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Couch 2 5K Beginner Question

Hello, runners! I am in search of some advice! I am in my 40’s and really just started exercising regularly 6 months ago. I started Couch 25K last week and loved it. I have trouble with my knees since childhood and was excited to do this right so that I make it all the way through.
I completed week 1. Check!

Then, I accidentally went on to week 3 next! I completed 2 workouts before I realized.

Shall I go forward from here? Shall I go back to week 2? Shall I do week 3 two times?

Help! I really want to get it right in hopes of making to end in great shape!

I am 42 and started running last January. My knees always acted up when I did Couch to 5K programs in years past. This time, I found Jeff Galloway…he has a run/walk approach that protected my knees until I had a solid start. I was fortunate enough to have a Galloway program in my city, but you can always follow his principles on your own :wink: Good luck!