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Guide to Running a Half Marathon

According to the annual half marathon report compiled by Running USA, nearly 2 million runners finished a 13.1-mile race in 2015. The distance is popular for good reason: It’s long enough to feel like a major accomplishment, but the training isn’t as time-consuming as a full marathon.
If you think you’re ready to tackle a half marathon, this step-by-step guide will help you prepare like a seasoned veteran.

  1. Plan it out.
  2. Train like a pro.
  3. Race week countdown.
  4. Night before prep.
  5. How to handle race day morning.
  6. After the gun goes off.

Here is a link to a helpful article as well to help prepare for the half marathon: https://www.instriderunner.com/running-tips-advice/best-half-marathon-training-advice