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Chest tightness and shortness of breath for days after vigorous running

Hi All,

I’m 36 and have just decided to step up my training from running 5k three times per week, to training for a half marathon. I have close to a sub 20 5k time and V02 max of 51 so I am in fairly good shape.

During each of my runs, I always run with a fairly high intensity given the infrequency and shorter distance. Two years ago when I started this regime, I would get shortness of breath periodically for a day or two after these runs, but as my fitness improved, although I would still get shortness of breath, it would not happen to the same degree, so I learned to live with it and assumed it was normal to go through that after training. Doing an x-ray, bloodwork and EKG with my doctor showed no issues.

I’ve now just started a new program (The F.I.R.S.T 3plus2) which focuses on intensity over volume, and after my first 10km, I have had the same shortness of breath occurring for days after, but now with a chest tightness and slight pain. I again did blood work and an EKG, but everything came back normal.

Is this shortness of breath for days after running with a high intensity normal or should I seek out other opinions?