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How to get over fatigue while running?

I live in New York City and last summer I started runn...

EnyG 1 day ago by EnyG 128 0
Can I add strength training on off days? Best way?

I'm beginning Couch to 5K.  Currently on week 3.&...

madra 1 day ago by PlankPose 290 2
Beginning C25K and calf muscles burn

I'm a very new runner. I just started doing the c25k p...

HeidiKratcha 2 days ago by lenzlaw 162 1
How to stop overextending?

I am new to running and keep getting sidelined by knee...

bmcm1 2 days ago by lenzlaw 108 1
Trouble with the Active registration process

I don't like the Active registration process!  &...

purpler8n 3 days ago by purpler8n 296 0
Where to start?

Hi, after many years of watching all my friends and fa...

SallyBrochocka 2 weeks ago by Haselsmasher 513 1
200+ Pound Club!

Hey all!  Welcome!  This started out as a th...

Wideguy 3 weeks ago by ?Fran76 3,416,660 11,418
Repeating weeks in C25K

Are there any general guidelines for when it is a good...

DanCas 1 month ago by DanCas 687 2

My 11 year old son just ran a 5:58 mile for his Presid...

JenS82686 2 months ago by lenzlaw 712 1
Call for first time marathon runners!

Interested in the change in your body and running styl...

YingFang1 2 months ago by YingFang1 615 0
Advice for Fitbit tracker

Hi everyone,   I am a casual runner and jogger, ...

DanWilliams158 2 months ago by Centex Hokie 831 1
Doing it again, and this time I KNOW I can!

Hi guys! My story: about 3 years ago I was in a bad p...

carotello 2 months ago by carotello 819 2
Getting started with messed up feet

I've had trouble getting running in the past and am lo...

AdamLinderman 2 months ago by AdamLinderman 943 3
I want to do this-can I do this??

Hi all. So, I'm a 51 year old woman who currently weig...

JonnaBrewer0 2 months ago by DarrenT68 2,438 7
Starting to run, prep for a 4 mile race

Hi, I'm 27 years old and just starting to run after a ...

KG972017 2 months ago by lenzlaw 844 1
Day 1 tomorrow with the c25k

Have been using a printout of the C25k on a treadmill ...

DavidM1720614 2 months ago by VeaFitness 1,146 2
A little support needed

I've been running off and on for the last 12 years. Ab...

Vespagirl4 3 months ago by VeaFitness 2,576 7
Hill run tips

I used the C25K training program to train for a local ...

JamesThompson4716 3 months ago by DanielGraham35 1,101 3
Not making progress

First post...   I';ve been running for about 4 w...

HollyH923 3 months ago by DavidM1720614 4,643 9
I need some guidance with becoming a runner

I am currently weight lifting 4 times a week and have ...

JonathanKelley12 3 months ago by lenzlaw 1,543 3




A Group for "masters" runners who have completed Couch-to-5K

Looking for the Half Marathon Trainers Group?