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Beginner Couch to 5K questions

I am starting the couch to 5k program for the very first time for an online college PE class. However, for my class, I need to do an aerobic work out EVERY day for 30 min. The couch to 5k only has you work out for three days and then gives you two resting days. I need some advice on what kind of activities will be right for my resting day that is both aerobic and resting. Does anyone have any ideas?


Personally I don’t think you need to exercise every single day. Naturally your body needs rest, especially during the beginning stages where your body is getting used to running. However there are other exercises available for your ‘rest’ days. You’ve got to think which activities elevate your breathing but doesn’t put as much strain on your body. Swimming and cycling would be perfect for this.

I can see nobody has replied with 24 days of you posting this. Hopefully you’ve not gave up?


Well, your body needs rest, so it’s unwise to workout every single day. But if you really want or need to, you can just do long walk, which doesn’t put through so much stress, yet it is aerobic exercise. Also, simple physical jerks would be nice, but don’t push it too hard