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GPS Fitness Watches?

Any advice for a GPS watch that won’t need connected to data to track your milage? Preferably waterproof

I’m looking for advice for buying my husband a watch to help track his milage. He hates to bring his phone along because it uses data. I like having my phone with me so i’ve never had. He is training for a marathon and I don’t think going by guestimation is the best way to track your miles!

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Have you ever searched on Shopworn Coupons, I saw there when I was buying my watch, but honestly I dont know about price and features that its fulfill on your requirements or not, for this purpose you need to search there.

Hello - Here is a link to help you get started: https://www.instriderunner.com/running-tips-advice/gps-watches-for-runners Determine what you really want it for, how long you’ll need the GPS to work at a given period, and what else you’d like it to do. Then, look at the different options that provide what you want and then determine how much you want to spend.