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First marathon - Breaking up long runs

Hi. I’m training for my first full marathon. I’ve run about 10 halfs. Just did the last one a week and a half ago. I’ve only run past 13.1 three times(14, 15, 19.6 2 months ago). My plan has me running 15 miles this weekend. I’m super slow so I have two questions…

Can I run a couple (not all) of the long runs by time? I estimate 15 miles to take me about 4 hrs in training. Is a 4 hr run the same as going by mileage?

Can I break up a long run? I know people say yes doing half and half or so. But I’m talking about running in the am from my house to the baseball park, watch my 6yo’s game, run an hour and then run to my daughter’s soccer game, watch game, run home. Which would be 15 miles.

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with breaking them up. Occasionally do one without breaking it up so mentally you know you can do it. If you want some tips on getting faster, check out this post: