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starting running after 40+ year layoff

Hi, My question involves how quickly to increase my m...

AlbertGaudin0 4 days ago by AlbertGaudin0 218 0
Running surface question

I have run in the past, but it's been several years du...

KimBrrr 1 week ago by justamaniac 280 1
Started C25K yesterday, sore/tight left calf muscle only? muscle imbalance?

I decided to finally start C25K, and I'm doing a Tuesd...

tigim101 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 604 4
100 pounds overweight

  New here!  I am about to turn 39, and 100 ...

JaquelynWadeSchultz 2 weeks ago by JaquelynWadeSchultz 573 3
How can I become faster?

Hello!   My name is Stella and I am new to this...

SisiStrange 3 weeks ago by justamaniac 533 2

Hello,   I've stumbled on to this forum after ru...

RunningParrot 4 weeks ago by Imgellin 571 4
Exercise and willpower

OK, I'm lazy and I've never been into exercise or spor...

Boudica99 1 month ago by MadellineWeidanz 958 5
Motivate Me Please!

I use to run 5 miles each work.  I've done multip...

Darinalee 1 month ago by MadellineWeidanz 4,973 11
What do you think?


MeganToffoli 1 month ago by MadellineWeidanz 494 4
push through or stop? advice please

I am due to run my last day of week 3 in a C25K progra...

lckendel 1 month ago by RunningParrot 637 3
Best Sports Bra

Any recommendations for a high impact sports bras for ...

Vallee10 1 month ago by pidgeon92 1,067 5
200+ Pound Club!

Hey all!  Welcome!  This started out as a th...

Wideguy 1 month ago by SpartanJD01 2,567,568 11,408
Loss of Motivation W5D3

Hi All,   Eight days ago I made an attempt at th...

SuperDuperSlow 1 month ago by 57778226 779 3
Shin Splint question for overweight newbie

Hi Everyone. I am new to ALL this. I ran in school and...

Dazzled 1 month ago by JeramiahD 2,235 8
Accountability Partner: Reversing Atrophy and Wedding Date

Hello Everyone, I am really excited about doing C25...

EclecticJello 2 months ago by justamaniac 414 2
My greetings...

Hi,  my name is Vladimir and I'm starting to run!...

RunningRacks 3 months ago by Imgellin 507 2
Too Ambitious?

About a year ago, after my second C-Section, I tried r...

NewbiewithAmbition 3 months ago by Imgellin 971 8
couch to 5K help

I recently purchased the Couch to 5K app.  During...

PauletteVanAntwerp 3 months ago by PauletteVanAntwerp 568 0
is this improvement possible?

Hey guys, I am in the USMCR and a few years ago I suff...

jtown0844 3 months ago by jtown0844 374 0
For anyone interested in a free running ebook

Assuming you are using a Kindle, it's currently free o...

Progman26.2 3 months ago by Progman26.2 334 0




A Group for "masters" runners who have completed Couch-to-5K

Looking for the Half Marathon Trainers Group?