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Glute/lower ab discomort


wanted to get some advice on a couple of issues. Some background: I was running on and off for about 10 years. Got more serious in the last 1.5 years and did my first marathon 1 month back.

Problem #1: discomfort/pain in the right lower ab when getting up (or getting out out the car). Also painful to do crunches/leg lifting - that one is more focused towards center of the pelvis area. This has started more then a year ago, when i was doing cycling/swimming more. Visited a several doctors (GP, Chiropractor, Psychiatrist, urologist, gastroenterologist) without any complications found. Did ultrasound to eliminate hernia.

Problem #2: pain in the connection of the left glute/leg. Started few weeks before marathon. Race itself did not do it better or worse. Pain does manifest occasionally during the run, but more so after/during the day - on some movements when leg/glute are twisted.

Any thoughts on the causes, recommendations on the doctors on supersizes to strengthen hip/glute area muscles?

thanks in advance!