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Arthritis woes

Hi everybody, new user to the group here. I couldn’t see if there was an “introduce yourself” post so i am including all that info here.

I am 34 years old and have been running seriously for the past 2-3 years having previously been inactive since my late teens. i have competed in several races including some local fell races, 5k, 10k and half marathons (fastest approx 1h 40) and in April this year i completed the Edinburgh Marathon (3h 49). my first marathon so was pleased with the result.

I have since starting running experienced sharp pains in my big toe which i had attributed to tendonitis however it hasn’t passed with rest as it has when i have had it elsewhere on my foot.
The Doctor has suggested that it is arthritis and that i should be ok to continue running with pain management and anti inflammatories.

does anybody else run with Arthritis? and if so does it get any easier?

I have fallen so far behind on what i was running last year and i am falling back into old habits, missing training runs and eating junk food etc.

looking to get motivated to keep at it and continue improving whilst not overdoing it.

Grateful for any advice that anybody may be able to offer :slight_smile: