the running ...

breathingrunner 4 months ago by breathingrunner 673 0
C25K support thread

Hi! I used to be a member here several years ago, and ...

Amethysterical 5 months ago by Trooper71 4,941 31
How can I become faster?

Hello!   My name is Stella and I am new to this...

SisiStrange 5 months ago by Kelly1066 2,331 3
Anyone here?

Is there anybody in Tampere, Finland?  Looking fo...

Trooper71 5 months ago by Trooper71 553 0
Hi Everyone!!

I about to start C25K and really need some motivation ...

Trooper71 5 months ago by Trooper71 584 0
Realistic Goals

Hey everyone!   I've started running, and I've b...

MikeCook48 5 months ago by MikeCook48 740 0
Sports Day Family Fun Run Idea, Any Takers?

Hi,     I would just like to put this idea ...

LewisHunt 6 months ago by LewisHunt 609 0
Best Sports Bra

Any recommendations for a high impact sports bras for ...

Vallee10 6 months ago by adsequar 2,410 5
Exercise and willpower

OK, I'm lazy and I've never been into exercise or spor...

Boudica99 6 months ago by Kelly1066 2,735 6
Beginners - This Ultimate Guide to Beginner Fitness is for you.

Starting something new can be hard if you don't know w...

FitCiaran 7 months ago by FitCiaran 1,444 0




A Group for "masters" runners who have completed Couch-to-5K

Looking for the Half Marathon Trainers Group?