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16u Indiana Diamond Batz RS looking for a pitcher 1 day ago by Batz.RS.16U Batz.RS.16U
Indiana Shockwaves Cox/Sinders looking for 1..... 2 days ago by WavesCoach21 WavesCoach21
************MVP 14U looking for 2 players**** 2 days ago by soriano2013 soriano2013
Indiana Shockwaves - Revercomb (14U) looking for one player 3 days ago by ShockCoachRev ShockCoachRev
IMW 99 looking for a catcher 3 days ago by CoachMHayes CoachMHayes
Re: Indiana Shock 10U - Seeking Two Players 3 days ago by Shock Softball Shock Softball
16u Indiana Diamond Batz RS looking for a catcher 4 days ago by Batz.RS.16U Batz.RS.16U
INDY'S MOST WANTED is looking for coaches for the upcoming season 4 days ago by IMWFASTPITCH IMWFASTPITCH
14U Flames Gold looking for a pitcher 4 days ago by jryan15 jryan15
14U pitcher looking for team 4 days ago by sgibson55 sgibson55
Indiana Gators Gold 18u looking for 1 utility 4 days ago by max1218 max1218
Interviewing coaches! 6 days ago by IndyBandits IndyBandits
12U DD looking to sub for the summer 02 Birthday 1 week ago by Softballmom5511 Softballmom5511
16U Pitcher looking for team 1 week ago by mdd74 mdd74
Two 14U Players Needed to Play May16-17th Tourney! 1 week ago by Cubs_Fastpitch Cubs_Fastpitch
16u/18u pitcher infielder looking for team 1 week ago by Pitcher99ic Pitcher99ic
Indiana Gators 02 looking for a pitcher 2 weeks ago by Gators '02 Gators '02
IMW 99 looking for two 2 weeks ago by IMWFASTPITCH IMWFASTPITCH
98-97-96 Pitcher and Catcher needed 2 weeks ago by Hittaseed Hittaseed
Indiana Rage-Bruhn 18u - Due to a season ending injury, we will consider opening a spot for a special player. 2 weeks ago by Indiana Rage Indiana Rage
16U NWI Attitude Are Looking for 1 Pitcher or Utility Player For This Summer!!! 2 weeks ago by RegionSoftballGuy RegionSoftballGuy
Looking for 3 To Play May 15th - 17th (Indiana Shock 00 Spring Team) 2 weeks ago by Shock Softball Shock Softball
12U/14U Player looking to sub a couple weekends May -2015 3 weeks ago by IndyXplosion05 IndyXplosion05
#1 Pitcher Opening 16U Derby City Crush 3 weeks ago by INKYFastpitch INKYFastpitch
Pitcher Needed this weekend Nashville, TN area 3 weeks ago by jjordan17 jjordan17