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How to train for cross country? (highschooler)

Hi! I’m trying to join my school’s cross country team, and I’m fairly new at running. I have about 4/5 months to train during the summer, and I want to work on improving my endurance and times (my current mile time is around 9 minutes, I know, it’s bad) My school team doesn’t do cuts, and they’re very inclusive to all levels of runners, so I don’t have to be amazing when the season starts, but I still want to be very in shape and prepared! I want to shave my time down significantly and I want to be able to handle long distance! (ex. 3 miles) I’m just not sure how to train/where to start/how often I should train/what kind of running I should be doing? Any advice?

maybe I will get ripped apart by this,but, my lame advice is, do not to worry about mile times, just run distance. Mile speed will improve on it’s own.

Start with getting used to running. If you’re in shape, you ccan run right away; run/walk method if you can’t hadle it. Train 3-4 times a week for first 2-3 week. Increase mileage at the beginning.

When you can consistently for 20 minutes (aprox. week 4), you can implement speed work. Strides, intervals, fartlek. Increase explosive power doing jump lunges, box jumping, and core exercises. Run against the wall is also very helpful.

There’s a lot of exercises and progmrams you can choose from, but they all require consistancy. So make sure to follow rotine and don’t break the schedule, that’s my biggest advice